Catering to all needs with its different features kitchen rug While its designs impress with their ease of use and practicality in daily life, they also offer the opportunity to add stylish touches to narrow spaces. Kitchen carpets, which can adapt to all decoration styles, stand out with their stylish and ergonomic designs. To get the kitchen of your dreams, you can examine Halıcızade's stylish kitchen carpets and add the products you like to your cart with a click.

Stylish and Practical Kitchen Carpet Models

kitchen rugs It provides a smooth usage experience in the areas where it is laid and where the mobility is most intense. Carpet designs produced from soft and shiny yarns are prepared in special patterns and textures for areas such as kitchens. You have the chance to find all the features you are looking for in kitchen carpet models, which manage to appeal to every style with different model options. 

The use of carpet, which stands out in popular kitchen decorations, is generally in favor of materials known for their ergonomic properties. With their practical and useful structures, you can keep the contamination problem at a minimum in an environment that is directly related to food, such as the kitchen. In addition, kitchen carpets, which are stain-proof and easily wipeable, are similar to the models used in other rooms thanks to their soft surfaces. You can choose the products that have the features you want among the kitchen rugs that manage to reflect the pattern you choose in the best way with their soft and smooth surface. 

You have the chance to use models with different features in kitchens, which is one of the areas where the usage time of carpets is the most intense. Carpet designs, which are prepared with different weaving styles depending on the structure, width and floor material of the kitchens, offer a wide variety of options in terms of usability. Among the kitchen rugs that make your work easier in daily life with their useful and practical structure, models classified as digital printing, hand-woven and machine-woven are at the forefront. If you have a special type of yarn such as bamboo or cotton among these models, you can easily find kitchen rugs of that yarn type.

Digital Printed Kitchen Rugs

Kitchen carpet models, Because it is prepared with digital printing, it manages to highlight the comfortable cleaning option. With its different design and pattern options, it has managed to win the appreciation of every style. colorful digital print rugscan be prepared according to the dimensions of the environment in which it will be used. 

It is one of the most preferred designs in kitchens with its washable and stain-proof structure. digital printed carpet modelsIt is suitable for use in any desired environment. Thanks to its special base design, digitally printed kitchen rugs, which can be fixed on surfaces such as tiles and ceramics without slipping, exhibit an orderly stance in these areas where mobility continues throughout the day. 

The artificial leather bottom weaving material used on the base of digitally printed carpets provides extra grip on the surface and prevents the formation of problems such as flaking and shedding over time. The thick sponge structure and foal hair details, which come to the fore in carpet designs prepared with digital printing, prevent these products from being distinguished from other models. 

Digitally printed carpets, which can be produced in the desired thickness and structure, promise ease of use with runner or larger models. You can also include tassel details on digitally printed carpets, which you can easily remove thanks to its soft and light texture. Carpets prepared with digital printing stand out not only in runner models, but also in oval and rectangular designs. 

You can choose ethnic or floral patterns or use simpler colors in digitally printed carpet designs that draw attention with their erasable feature. Especially if you want to have a simple and sporty kitchen Scandinavian patterned carpet You can view their designs. Scandinavian models, which highlight the basic atmosphere in kitchens with their sporty chic stance, draw attention with their modern appearance in which small geometric shapes stand out. Digitally printed carpet designs, which are prepared by using the transitions of color tones, are also among the frequently preferred models in kitchens. You can create a completely different atmosphere in your kitchens by choosing digitally printed carpet designs that best reflect your style. 

Machine Woven Kitchen Rugs

Machine-woven models, which are an impressive option for those who want to include classic carpet designs in their kitchens, have numerous varieties that appeal to all styles. Hairy and thick structure comes to the fore in machine woven designs that can be prepared as a runner or as a nap carpet. acrylic kitchen rug Machine weaving, which is one of the most preferred products in its designs, has a wide variety of indispensable models of the new trend. Machine-woven kitchen rugs have exactly the same features as the designs used in other rooms. 

You can choose the kitchen carpet designs prepared with machine weaving with the same features as the models you use in other parts of your home. Due to the similar structure of the products, you can create your own sets by choosing compatible carpets throughout the house. 

Since areas such as the entrance and corridor are directly connected to the kitchen, you can choose the carpet designs that you will use in these areas among similar models. By choosing the same patterns and colors, you can create a stylish design that is pleasing to the eye and prevents the crowd. 

having the same characteristics at the crossing points machine woven rugs When you choose, you can preserve the decorative atmosphere in the environment and highlight the theme you choose. Machine-woven designs, which stand out with their useful and soft texture, such as carpets in rooms, offer the opportunity to use long-lasting designs in areas such as the kitchen. 

Prepared using machine work kitchen carpet modelsThanks to its tight and thick texture, it controls the temperature balance on the floor. Machine-woven models, which are frequently preferred especially in homes with children, contribute to making stone floors warmer. You can choose machine-woven carpets, which maximize the warmth on the surface thanks to their soft and thick texture, in any size and model you want. In addition, you can choose one-piece kitchen rugs, or you can create sets suitable for the environment by bringing several products side by side. You can find countless models that highlight your style in machine-made kitchen rugs, which have options such as tassels or plain edges. 

Hand Woven Kitchen Rugs

Hand-woven carpet designs display an elegant stance in kitchens and other areas. Hand-woven models, which are frequently preferred as kitchen carpets, also have designs in the style of rugs and mats. You can use hand-woven carpet designs that appeal to every style with special yarn details and unique color options to increase the elegance in kitchens. Crafted from durable and long-lasting materials hand woven carpet models You have the chance to examine different size and pattern options. 

Handcrafted carpets, which create a striking appearance in every room of the house thanks to their soft and elegant texture, have techniques from different countries. It should be mentioned that each country has its own unique weaving style and color diversity, as well as creating a unique style with cultural motifs. You can choose the color and yarn option you want for hand-woven kitchen rugs, which are prepared in different structures with tassels or straight edges. Hand-woven carpet designs, which have managed to become one of the most striking pieces in the environment and attract attention with their decorative style, also promise ease of use with their light and practical side. 

What are the Features of Kitchen Carpet?

Kitchen carpet models, with different texture and design options, it has numerous varieties with different features. Kitchen carpet designs, which are suitable for use in any desired environment, offer the opportunity to prioritize elegance in your home. It is possible to list the general features that stand out in kitchen carpets and the common details that stand out in the products as follows:

  • Kitchen carpet models consist of lightweight designs for ease of transport. 
  • The designs prepared in different sizes according to the width of the kitchens are generally 

it is in the style of the road. As two separate pieces can be used for the countertop and under the table, single carpets are among the indispensables of the kitchens. 

  • Kitchen carpets are antibacterial products that are stain-proof. Carpet models used in kitchens where hygiene is at the forefront can be easily wiped or washed. 
  • Carpet designs, which are suitable for washing in the washing machine, ensure that the stains that occur after the food preparation and eating process in the kitchens are easily cleaned. 
  • In addition to rug or runner models, you can also choose oval and round models that are washable. 
  • With carpet designs that have themes specially prepared for kitchens, you can achieve harmony in the environment and bring the decoration to a more modern line. 

Considering the different designs offered for kitchen carpet models, you can place stylish and remarkable pieces on the floor. You can consider the colors and tones you want to use while examining the carpet designs that bring the kitchen decoration to the top and make the general atmosphere more attractive. Stain resistant and non-linting kitchen rug You can bring hygiene to the forefront in the environment where you prepare food by examining the designs. 

How Should a Kitchen Carpet Be?

kitchens of the house Due to the fact that it is one of the busiest points, it is necessary to pay attention to certain points in the models that are highlighted. You can always maintain the hygiene in the environment by examining the carpet designs that eliminate the cleaning problem and promise a more comfortable usage experience. You can consider the following information to choose the most ideal pieces for your kitchens among carpet designs with different features and models:

  • Offering ease of use against risks such as spillage of food washable kitchen rug You can examine their designs. It has antibacterial and antiallergic properties washable carpet designs can be thrown into the machine at any time. 
  • Carpet models, which can be carried easily thanks to their light structure, are also suitable for wiping. By choosing such easy-to-clean designs, you can ensure that your carpets are always clean. 
  • You can pay attention to the non-slip sole detail in carpet designs that are washable and stain-resistant. You can choose models with leather detailed bases to prevent the carpets you will use on ceramic and stone floors or wooden surfaces such as parquet from slipping. 
  • In order not to use carpets in front of the counter and stove, you can choose models in the style of runners in thin and long kitchens. 
  • You can use carpets consisting of two separate pieces under the table and in the open area, as well as you have the chance to use large carpets individually. 

Rug and similar fine-structured carpet models are frequently preferred in kitchens as they offer the privilege of more comfortable and practical use. You can determine your favorite models by paying attention to the criteria listed above in the designs you will prefer for kitchen carpet models. You can make the final decision by considering the details such as color and size in carpet designs that appeal to your style.

How Should the Kitchen Carpet Measures Be?

Non-slip sole You have the chance to create a more elegant look and decoration in your home with the kitchen carpet designs that have a unique design. Stylish carpet designs that appeal to every style, have various size options in order to adapt to the different structure of kitchens. Carpet designs, which usually have classical dimensions in cm calculation, are 4m.2 and 5.5m2 It has standard rectangular dimensions. It is necessary to be careful to leave an average distance of 20-30 cm between the countertop and stove and the carpet. Ingredients that may fall on the floor during cooking may stain the carpets. If you choose your carpets by paying attention to the distance in this area, you can keep the cleanliness in the kitchen under control. 

If you want to use long and thin carpets in the style of runners in the kitchens, you can examine the models with a standard width of 80 cm. You can choose the standard-width runners from cut or tasseled designs, or you can have them custom-made to order. You can choose the length you want in the runner-style kitchen rugs, the width of which varies between 80 and 100 cm. You can choose long kitchen rugs, which vary in 150 cm, 200 cm and 300 cm, as a single or two pieces. 

In addition to thin and long models, you can also use standard models with rectangular designs in kitchens. You can choose kitchen rugs, which have two different dimensions such as 160x250 cm and 200x300 cm, to use one-piece products in large areas. Large designs to cover the open area in the kitchens and under the table with a single carpet will provide an effective usage experience. Depending on the width of these areas, you have the chance to cover the open areas with the same carpets by choosing the small pieces in double way. When choosing a piece from rectangular designs, you can choose the other model as a runner in appropriate sizes. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Kitchen Carpet

in the washing machine Carpet designs, which are suitable for washing and are cleaned practically, are among the most popular products of kitchens. While examining the carpet models, you should consider the general atmosphere in the kitchens and choose the pieces that are suitable for this area. The main details you need to pay attention to when choosing kitchen rugs will make the product you choose more compatible and useful. kitchen rug We can list the main criteria that come to the fore in the models as follows:

  • When examining the stain-proof carpet designs used in kitchens, you can choose models with dark colors. Dark-colored and patterned carpet models attract attention to different points, allowing possible stains to be hidden and removed more easily. 
  • Carpet designs made from synthetic and viscose yarns are generally preferred in kitchens. Carpet models, which offer the opportunity to remove the stain more easily, highlight the erasable feature of synthetic and viscose yarns. Using soft carpet designs prepared from wool and similar thick yarns in kitchens can cause stains to be more difficult to remove. 
  • You can prepare suitable sets from carpets consisting of small pieces for easy washing in the machine. Tiny rugs in the style of kilims or runners provide the opportunity to fully cover narrow spaces and easily fit into the washing machine. 

with different characteristics kitchen rug You can choose the models you choose according to your taste. You have the opportunity to choose the products that match the cabinets and furniture of your kitchen among the numerous carpet designs that come in different color options. 

The Importance of Color in Choosing a Kitchen Carpet

When choosing the most suitable pieces among washable kitchen rugs and other designs, you should also take the color issue into consideration. When considering carpet designs that reflect the basic decoration style of your home, we recommend that you highlight darker colored models in kitchens. You should pay attention to the cleaning of your carpets in the kitchen, which is one of the areas where the rate of stains and contamination is highest. Prepared in dark tones gray kitchen rug designs are among the most preferred designs in this sense. 

The fact that food and oil stains appear more prominently on light-colored carpets and the traces left after cleaning are conspicuous cause dark colors to be preferred in kitchens. Combining dark details with light colors black kitchen rug Their design makes it easy to hide traces and stains left after cleaning. At the beginning of the dark color details that stand out in carpet models Gray, black ve red carpet designs come. You can create a more spacious and assertive kitchen design by using these models in environments with white cabinets and floors. 

Kitchen Carpet Prices

kitchen carpet pricesmay be at different levels depending on the models you choose. The fact that rug designs are hand-woven causes an increase in the price of the product, while machine-made models are on sale at more affordable prices. Especially hand-woven and woolen designs have more workmanship, which causes an increase in the price determined for carpets. Machine woven and digitally printed carpet models are offered for sale at affordable prices with budget-friendly price options. kitchen rug The price range, which varies depending on the feature of the product you choose from among the models, also varies depending on the dimensions of the products. While carpets with small dimensions are more affordable, the amount to be paid increases as the dimensions increase. 

Yarn type is also effective on kitchen carpet prices. For example cotton carpet models It is more budget friendly for carpet lovers. Bamboo carpet models Carpet types that help bring Far Eastern breezes to homes, such as these, are available to users at higher prices.

By examining the runner and cut carpet designs, determining the products with the length you want allows the prices to be determined according to the lengths you choose. In addition to the prominent texture options in kitchen carpets, floor design can be counted among the factors that affect prices. Considering these details, you can calculate the price range of the kitchen carpet designs you will choose and learn the amount you will pay according to the dimensions of the designs you have determined. Special carpet designs, which we highlight with the privilege of Halıcızade, meet you at more affordable prices with opportunities and campaigns. 

How Should the Kitchen Carpet Be Cleaned?

For easy cleaning of kitchen carpet designs, you should choose models with washable features. You can clean the specially woven carpet designs that can be wiped and prevent stains from penetrating at any time. These carpets, which can be cleaned without the need for professional washing support, show longer durability against stains and humidity. Synthetic carpets, which prevent water and similar liquids from penetrating, are ideally suited to be wiped with the help of detergents and cloths. You can use the digital printing or woven carpet models, which are also washable in the washing machine, immaculately at any time. 

The Address of Elegance in Your Home: Halıcızade

With the privilege of Halıcızade, you can determine the most ideal pieces for your kitchens among the special designs we offer you. Our carpet designs, which bring elegance to the forefront in the kitchen and other areas with their comfortable and practical usage experience, succeed to be among the most remarkable pieces of the decoration you dream of. You can create an order for the designs you want by examining the popular carpet models that appeal to every style with their modern and stylish designs. Stylish carpet designs, which are suitable for use in all environments such as the kitchen, living room, corridor and living areas, meet you with the privilege of Halıcızade. 

The special carpet designs on our page stand out with various options depending on the area you will use and the basic features of the product. You can easily determine the ideal pieces in your mind by examining the carpet designs listed according to the weaving style and the usage characteristics of the products. Our professional sales team, who helps you in every way, carefully follows every step of your order. Our expert team, which ensures that the carpets in the color and model you choose are prepared in the desired dimensions, carefully pack the products. With the privilege of Halıcızade, which offers cargo opportunity to every province and district you wish. custom size or roll cutting You can bring quality and beauty to the fore in your homes by taking advantage of the options.