Nepal... The green country of Southeast Asia surrounded by the Himalayas. Unlike many of its neighbors, Nepal is a mystical and spiritual country where more than four religions live in peace and harmony. Although carpet production is one of the lifebloods of the economy of this mystical country, Nepalese rug it now expresses a style, not just a product specific to this country. Nepali carpets, in which floral patterns stand out as a reflection of the rich biodiversity and culture of the country, which is home to 2% of the flowering plant species in the world, are now woven with this name all over the world. hand woven carpet Although it lags behind weaving traditions such as Anatolia and Iran in terms of quality, Nepalese rug With its very soft patterns and texture, it continues to be a very pleasant decoration alternative.

Nepali patterned carpetis woven entirely by hand and with natural materials. These carpets, which are generally woven from wool and cotton, hand woven carpet The patterns that stand out in the category get their shine from bamboo yarns. With this aspect, it can be used in places where you want to create a natural and soft texture. Nepalese rug you can choose.

You can use it in your living rooms and bedrooms to create a balanced and peaceful look with its neutral colors and understated, soft floral patterns.

Nepalese rug Thanks to its colors, patterns and texture, it will fit well into a space decorated in modern furniture. Likewise, you can choose to balance the appearance of classical and avant-garde furniture in the space, and you can use it in spaces decorated with American country / floral style.