No matter where we live, whether in an apartment or in a quiet house far from the city, we always need some objects in our home that will remind us of nature. Even though we grew up far from nature, our genetic heritage always pushes us to find such associations. Of course, the fact that most of us are curious about plants, especially in these extraordinary days we experience together, cannot be explained by the pursuit of a pastime. Nature always calls!

There are various ways to create such associations in our homes, which we often furnish with care in line with certain feelings: colors, living and inanimate flowers, and of course carpets woven with natural yarns. jute rugAmong these alternatives, together with natural wicker and bamboo, it is one of the prominent ones with its texture, durability and appearance.

Let's get to know jute rugs together on the Halıcızade Blog, which we created to make the journey of finding the right rug enjoyable!


Hasır Jüt halı - Halıcızade


What is Jute? Sounds Interesting

JuteIt takes its name from the plant from which it is produced. A species that grows in hot and humid environments and has tens of thousands of varieties. jute. It is said that it is very fibrous, relatively easy to process and extremely strong in terms of the resulting yarn, and it is said that a very delicious dish is made in the Middle East, Cyprus and some parts of our country, from a type known as muhliye. We are liars of eaters. :) Jute yarns are used in upholstery fabric production as well as carpet weaving. Due to its natural yellowish-brown in Monsoon regions jute Also known as golden thread.

jute rugLike many carpets produced from other plants grown in humid and harsh climates, it has a very strong and durable structure. Produced from a rapidly multiplying and easily grown plant. jute rugcan be recycled and recycled in nature. In this respect, it is an environmentally friendly alternative.


Hasır Jüt halı - Halıcızade

Jute Carpet Loves the Crowd!

Plants that grow in difficult geographies are equipped with various defense tools to survive. jute rugThanks to the strong fibers of its raw material, it creates a durable and long-lasting floor. You can easily prefer it in your home, in areas such as corridors, entrances, in your kitchen and in your living room. If the usual alternatives seem boring to you, you can also choose them in your office and study room for an unusual look. Why not? When it comes to decoration, the only limit is your personal tastes! But be careful with humidity. Like most natural materials jute rugs It is also moisture resistant.


Compatible with Different Design Styles

Jute fits well not only in rustic spaces and country houses, but also in many different design styles, contrary to the prejudices – mostly caused by its appearance. You can create a calm and peaceful living room by combining jute carpet and modern, Scandinavian style furniture. In kitchens dominated by dark colors and wood, you can achieve a pleasant balance with the unique color of jute. You can easily add dynamism to the space by using a patterned jute rug.

In short, when it comes to jute carpets, it is useful to let our imagination go a little. With its soft texture and unique color tone, jute is like a canvas that opens up space for us in decoration and gives us the opportunity to experiment. You can use it in combination with other carpets to both create a soft floor and add some color to this floor. For example, in the living room, like a natural fleece rug on jute. Even the thought is beautiful!


How to Clean Jute Carpet?

It is necessary to evaluate the cleaning of hand-woven jute carpets and the cleaning of jute-looking carpets separately. Machine-woven carpets with a jute and wicker look are generally produced with synthetic yarns, making them easier to sweep and wipe. Some jute carpets can even be washed in the washing machine. After confirming this information from the place of purchase, you can easily clean them.

The situation is a little different for hand-woven natural jute carpets. Since it is produced with a knitting technique, you can clean your carpet with a sensitive sweep with the lowest traction power of the vacuum cleaner and with its brushless flat head. Our recommendation is to whisk as much as possible, because the vacuum cleaner can weaken the knots in the carpet. We recommend that you do the wiping with a damp cloth and white soap, as with other hand-woven carpets. After wiping is finished, you can rinse it with a damp cloth so that no soap residue remains.

We do not recommend washing carpets unless you have to. Washing processes can be abrasive in terms of knots, yarn and dyes. In case of deep staining, you can get service from a professional carpet cleaning company you trust. Before delivering your carpet, be sure to confirm that they have knowledge and experience in cleaning jute carpets. Jute wicker carpets can also be dry cleaned.

Do not forget that jute carpets, which are created by knitting wicker fibers, do not stand out with their durability due to their structure. Although they are very aesthetically and visually appealing, if you are looking for a carpet that you can use for many years, there may be more suitable alternatives for you. It seems that we will continue to love and use jute carpets for many years, which leave a warm touch on the place where they are laid, despite all their delicacy :)

In the light of this information, if you want to own a jute carpet, "Wicker - Jute Carpet" You can take a look at our collection.



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