Bulk Carpet Purchase and Collaborations

Those who see Halicizade's carpets love it. We are also looking for partners to collaborate and deliver our carpets to more people. If you are dealing with the carpet business, if you are working in the fields of architecture or decoration, if you are thinking of offering carpets in your online sales channels, contact us and let's grow our business together!


1. Interior Architects and Corporate Projects:

We work with interior architects on single projects and in partnerships over time. Both the project owners receive high-level service, architects can find the right carpet for decoration among the product variety, and Halıcızade reaches more people. As a result, while everyone is happy, the carpet business is easily solved. If your priority is the satisfaction of your customers and sectoral partnerships that you can grow in the long run, make sure to contact Halıcızade.


2. Wholesale Carpet:

We can make special productions according to your needs. You can save time and reduce your risk by taking advantage of our selection that we have carefully gathered. We are serious when we say “we scrutinized and weaved”, we are close to the kitchen in every quality product with our long-standing relationships with manufacturers who do their job well, we have solid partnerships with production lines, do not make a decision about wholesale carpet sales without getting information from Halıcızade.


3. Dealer and Carpet Dropshiping:

You can offer Halıcızade products for sale without going into stock. You can deliver the inventory lists that we can send to you through software and forms, to your customers through the appropriate marketplaces in Turkey and the world, or through your own stores. You don't have to worry about product photos and contents, nor packaging. If you only focus on ensuring that the Halıcızade collection, which we have carefully created, reaches more people, we will solve the wholesale and carpet dealership part together.

Contact Us

If you want to work with us for any of the above options, you can fill out the form by clicking the button below. Our expert staff will contact you and let you know the details.