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Undoubtedly, carpets are indispensable for a house that will warm you up. Choosing a carpet model that makes you feel like you are at home from the moment you step in can sometimes be a very difficult process. Right at this point eco carpet, It helps you find alternatives that you can use in different places of your home with dozens of different color and size options offered with its wide product range. If you are one of those who have not met the eco carpet yet, you can have a model you like through Halıcızade and reach the decoration of your dreams in your living space.

What is Eco Carpet?

Eko Carpet is a brand that offers quality products to users at affordable prices with its machine, hand woven, rug and special loom woven carpet models, whose texture comes from nature with the slogan. You can find the special bench series consisting of carpets produced in production facilities where women's hand touches every stage, and a wide range of products designed by following the trend of the time in Eko Carpet collections. In addition to responding to the expectations of the users in the best way, it also manages to always be one step ahead in the sector. Eco Carpet, with its exports to more than 30 countries, helps thousands of homes find the carpet they love, both in Turkey and around the world.

eco carpet models bamboo, It is produced from different materials such as cotton, silk, wool. In addition, the company offers many different options to its users with the dozens of carpet collections it has designed. You can feel the difference at home from the first moment you own the carpets produced with various yarns.

owes its recognition to its wide product range. eco carpetprovides various privileges to its users after sales as well as during the sales process. In case of any trouble you may experience, the company determines the cause of the problem with expertise, and makes product changes when necessary. If you are one of those who want to feel comfortable after the sale, you can say hello to Eko carpet.

Most Popular Eco Carpet Types

eco carpet on some models ancient butler In addition to carrying the inspirations, it successfully integrates the modern look into its carpets and brings its users together at a common point of the past and the present. Some of the series in the product range of the company, which produces carpets with almost every user in mind, can be listed as follows:

  • It's raining
  • Arya
  • taftan
  • Buhari
  • You are
  • Nostalgia
  • Cool
  • Jade
  • Smart
  • Velvet

Sateen Serisi

In addition to the wide size option, it stands out with its non-pilling Eco Carpet Sateen Series It is mostly preferred by those who want to catch the fashion of the year. The Sateen Series is among the favorites of those who prioritize ease of use, who like sparkly designs with little patterns, and who are especially fond of gray. If you are looking for a carpet that can be washed in a washing machine, you can take a look at the Sateen series.

Arya Serisi

Eco Carpet Arya Series They are the products that are frequently preferred by those looking for both modern and colorful rugs. The Arya Series, which can be washed in the washing machine with its double-sided rug texture, is produced using environmentally friendly recycled cottons. The series, whose prices are also very affordable, offers dozens of options to those looking for economical rugs.

Taffetan Series

One of the most popular of special loom carpets. Eco Carpet Taffetan Series, It is shaped by the handwork of women from Uşak. The company, which is at the forefront of durability, uses machine power only to strengthen the loops in this series. The Taftan series, in which antique Uşak patterns are used, can be easily used in both vintage, classical and modern decorations.

Buhari Series

Eco Carpet Buhari seriesis an alternative that stands out with its different sizes for those who want affordable Afghan patterned carpets. You can use the Buhari series products, which have authentic patterns, burgundy-dark blue colors and a structure that can be washed in a washing machine, in all your living spaces.

Zara Series

With authentic patterns, soft tones and a hand-woven carpet look. Eco Carpet Zara Series increasing its popularity day by day. requiring a gentle cleaning Zara series, It attracts attention with its feathered designs. You can add a different atmosphere to your home with this fur style line.

Nostalgia Series

Not forgetting those who cannot give up the traditional Eco Carpet Nostalgia SeriesBrings past but timeless cultures into your home. Carpets produced on special looms in Uşak meet the users by combining hand labor and machine weaving.

Fresco Serisi

It can easily find its place in living spaces with various size options. Eco Carpet Fresco SeriesIt is created using special viscose threads and acrylic. eco carpet fresco prices varies depending on the size. You can say hello to a radiant look in your home with this series, which is produced with all kinds of space in mind to provide a versatile use.

Jade Series

Having knitted hand-made carpets produced with wool, Eco Carpet Jade Series, Jute & knitted carpet collection is one of the series that lovers cannot take their eyes off. eco carpet jade price Although its levels are slightly higher than other models, it remains quite suitable considering that it is a knitted hand carpet.

Smart Series

One of the cute faces of his modern look on the carpet. Eco Carpet Smart Series, Acrylic chenille is produced from cotton and polyester. The series, which can be preferred by those who are looking for fine machine-made carpets, also draws attention with the color scale it offers.

Velvet Series

Offering a wide variety of colors and patterns, Eco Carpet Velvet Series it mostly appeals to minimal style spaces. This series, which is produced entirely from natural yarn, will be the right choice for those looking for plain and simple carpets, especially in living rooms and living areas.

What are the Eco Carpet Features?

Eko Carpet collections, which stand out with the breadth of carpet varieties and product quality, offer all kinds of alternatives from A to Z with rugs produced with recycled cotton, special loom weavings that look like hand-woven carpets, and pieces that you can use for many years with their durable structure. You can find the carpet in your heart with the Eko Carpet collection, where you can easily find alternatives such as hand-woven, machine-made carpets, straw carpets, winter garden carpets, living room carpets and kitchen carpets.

Eco carpet runner models In addition to its advantages such as easy cleaning and double-sided use, these are products that can be used safely for many years. We can say that especially those who step into a sustainable life or those who will innovate in their decoration by researching the subject should give Eko carpet a chance.

Why Should You Prefer Eco Carpet?

The reasons for choosing Eco carpet types, which have a lot of usage areas, can be listed as follows:

  • It is offered for sale at recommended prices throughout Turkey, you can shop with confidence.
  • You can find rugs that are durable and that you can use for a long time.
  • It is with you in case of problems that may arise after the sale.
  • The range of sizes, colors and patterns is very wide.

How Much Are Eco Carpet Prices?

You can easily find the product that appeals to your style. eco carpet models, It is offered to users through Halıcızade at the recommended sales price. The most important factor affecting the price is the type of production material. Among the carpets made of different materials such as synthetic, bamboo and cotton, models suitable for every budget can be easily found. In addition, you can easily create an environment that is compatible with your furniture and accessories by choosing what you want from the variety of colors offered.

The company, whose main production center is Kütahya, displays a different approach to machine-made carpets with special looms from the past. It has two-way use with its ease of cleaning. eco carpet rug You can create elegance in your homes with its options, and you can have quality at an affordable price.

Get Eco Carpet Models through Halıcızade!

You can easily include Eko Carpet in your living spaces through Halıcızade. Incorporating the wide product range of Eko Halı, Halıcızade helps you to reach the carpet you need in the easiest way with its master carpet makers. Before ordering the product you like, remember that you can ask any questions you may have!