No matter how big or small, the heart of the house beats in the kitchen in Turkey! Regardless of our life rhythm, we like to spend as much time as possible in the kitchen, especially if there is enough space, to get together, chat, and think alone. kitchen rugis an accessible way to add flavor to the taste of this important place. Since the kitchen, by its very nature, can be the center of confusion as well as entertainment at home, although some of us do not prefer to use a kitchen rug, we think the character that the rug adds to the space is worth taking small risks. :)


Kitchen Carpet Selection

E.g put in front of the counter one runnerIt will not only provide a nice backdrop for your tea, coffee and snack journeys to the kitchen, but also increase the pleasure you get from preparing meals. If your counter is L-shaped, a beautiful kitchen rug combination with two matching runners you can create.

If you have an island in your kitchen, you can lay it between the island and the counter. kitchen rug creates a comfortable space while working in the kitchen. However, as a striking element, it contrasts nicely with the empty ground on the other side of the island.


Kitchen Carpet Dimensions

in a large kitchen, leaving a space of about thirty centimeters between the kitchen and the counter, You can choose a kitchen rug large enough to fill the square. A large rug will create a natural border in the kitchen, providing a sense of integrity.

If you like to be close to the center of the taste by eating in the kitchen, you can choose kitchen rugs that you can easily move on the chairs under your dinner set.


How Should a Kitchen Carpet Be?

We talked about how complex the kitchen can become. Kitchen carpets produced with synthetic yarns are resistant to moisture and staining to a certain extent. Wicker kitchen rugs can also help relieve your worries about stains while adding a unique texture to the space. washable kitchen rug You can largely eliminate these concerns by using