white carpet These are carpets that draw attention with their modern details and take their place among the common tastes of different styles. White colored carpets, which can adapt to any desired decoration style, are special pieces that combine simplicity with elegance. 

It is generally used in environments where it is desired to be shown bright and spacious. white carpet modelsIt can optionally be combined with dark colored pieces. White colored carpets, which have different textures with their various details and weaving features, can be prepared in desired sizes. 

Enriching simplicity with small touches white black carpet options can become the focal point in decoration with its small details. If you want to include bright carpet designs in your homes and other living spaces, you can determine the models you dream of with the difference of Halıcızade. 

Customize Your Living Space with White Carpet Models

Standing out with different pattern and tone options white carpet modelsis the common point of different styles. Plain white or beige carpet designs are frequently used to customize refined areas, especially living rooms and bedrooms. 

It is possible to combine white colored carpets with countless tones, which can be used to refresh any desired area and highlight simplicity. In addition to obtaining a fresher and simpler image, it can also be used to highlight the moving parts. white carpet designs can be emphasized. 

While eliminating the dark appearance on the floor, white and its tones come to the fore among the carpet models that create a simpler reflection on the eye. You can easily choose the most ideal products that customize living spaces by determining all the features you are looking for in your preferred carpet designs. 

If you want to use white tones together with modern lines geometric patterned carpet You can turn to your designs. You have the chance to prioritize simplicity in decoration, especially with these patterns that evoke Scandinavian influence. 

What are the White Carpet Features?

White carpet features When considered, the simplicity and soft tones of their designs come to the fore. Suitable for use in any environment and easily compatible with the ground color. white carpet designs have ergonomic use. 

Modern patterned white carpet The general features of the designs and the texture features encountered in these products are listed in detail below:

  • White carpets reflect simplicity as they often have plain designs. Baby and kids room rug Creating contrast is at the forefront in these products, which are frequently preferred.
  • White carpet designs can be preferred at the desired softness level with different weaving options. It is possible to encounter extra softness in white colored carpets, which are prepared especially by choosing handwork and machine weaving. 
  • White carpets, which are divided into two as patterned or plain, are prepared with antibacterial properties in order to prevent stains. 
  • In addition to hand-washable designs, finely textured white fabrics that can be washed in the machine living room carpet models It also provides ease of use.  
  • White machine woven rug Carpet models can be combined with different tones to become more moving parts. 
  • White, which neutralizes the moving details in the environment thanks to its flatness. bedroom carpet designs help very crowded spaces to look spacious. It is possible to get help from white carpet designs to show the floor plain, especially in small areas. 

machine woven carpet The white-colored designs that stand out in their models are indispensable for Scandinavian-style decorations. Complementary to any style of decoration hand woven carpet designs It also provides a peaceful image with the intensity of the white color. 

Also available in straight-edged or tasseled options white carpet options highlight the elegance in small spaces such as corridors. Factors such as the weaving feature of the products, yarn quality and thickness also determine the usage details of the selected carpets. 

How to Use the White Carpet?

The general structure of the space should be taken into account when using plain or patterned white carpets. The occurrence of more activity in the kitchen and similar active areas can shorten the dirtiness of white carpets. White and beige carpets, which vary in yarn weaving according to different models, should be preferred in environments with low risk of staining.

kitchen rug These designs, which have a stylish stance, should be cleaned regularly to protect them from permanent stains. White carpets prepared from round, square and rectangular designs can be used on both sides according to their design. With its versatile style, it can adapt to any environment. white carpet usage areas offers richness. 

Double-sided carpet models, prepared in the style of kilim, offer the opportunity to include a wide variety of decoration details in narrow spaces. According to the width of the areas to be used, the dimensions of the carpets should be determined so that there is a little space on the floor. This detail, which provides ease of use, helps the carpets to remain stable at all times.

Things to Consider When Choosing a White Carpet

machine carpet White-beige designs, which have a lot of variety, especially, should be preferred according to the usage area. hand woven rug The details to be considered in these designs, which have many options from designs to digital printing, are as follows:

  • The first criterion in the white carpet designs you want to choose is the weaving of the products. Products that are hand-made and have a softer structure can be preferred in environments such as living rooms with their elegant details. 
  • Available in different sizes white carpet 6 square meters and provides variety with its smaller sizes. If you want to use a single piece of carpet in large areas, you can benefit from 6 square meter products with dimensions of 200x300 cm. 
  • It is sufficient for the white colored carpets to be used in narrow areas such as corridors to have a width between 80 and 100 cm. You can choose from standard models of various sizes for the lengths of carpets. 
  • Combined with white tones copper color carpet selection The brightness of the products should be taken into consideration during processing. Double-sided carpets, which change color when stepped on, create a warmer appearance in the environment. 
  • Mobility with sports details black and white carpet modelsThanks to its variegated appearance, it provides isolation of small spots. It can be beneficial to choose such mixed-colored carpets, especially in dining areas such as kitchens. 
  • with soft tissue white plush carpet It is possible to use the models in environments such as bedrooms. If you want to include soft designs in the areas where children spend time, white fleece carpet view your options. 
  • viscose yarn carpet It is possible to use their designs in areas such as corridors and kitchens. These products, which have synthetic and viscose weaving yarn, are effective in terms of ease of cleaning. viscose and synthetic carpet designs also have numerous options of new models. 
  • Prepared with standard sizes snow white carpet models have different size options. It is simple and easy to adapt to narrow spaces such as corridors. geometric patterned white carpet Their designs also draw attention with their ease of washing. 

How Much Are White Carpet Prices?

white carpet Prices vary depending on the basic features of the products. Prepared in many colors or standing out with their simplicity black white carpet One of the factors affecting the prices of the designs is the quality of weaving used in the carpets. The prices of hand-woven carpet models and designs prepared on the machine are different from each other. Digitally printed designs with a lower budget are more affordable depending on the desired pattern and model.

It is simple and attractive with its stylish models. white black striped rug designs appeal to your budget with special campaigns. Standing out with its sporty stylish details gray white carpet The price range in designs varies according to the dimensions. Sizes selected for small spaces such as corridors and bathrooms are offered for sale at lower prices. However, choosing sizes such as 4 and 6 square meters increases the price of the same product. 

The quality of the yarn weaving used in carpets is also directly reflected in the price. Used wool and silk bamboo carpet Depending on the quality of the yarns used in their designs, the prices are set a little higher than the normal level. The current prices are likely to be high in classic and handcrafted carpet designs. Price range varies according to budget and expectation. white carpet pricesperiodically discounts with different campaigns. You can easily complete your shopping by contacting the expert carpet makers of Halıcızade and adding the products you like to your cart, in order to choose the quality and right carpet at the most affordable prices. 

How to Clean and Maintain a White Carpet?

white carpet cleaningcan be realized in different ways, depending on the characteristics of the products. You can benefit from the following details to clean your carpets with light colors and to maintain them regularly:

  • It is possible to wash the long pile white carpets, which are referred to as plush, in the machine. You can choose the synthetic program when washing carpets with sensitive hairs in the machine. 
  • In order to preserve the continuity of the plush structure, care should be taken not to use softeners and bleach during washing. 
  • It is recommended to use shampoos specially prepared for carpets in order to preserve the hair structure. 
  • With the help of soft-tipped carpet brushes, the shampoo is processed to the deepest points on the surface. 
  • Except for the products that make the piles of the carpets softer and cleaner, no chemicals should be used for cleaning. 
  • white carpet cleaning Hand-made transactions are also possible. Carpets, which can be washed without the need for professional support, can be easily removed thanks to their light structure. 
  • The instructions for use should be observed when cleaning carpets with different yarn textures and properties. Carpet designs that stand out in the digital printing category are machine washable. You can easily clean such carpets in machines with suitable volumes and use them repeatedly. 
  • white and copper color carpet care The surface must be vacuumed regularly. All materials that may spill onto carpets and cause stains should be cleaned immediately. 
  • Stains that hit the hairs progress to the deep points of the carpet as time passes. In order to eliminate the formation of permanent stains, it is sufficient to wipe the carpets with the help of damp cloths. 
  • To get perfect results in carpet cleaning, you can get support from washing companies that provide professional services. Companies that wash with special detergents and machines also use different devices to dry all the feathers. 
  • The most important cleaning condition is to ensure that the washed carpets are completely dry and that no moisture remains at any point. 
  • Wet areas should be dried immediately in order to prevent the problem of freckling that may occur on white and light-colored carpets. In the same way, storing carpets from washing in a packaged way can cause mold and odor. 

white carpet The tassel details that stand out in their designs are also materials that require special care. The threads of the tassels should be combed in the same direction while sweeping to avoid any breakage or shedding. You can prevent carpet tassels from deteriorating by using materials such as spray starch. 

Carpets, which have antibacterial and stain-proof properties, are easily cleaned. Prepared with wool, silk, bamboo, cotton or synthetic yarn options, plain or white gray carpet models do not face hygiene problems. If you want to prioritize softness cotton carpet ve wool carpet You can choose between designs. By keeping these points in mind while cleaning the white carpets, you can use the carpet of your dreams while preserving its color for many years.

Own White Carpet Designs with Halicizade Difference!

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