If you had to leave your warm bed on a winter day with not-so-pleasant feelings, maybe a little grumble, or if you went into your bedroom with wet feet after a shower on a summer day, lost your balance slightly and fit your whole life into a few seconds, bedroom rug you are one of those who know that it is not just a decorative object.


These unpleasant examples aside, bedroom rug It is one of the decoration elements that not only raises the aesthetic standards of an area designed for rest and refreshment but also determines its comfort -almost- as much as a comfortable bed. We wanted to assist you in choosing a bedroom rug, while taking your comfort and sleep hygiene to the next level.


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Effect of Carpet on Sleep Hygiene

After all, the main purpose of the bedroom is to escape the hectic and tiring flow of daily life, even for a few hours, to provide our body and brain with the resting space it deserves. We wanted to give priority to the most important issue and examine the concept of 'sleep hygiene' together.


Sleep hygiene is a health concept that includes standardizing our sleep processes in terms of complete physical and mental health. Hygiene in its name refers to the physical cleanliness of our bedroom, for example, waking up at the same time every day (including, unfortunately, weekends) and going to your room only when you are sleepy (hence not fighting over the bed).


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Alright bedroom rugHow does it affect sleep hygiene? For a quality sleep, it is very important that the air in your bedroom is as clean and dust-free as possible. You can take an important step in terms of cleaning by turning to materials such as bamboo in the selection of bedroom carpets. Bamboo has antimicrobial properties due to the natural structure of the plant. In addition, the unique smooth texture of bamboo yarns makes it very difficult for dust and other allergens to adhere to the carpet. Because of its similar properties silk bedroom rug is also a good option.


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The temperature of the bedroom is also one of the factors affecting sleep hygiene. Although many of us prefer our bedroom to be warm, especially during the winter months, experts recommend keeping the room a little cool for a quality sleep. If sleeping in a cool room isn't for you, it's important to at least keep the temperature in your room at a consistent level throughout your sleep. The material that stands at the intersection of naturalness and easy-to-clean is undoubtedly wool. wool bedroom rugDue to the nature of wool, it helps to warm the environment in winter and to create a cool surface in summer.


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The Location of the Bedroom Carpet is Important!

The location of your carpet in the bedroom is important in terms of aesthetics and comfort. Three different approaches to the placement of the bedroom carpet and their variations stand out.


If your space and – considering that the price of the carpet will increase as the size grows – your budget allows, a bedroom rug models large enough to place your bed and nightstands on it would be a very stylish and comfortable choice.


Another option is to opt for a rectangular bedroom rug, leaving the third of the bed and nightstands exposed. In this way, it is possible to achieve an extremely stylish look with a relatively low budget. Not to mention waking up on a soft floor every morning.


Especially in smaller bedrooms, you can place a runner at the end of the bed and on each side. Placing the two legs of the nightstands on the runners will increase the elegance of the space. Depending on the width of the room, you can only place runners on both sides or at the head of the bed.


If you like an unusual look, you can choose a round or oval bedroom rug on which you can place your bed completely. In the same way, let's add that the round carpet, which will correspond to two-thirds of the bed, will look very stylish.


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