classic carpet models highlight the Turkish and Iranian tradition style. It brings together the traces left by people from the past to the present, by combining them with patterns and colors. You can easily reach the classic carpets, where designs preferred for hundreds of years, come together with dozens of different colors, patterns and cultural reflections through Halıcızade.

What is Classic Carpet?

Models that feel Turkish and Iranian in their designs and are inspired by today's modernism are undoubtedly classic carpets. These carpets, where traditional lines and colors are reflected both by hand and machine weaving, symbolize cultures with different patterns. Various animal, plant and tree motifs resulting from the combination of classical style with nature, classic carpet models An authentic design is created when it meets with 

Some valuable legacy classic carpet It offers a work of art of antique value with its antique aging technique. Especially Isparta, Bünyan and Ladin carpets respond to those looking for both a classic and modern atmosphere with this method. However, you can also choose synthetic yarns such as acrylic and polypropylene to have a more durable classic carpet.

Ageless Classic Carpet Models 

Tradition and habits brought by years classic carpet It is the biggest element that makes the models indispensable. Classical carpets, which reflect the life and culture of nomadic people in Anatolia, offer long-term use with their durable structures. In addition to its aesthetic appearance and design lines, it meets homes with machine and hand-woven models.

From the past to the present, from the present to the future classic carpetIt is a frequently preferred model thanks to its loyal users for years. Its timeless fashion for many years is ideal for reflecting the traditional style in a modern way. 

Classic carpet models Although it is generally preferred in the halls of the houses, different models are also available for the corridors. Classic runner carpet models These designs, called as In this context, in order to strengthen the bond between the hall and the corridor, the same model classic carpet and you can choose the runner.

It is a sought-after decor product of living spaces. classic carpet typesIt is divided into three as hand-woven, machine-woven and digital printing. The production materials of hand-woven classical carpets are mostly wool, cotton and bamboo viscose. Classic wool carpet models whereas They are the most special and natural examples of hand weaving. You can also find silk classic carpet types.

Precious Cultural Heritage Classic Carpet Patterns  

classic carpet models have a wide range of patterns and colors. However, these patterns are not just defined forms. These motifs, which have cultural values, have a very valuable history and have survived to the present day. These patterns, which are the reflection of the unique traditions of Anatolia and Iran, are the most important feature that distinguishes classical carpet models from others.

Anatolian pattern They are precious motifs that have survived to the present day in the Ottoman period and are generally used in palace carpets. part of Anatolian motifs. butler patterned classic rug The first examples of their designs date back to the 1400s. Uşak pattern makes you feel like you are in a work of art, giving the impression of being in a painting. Butler pattern, which can be an integral part of classically furnished houses. classic carpet At the same time, it can be a very suitable choice for spaces with wooden floors and furniture. 

Motifs, one of the most special parts of Iranian culture classic carpet It can become the symbol of tradition when it meets with The Iranian pattern, which has various patterns, adds a noble atmosphere and brings tradition to the fore.

classic carpet the most cheerful and elegant form of floral motif rugsbrings together the eye-catching images of nature with your homes. The flower pattern that carries the joy of spring to homes has become an integral part of home decoration. Not a single flower, but many flower patterns can be embroidered on carpets either by hand or machine woven.

Classic patterned carpet It is among the most preferred models because it can carry many patterns and motifs. Neither itself nor the pattern on it goes out of fashion. classic carpet models It also adapts to many home decorations with different colors.

How to Use Classic Living Room Carpet Models?

classic carpet It is an integral part of the halls, which are the most frequently used spaces of living spaces. The classic carpet, which hosts various colors and motifs, adapts to many different decorated houses. Although the taste and imagination of the users are the most important factors here, living rooms can be made more stylish and stylish by following certain decoration rules.

Classic living room carpet models Since there are various color options among the furniture, decoration items and wall color in the living rooms should be considered. Dark colors to be used in houses decorated with light colors. classic living room carpet models It brings the harmony of contrasting colors together with your living rooms. If you want a simpler living room, cream, beige and coffee tones would be a very suitable choice. 

For those who prefer walnut tones in their furniture, the classic carpet is a very good choice. The best combination to come together with heavy decoration products classic living room carpet models possible with To create contrast in more modern and minimally designed halls classic carpet models It is a model that can show the desired style in the best way. For example, you can easily achieve the contrast you want with red and blue classic carpet models.

What Should Be Considered When Buying Classic Carpets? 

The classic carpet contains models that can be used for years and carry many design lines to living spaces. There are some elements that you should pay attention to when choosing this classic model that you will use for many years. Although the production method of the carpet comes first among these elements, other factors to be considered can be listed as follows:

  • Harmony of color and pattern with home decoration
  • Type of yarn and dye used in production
  • The harmony of the area you will use and the size of the carpet
  • Ease of cleaning process
  • Whether its structure is hard or soft
  • Since animal yarns can be used in classical carpet production, it is recommended to pay attention to whether you have an allergic reaction.

How Much Are Classic Carpet Prices?

Classic carpet prices, yarn used, dye, weaving shape, measure, etc. varies according to factors. Except those classic carpet brands Another factor in price differentiation. Classic carpet prices and models You can find it in Halıcızade with its different designs that appeal to various budgets and styles.

How to Clean Classic Carpet?

Frequently preferred in living spaces classic carpet models It also attracts great attention thanks to its easy-to-clean features. In case of any liquid spillage, contamination and stains, applying for professional washing will prevent permanent stains. As an alternative to professional washing, you can use your carpet for many years by following the instructions on the back of the carpet. In the instruction describing the features of the carpet, there are tips on which cleaning agents you can use during cleaning. For example; classical wool carpet models needs a more delicate and natural cleaning process. 

Another delicate cleaning is the carpet. classic hand carpet models and its varieties. hand woven carpet The yarn and dye used in the models must be taken into consideration during the cleaning process.

Delicately woven, hand-woven carpets should be cleaned with products that do not contain harsh chemicals or are completely natural. Another element that should be taken into consideration during the cleaning process of hand-woven carpets is the gentle application of the cleaning agent to be used on the carpet. Otherwise, the color of the carpet may change, its structure will become felted, etc. malfunctions may occur.

If you prefer a natural cleaning process, it is quite easy to create a cleaner with vinegar and baking soda. This mixture can eliminate bacteria and mites as well as removing stains and dirt. In addition, this process is more resistant to liquid spills. machine woven carpet models You can also use for

Routine cleaning is the need of every carpet model. The beginning of a routine cleaning classic carpet should be to purify the model from dust. Dust can be removed with the help of a vacuum cleaner, then the carpet cleaning process can be completed with the help of a damp cloth with special carpet shampoos or natural mixtures that do not contain heavy chemicals.

If you want to bring the nobility brought by the traditions to your living spaces with modern lines, you can immediately have one of the products in the category of Halıcızade classic carpet models with the online shopping option. 

If you have a hard time deciding and want advice from master carpet makers, you can contact us right away or visit Halıcızade and be our guest.