Caché Istanbul Özr Handwoven Rug Hand Woven Rug

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Produced from completely natural and organic goat hair Caché Istanbul Hemp Handwoven Rug Hand Woven RugIt is a very stylish carpet that can be used in decoration. tapestry This piece, which you can also choose as an alternative, is environmentally friendly as it is made of recycled threads. It will create a unity with your wall color and other decoration products. Caché Istanbul Hemp Handwoven Rug Hand Woven Rug, It adds color to your living space. 

Features of Hemp Handwoven Rug Hand Woven Rug

  • It is produced from organic and natural goat hair.
  • Recycled threads made from hemp grass are preferred in its production.  
  • The product is 120x180 cm in size. Different size options are also available. 

Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Hidden Istanbul produced by Caché Istanbul Hemp Handwoven Rug Hand Woven Rug almost all models Professional cleaning is recommended. Professional cleaning/washing can be done 1-2 times a year. 
  • hand woven rug In cleaning, it is beneficial to use soft cleaning materials in a way that will not damage the structure of the carpet. 
  • Detergents with clean content, which do not contain bleach, can be used for individual washing or maintenance operations. 
  • In order not to deform the structure of the product, it is necessary to use cold water during washing. The drying process to be carried out afterward should be done in an area that is not exposed to sun/low vision. 

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