Zara Oushak Design Machine Woven Carpet

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Zara Series Medallion Uşak Carpet 

Zara Series Medallion Uşak Carpet is a perfect combination of Anatolia's rich weaving tradition and modern design approach. The historical depth of the Uşak pattern comes together with modern weaving techniques in this special carpet, offering a nostalgic touch and adding a contemporary atmosphere to your home. This carpet, which is in perfect harmony with classical, bohemian and avant-garde furniture, is ideal for dominating every corner of your home with a noble stance.

Decoration Ideas

  • It creates a delicious effect when placed in bohemian and minimal decoration.

  • It is recommended to use it without using a coffee table or table, displaying the entire pattern.

  • Ideal as a welcome rug in entrance halls.

Pattern/Design: Medallion Uşak Pattern - Classic Design

  • The medallion is enriched with the Uşak carpet pattern.

  • It bears a design specific to classical Ottoman palaces.

  • The row of round medallions on the central axis and pointed slices on the sides represents infinity.

Color: Red

  • Red adds liveliness and movement to spaces.

  • Especially with the effect of natural light, the red of the carpet adds a sophisticated touch to the environment.

  • Thanks to its non-shiny structure, the naturalness and richness of the colors stand out.

Yarn Type: Wool

  • The ground consists of wool yarn.

  • Since wool is used in its scarves, it has a hard touch and is also durable.

Weaving Technique: Special Loom Carpet

  • Since it is woven on special looms, it gives a hand-woven feeling.

  • Both machine and hand workmanship were used in its production.

Production place:

The birthplace of Zara Medallion Uşak Carpet is Uşak, known as the capital of Turkey's weaving art. Uşak is known for its carpet weaving tradition, which has been preserved for centuries and passed on to new generations. The Zara series is brought to life in Uşak by women with talented master hands, original understanding of art and craftsman spirit. Uşak's unique carpet culture and experience is woven into every detail of this series. Therefore, with this carpet, you bring not only a piece of design but also a part of Anatolia's rich weaving heritage to your living spaces.

Cleaning and Maintenance Information

  • Due to its wool structure, it requires careful cleaning.

  • You can prevent color fading by protecting it from direct sunlight.

  • Care should be taken not to get it wet.

  • Professional cleaning should be done.