How to buy discounted carpet? What are the discounted carpet models? Discounted carpet and many more words. As with all our other purchases, everyone is after a discount when buying carpets. Let's talk about the inside of the business today, and let's explain the situation on the carpet manufacturers' side, so that the issue of discounts can be clarified.

There Has To Be Some Reason To Really Discount!

A company needs a discount carpet campaign He must have some concrete reasons to start it. Let's take a look at these situations.

  • The production of the product has ended, different sizes are finished, or a few pieces are left, so supply has become difficult.
  • Demand for the product has decreased, it has to be sold quickly and replaced by other stocks. It is now out of fashion.
  • It has become more valuable to reach new customers instead of making a profit. This is especially true for newly opened companies.
  • In order to meet short-term sales targets, sales must be increased and money must be put in the cash register.


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Why Are There Unreal Discounts?

So, for what reasons do unrealistic discounts occur:

  • By using the word "discount", customers are manipulated, creating the feeling of missing out. (non-existent opportunity :))
  • Products are highlighted with price rather than quality, so that questions about quality do not come to the mind of the customer.

Greal How to Make Non-Discounts?

The price of the product is first increased to a virtual price, for example, its price of 100 TL is changed to 200 TL and reduced to 100 TL with a 50% discount.

It is said, "This price is special for you, we have made such a discount, because we admire your black eyebrows and your eyes". 

An example of unreal discounts should come from İşler Power, click and see for yourself what we are talking about :)


Is it Possible to Buy a Discounted Carpet?

Now we come to the most important point, how to understand the discount on the carpet, why every crossed-out price you see may not be correct, and how can you buy truly discounted carpets?

First of all, if the carpet we're talking about Eco CarpetIf it is one of the products of national or global brands such as Art Carpet, it has a recommended selling price and is similar everywhere. Just as we see very close prices in every store when buying a computer or phone, the situation is the same for carpets.

If the situation is different, the product hand woven carpet If it is an unusual design or special production without a code-model standard, things get a little confusing there. Because the price of such carpets is not standard. Let's give an example:

The name "Afghan CarpetWhen the knot frequency of one of the two products is 20% higher than the other, this quality difference is reflected in the price in the same way, but it is not possible for the end user to notice it. When only a price-based comparison is made, the customer actually buys a lower quality carpet while trying to buy the affordable one.

Or to give another example:

X carpet brand has a hand-knitted, wool and bamboo mixed carpet produced in India for its own collection. How is the selling price of this carpet determined? For example, there is a design process behind some carpets, or whether the bamboo used is spun by hand or machine determines the durability of the carpet after 5 years. In these cases, the price of the carpet is determined by the carpet maker. Because there is neither a standard cost nor a standard profit margin. If the carpet brand says 1,000 TL for that carpet, the price is 1,000 TL, and if it says 3,000 TL, it becomes 3,000 TL.

There are also shops that have been on sale since the day they started operating (we're not kidding, we're talking about places where the same carpets have been sold at a discount for 18 years). Products that have been produced for centuries and that continue to be produced are constantly at 50% discount. Why? Because this virtual discount argument works to entice shoppers.

If you've read this far, you've got some idea about the crossed-out prices and virtual discounts.


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We Tell You the Tips to Get Packed and Buy a Discounted Carpet:

Now, if you are ready, we tell you how you can tell if a carpet is really discounted:


We're sorry, but that's the case, let's tell you what you can do to get the right carpet at the right price without being deceived.

  • First of all, focus on the store where you shop instead of the carpet, if you can get an honest, reliable, transparent and sincere communication, the probability of the prices to be correct increases.
  • Ask when the product that is on sale is on sale, what is the previous price, if you get vague answers, the number that is already discounted is the usual selling price.
  • Ask someone around you to ask for the price of the same carpet.
  • After learning the features of that carpet, get prices from other brands. As we mentioned before, it is not very healthy to compare prices on carpets, because sometimes even the stores may not have detailed information about the carpet they put on sale (it happened to us :)), you can compare apples and pears. At least you will have information about general prices.
  • Perhaps most importantly, ask why that carpet is on sale, trust the person in front of you, trust your feelings, and shop if you are satisfied with the answers you get.

The functional advantages of the carpet are obvious, it warms the floor, provides sound insulation, and you step on a soft floor. But its real value is always its reflection in your mental world. Remember, you can't judge a painting by the amount of paint used on it or the size of the paper. We recommend that you choose the address where you will shop before buying a carpet.

How Real Are Halıcızade's Discounts?

Let's come to ourselves, what is Halıcızade's discount logic, how do we approach this issue?

First of all, when you look at the number of our general products, the number of discounted carpets is quite low. While determining the prices before the discount, we ask “if this carpet were produced today, what would its price be?”, this price is the price without discount. Afterwards, we make discounts in line with whichever of the 4 reasons we listed at first (supply has become difficult, demand has decreased, it is necessary to reach new people, put money in the safe) is valid. That is, if the production costs of the products we discount change, the discounted price can also change upwards or downwards, as the price without discount changes.

We do not offer personalized discounts, we set the prices from the very beginning, which is quite rare when buying hand-woven carpets, but we work with this system so that our customers can shop with confidence. In fact, we do not take pride in doing what should be done, but this system is almost not applied in the carpet industry. Virtual prices, show-offs and insecure shopping are common.

We can say that "Discounts are Real at Halicizade"

Take advantage of the opportunity to find the carpet in the heart of your home. discount carpet models You can visit our section. Our goal is to become a carpet brand that does not make any discounts and finds its place quickly with the price that every carpet should have. You will see that the first carpet store in the world that does not offer discounts will be Halıcızade :)

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