In modern times, our lives have to fit into more and more narrow spaces. Especially in big cities, the necessity of getting away from nature and green is added to this. While we started to spend more and more time at home in this extraordinary process we all experienced together, many of us started to mingle with plants at home, without saying narrow or wide, and to decorate every space we find with flowers and greenery. For those with space to transform Winter garden also increased its popularity during this period. Modest balconies are now turning into colorful gardens in the hands of people who embrace nature. It's very nice. :)

Winter Garden Decoration

The garden is not without flowers. Violets grown in pots, succulents, flowers laid on the floor of winter gardens winter garden carpet models accompanies. To support the natural associations of the garden and create a feeling of unity, we winter garden rug lots of our friends flower carpet We recommend. Again, in order to support this natural view and to create a balanced and peaceful atmosphere with neutral colors, it is used in winter gardens. wicker carpet models are very popular. If you want to balance the energy of your colorful winter garden surrounding you, we recommend you to choose wicker and jute carpet models.

Carpet Selection for the Warmest Corner of the House, Winter Gardens

winter gardens Places we prefer to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and spend time with ourselves and our plants, and sometimes with our friends. As such, cleanliness becomes even more important. You can choose short-pile, thin carpets to protect as much as possible from pollutants such as dust, soil and tiny insects collected by plants. Modern or traditional patterned rugs will add color and texture to the space, and will also relieve your hand in hygiene. Similarly, by choosing machine washable carpets, you can only focus on the pleasant times you will spend in your winter garden without worrying about hygiene.