Carpeterzade to be carpeted with peace of mind


We have established Carpeterzade for everyone to be carpeted with peace of mind. For 18 years, we touched more than 25,000 people in our stores and digital platforms with more than 100,000 space carpets. It can be fun but with our team working like family, a peaceful working environment with tight ties is most important for us, really.

Our priority is not to sell carpets, instead we try to help everyone who enters the door in order to find the crawler carpet. We are very happy when someone gets carpet from Carpeterzade. Our motivation is increasing with every order. We work hard to respond to different preferences, needs, tastes and dreams from palaces to play areas.

We do our work by aiming to feel people at home in this era where everything is measured with figures. We strive to protect this spirit. If you need carpet or want to get your life carpet, we will definitely wait for Carpeterzade.

Eko Halı is in Halicizade

Eco Carpet

Undoubtedly, carpets are indispensable for a house that will warm you up. Choosing a carpet model that makes you feel like you are at home from the moment you step in can sometimes be a very difficult process. Right at this point eco carpet, It helps you find alternatives that you can use in different places of your home with dozens of different color and size options that it offers with its wide product range. If you are one of those who have not met the eco carpet yet, you can have a model you like through Halıcızade and reach the decoration of your dreams in your living space.

Cache is in Istanbul Halicizade

Hidden Istanbul

Cache Istanbul, It brings together the hidden treasures of the unique Anatolian geography adorned with the Ottomans and Seljuks. Hidden Istanbul Collections, It offers an exquisite visual feast by combining the traces of the architecture that is lived in but not aware of with handcrafted products. The modern touches made to these pieces that carry the traces of the past are Cache Istanbul. It makes your journey more meaningful. On this journey, you can easily accompany Cache Istanbul through Halıcızade. 

Studio Potato

Studio Potato, founded by two women in Istanbul, aims to bring sustainable weaving techniques back to life by combining traditional rug weaving methods of Anatolia with modern designs.

Because we think about nature and prefer the natural. We produce nature-friendly and healthy rugs by using natural root dyes obtained from vegetables, flowers and spices. Thus, you buy products that are natural and can be used for a long time, and you also protect nature.