Adding a natural warmth to your living spaces Halicizade Focus Seriesallows you to feel the comfort in your decoration. These carpets, which are one of the rare representatives of the carpets that are about to disappear, are handicrafts. Thanks to its minimal designs, you can create a bohemian and modern touch in your home, if you wish, you can easily combine it with simple furniture. Thanks to the Focus series, whose journey starts in India and extends to Turkey, you can start to relax by feeling the softness as soon as you step on the carpet surface. You can find any Focus carpets suitable for every part of your living spaces through Halıcızade.

Handmade Halıcızade Focus Series

Hand woven produced with all natural cotton, wool and viscose yarns Halicizade Focus The carpets in the series are inspired by nature. At the same time, mountain and earth colors are reflected on the carpets, creating a warm environment. These carpets, which are an ideal choice for quiet spaces, are prepared with dimensions that will adapt to any space. In this way, it can be used in the corridor, hall or living room with peace of mind. Thanks to this series, which makes your time at home more special, it is possible to spend your time more efficiently and calmly. 

What are the features of Halicizade Focus? 

The Halıcızade Focus series is produced in Hindastan with different color options and meets its users in Turkey. Thanks to the cotton, wool and viscose yarns used in its production, it provides you with the softness you dream of. Focus The general features of the series are as follows; 

  • There are many different color options available.
  • It is produced in India.
  • It is hand woven.
  • It is produced with wool, cotton, viscose yarns.
  • Requires professional washing.

How Much Are the Prices of Halicizade Focus?

Focus series carpets produced with hand weaving technique, price It is more expensive in terms of machine woven carpets. Another point that affects the price is the type of yarn. Focus series, produced with wool, cotton and viscose yarns, meets the users with higher prices compared to carpets produced with synthetic yarns. Considering the prices in terms of size, small-sized carpets are more affordable. You can reach the Focus series product that you like, suitable for your living spaces and budget, with one click through Halıcızade, and you can easily have the model that suits you.