authentic carpet It is among the rare pieces that come to the fore with its original designs and have become the favorite of the houses. Its patterns and colors are home to many cultures. authentic carpet models, It makes a lot of difference in home decoration with its various features. Authentic patterned carpet designs are waiting for you at Halıcızade with many models that include both modernist lines and traditional inspirations!

What is Authentic Carpet?

authentic carpet It is a type of carpet that has unique features in terms of weaving techniques and having patterns that carry traces of the carpet from the past to the present. It is a piece that is a symbol of a comfortable lifestyle and also adds direction to home decoration with its functional functions. It adds a different atmosphere to homes with its patterns and colors that appeal to every style. authentic carpet, It adds personality to living spaces with its unique features.

Authentic Carpet Models Adapting to the Fashion of Every Period                                             

Meeting with buyers as machine or hand woven authentic carpet models, It allows you to easily keep up with the fashion of every period. Produced in different sizes and shapes authentic patterned carpet, It is often preferred to add an ethnic atmosphere to living spaces.

Authentic Carpet Patterns with Ethnic Touch

Carrying traces of the nature of the Turkish and Iranian geography, which is considered the homeland of the carpet. authentic carpet patterns He draws all eyes on him. In addition, they carry their stories in regions such as India and Afghanistan. authentic carpet pattern reflects cultures to their living spaces. with fine details authentic carpet rug In addition to reminiscent of patterns, it has very heavy colors and motifs. Moreover authentic Ottoman motif carpet It is especially suitable for those who like patterns reflecting from the past. Reflecting the old Turkish culture carpet authentic It also shows the inspiration it gets from nature with its patterns.

How to Use Authentic Carpet Designs?

Can be used in all areas of the house authentic carpet patterns, It is used in size to spread over the whole space. Authentic carpet types, which are used to achieve a stylish look, are preferred to add color and pattern diversity to a room with modern Scandinavian style furniture. In addition, Anatolian carpets, which provide integrity in the environment by being used with classical furniture, strengthen the atmosphere in the living area.

In addition, the focal points of the space can be highlighted when contrasting with the colors of the walls and furniture. It will also create a nice contrast in the living spaces furnished in an industrial style. authentic carpet, It can be preferred for balancing the colors. authentic black carpet varieties are also frequently used, especially in environments with light-colored furniture, as they will balance the colors.

It can also be preferred in a modern kitchen with neutral colors. authentic carpet It makes a difference in the space by attracting attention with its colors and patterns. Authentic hallway carpet can also be used as green striped authentic carpet You can add different colors to the environments that welcome you with its varieties. You can use it comfortably in almost any environment. authentic carpet You can reach the varieties of carpets immediately thanks to the master carpet makers of Halıcızade.

Authentic Carpet Prices

With its original patterns and authentic texture, it makes homes more marginal. authentic carpet models It is an integral part for those who love ethnic culture. Authentic carpet prices; It may vary depending on the yarn used during production and the quality, type and size of the yarn, weaving shape and frequency. You can easily access authentic carpet models with the most suitable options for your needs and budget, with patterns bearing cultural traces, from Halıcızade, and you can order at any time.

What Should Be Considered While Buying Authentic Carpets?

In addition to completing living spaces, it also has an important place in decoration. authentic carpet Things to consider when choosing can be listed as follows:

  • A selection should be made in accordance with the dimensions of the area where the carpet will be used.
  • After the decoration of the living area is completed, the last carpet should be selected in accordance with the decoration.
  • Attention should be paid to the yarn type of the carpet to be purchased.
  • In addition to the warranty period of the carpet, details about its cleaning should also be learned.

How to Clean an Authentic Carpet?

Standing out with their free spirits authentic carpet Although it is often preferred with its naive structures, it is among the very durable carpet types. Yarns used in carpet production are important factors that affect and determine the cleaning process. The sweeping process, which is the first stage of daily cleaning, purifies the carpet from dust and allows other cleaning stages to pass more easily and the carpet to be cleaned better. At the same time, if you want to clean more deeply, a warm water and a damp cloth is sufficient for daily carpet cleaning.

The reason why no cleaning product is recommended in daily cleaning is the chemicals for such liquids and if these chemicals are used daily, the carpet loses its durability and old bright appearance. Special carpet shampoos create a caring effect on carpets when used correctly. The point to be considered here is the content of these special liquids or shampoos. Hygiene products with heavy chemicals and bleach can damage carpets irreversibly. For this reason, it is recommended that you look at the contents of your carpet while buying a hygiene product.

Like most carpets, authentic carpets need professional washing and maintenance. Although professional washing, which purifies your carpet from all bacteria, dirt, dust and similar things, makes it the most hygienic, it is recommended to have it done at most twice a year.

If you are one of those who want to see ethnic and authentic patterns in your home, you can order the model you want from Halıcızade instantly and impress your guests with your decoration.