Nepali Carpet

Nepalese carpetIt is an ideal option for those who aim to be the architect of their own decoration. Nepal bamboo carpet models, which attract attention with their soft and shiny texture, are candidates to be indispensable for every decoration. Nepal carpet patterns, which create a flower garden atmosphere in the living area, act as the savior part of the house.

The junction point of modern and classical decorations is included in Halıcızade's wide range with Nepalese carpets, natural Nepal silk carpets and many other options. To experience these unique designs and textures at home, you can plan a visit to Halıcızade stores or easily shop online.

What is Nepali Carpet?

Nepalese carpets take their name from the South Asian country of Nepal, where these carpets originate. These carpets are especially known for their rich patterns, high-quality materials and meticulous workmanship. Nepalese rugs are usually handmade and made from the highest quality natural fibers such as silk or wool. Produced using completely natural materials, these carpets have a look that does not tire the eyes with their understated patterns. 

Nepalese carpet models, which can be used in both classical and modern decorations depending on preference, are also ideal for balancing avant-garde furniture. It is possible to create many different alternatives in terms of decoration with Nepalese carpets. Especially bedroom rug These frequently used models help you create a peaceful environment with their soft floral patterns. These rare pieces, which you can also use as living room carpets, easily match the furniture with their understated color tones.  

What are Nepal Carpet Features?

All Nepal carpet models are handmade with natural materials. These carpets, in which mostly wool, cotton, bamboo or viscose yarns are used, have a bright and soft appearance. 

These models, which are different from many other carpets with their understated pattern and color options, are a very good option for those who favor simplicity in their decoration. These carpets, which can be easily combined with the whole decoration with their eye-catching color options, generally contain brown tones. Nepali rugs express not only country-specific features, but also a unique style. For this reason, it is possible to create your own style and add a natural atmosphere to your decoration with Nepali carpets. 

How to Tell Nepal Carpet?

In order to understand the originality of these precious pieces bearing the signature of Nepali carpet masters, it is useful to pay attention to their characteristics such as yarn type or weaving type. The general elements to be considered in order to understand Nepal rugs are as follows: 

  • Modernized patterns.
  • Vibrant and soft colors by themselves. 
  • Hand-woven floral patterns.

The brands preferred for shopping also have a very important place in choosing the right carpet. For this reason, it is beneficial to choose a certified Nepal carpet store. 

How to Use Nepal Carpet Models?

Nepal carpet usage areas should be determined correctly in order to create integrity with decoration. Nepal carpet hand-woven models, which offer a simple look, can be used to create a colorful space for users looking for a different alternative. 

Modern Nepalese carpets produced in different sizes and offered to users can be the right choice for both balconies and hallways. Nepal carpet runner models are also with their soft and shiny structure. hallway carpet can be used in the form. Nepal carpet, which is one of the complementary parts of the American country style and usually combines brown-cream tones, gives you a good experience in color harmony. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Nepalese Carpets

It is useful to pay attention to factors such as yarn, type of weaving, size or being easy to clean when choosing a Nepali rug. Nepali carpet features indicate many important elements of the carpet. For this reason, examining its features makes it easier to choose the right carpet and contributes to finding the right pieces for your decoration. General points to consider when choosing Nepali carpet models can be listed as follows: 

  • Thread type
  • Weaving type
  • Cleaning/maintenance
  • Size
  • Country of manufacture
  • Colour
  • Drawing
  • Price

Nepal Carpet Prices How Much?

Nepal carpet pricesvaries depending on the materials used in the production phase of the carpet. All of these carpets hand woven carpet consists of models. For this reason, hand woven Nepalese carpet prices are known to be more costly than machine carpets. Another factor affecting the prices is undoubtedly the size of the carpet. Usually Nepal carpet is priced based on square meter price. In this case, it is useful to make the correct measurements. 

The yarn type, which plays an active role in carpet pricing, is very important in determining the value of the models. Nepal wool carpet prices, which do not use any synthetic materials and are completely natural, are more costly than synthetic yarns. Cotton, bamboo and wool yarns are used in all Nepal carpet models in Halıcızade. You can also visit Halıcızade and choose the models suitable for your decoration and browse the Nepal carpet price list. 

How to Clean and Maintain Nepal Carpet?

The cleaning of Nepalese carpet models, which consist of hand-woven wool carpet models, is a more labor-intensive process than machine carpets. When cleaning Nepal carpets, it is useful to follow the directions on the back of the carpet first. The most accurate cleaning and maintenance method that can be applied for Nepal carpet users is the professional cleaning method. However, for those who want to do this at home, it is recommended to use detergents with correct and clean ingredients. 

Nepal carpet care can be done 1-2 times a year. This routine can be expanded according to the soiling or dusting of the carpet. When applying Nepali carpet cleaning methods, it is necessary to stay away from harsh cleaners. In addition, warm water should be used during washing. These hand-woven carpets can be easily worn out due to their structure. Especially when cleaning Nepal silk carpet models, it is beneficial to clean the surface dirt locally. In this process, cleaning can be done with a damp cloth and water. 

The area of ​​use of the carpet should be taken into account when applying a certain cleaning routine. Especially kitchen rug The possibility of easy dirt retention should be taken into account for the models used as carpets for young rooms or for young rooms. Hand-woven carpets are models that can hold lint, dust and dirt due to their structure. Therefore, it should be swept at regular intervals and ventilated in an area that is not exposed to sunlight. 

Nepali Rug is from Halicizade 

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a Nepal rug is choosing the right brand. In this context, Halıcızade, which always provides you with quality and fast service, helps you find suitable models with Nepal carpet online sales option. Halıcızade, who is always one step ahead in Nepal carpet sales, also contributes to bring a new breath to your living space by bringing together many models that will suit your budget and decoration.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nepali Rugs

We have compiled some questions and answers about the selection and usage areas of Nepal rugs for you.  

Are Nepal carpet models durable?

These models, which are produced entirely by using the hand-woven method, are very durable and useful thanks to the wool, cotton and bamboo yarns used in their production. 

Do Nepalese carpets fade?

As long as it is not exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, patterns and colors do not fade. 

Is Nepal rug suitable for pets?

Nepal carpet models are delicate carpets as they are produced by hand. Therefore, it should be used with caution in environments with pets.

Do Nepalese carpet models cause allergies?

These carpets, which are important examples of hand-woven carpets, tend to retain lint, dust and dirt due to their structure. Therefore, there is a possibility of causing allergies. However, with the right cleaning method, the risk of encountering this situation can easily be reduced.