Frame Patterned Hand Woven Carpet
From 7,560.00TL
250 X 300170 X 240120 X 18085 X 29580 X 30583 X 293
Eco Carpet Bilbao Simple Patterned Hand Woven Carpet
From 3,000.00TL
160 X 230100 X 300120 X 180140 X 200200 X 290240 X 34080 X 15080 X 300
Damask Patterned Hand Woven Carpet
From 13,875.00TL
170 X 240125 X 185200 X 295230 X 330270 X 370

What is Hand Woven Carpet and How Is It Produced?

These are carpets produced in real terms 'loose by loop', where the threads are knotted one by one by hand. Hand Woven Carpets. Depending on the size of the carpet, one or a few people sit at the head of the loom, and patiently, with weeks, usually months of effort, they create Hand-Woven Carpets. The skill of the fingers, combined with the dreams at that time, results in one of the most intense forms of manual labor.

If we think of machine-made carpets as the outputs of modern printers, hand-woven carpets are manuscripts. Just as manuscripts are valuable, hand woven rugs and reflects its value accordingly.

Hand-woven carpets have different production techniques. Sometimes double knot It is thrown away, sometimes it is completed by knitting with the help of needles. But the main thing is that the carpet is woven by human beings, and that the knots belong to skillful hands.

What are the Hand-Woven Carpet Types and Models?

There is a huge world in hand-woven carpets. Carpets woven both in Turkey and in different geographies of the world bear traces of the culture they are woven, there have always been an unknown number of options, including their patterns, colors, and the content of the yarns used in Handmade Carpets.

Today, with the introduction of technology, the pace of carpet production using manual labor is slowing down. Machine-made carpets take the place of hand-woven alternatives day by day, making both the durability of synthetic yarns and economical prices possible.

As Halıcızade, we are working to give the value of manual labor it deserves. By keeping different Hand-Woven Carpet models in our collection, we appeal to different decorations and budgets. You can happily choose from Uşak Carpets to Afghan Carpets, Iranian Woven Carpets to Isparta-made carpets, modern and ultramodern hand-woven alternatives from Kayseri and Hereke models. It is also possible for you to come across affordable hand-woven carpets, and to buy designs that have been discontinued and whose last few sizes are left at discounted prices.

Hand Woven Carpets from Living Room Carpets to Prayer Rugs

As you can use hand-woven carpets for living rooms, you can also prefer hand-woven carpets for doorways, bedrooms, and even kitchens. From prayer rugs to children's rugs, from classic designs to vintage models, you can take a look at hand-woven rugs as much as your budget allows, and you can feel the touch of labor in your home.

Yarn Types of Hand Woven Carpets

You should pay attention to the material used when choosing your Hand-Woven Carpets, which are produced with a mixture of wool, bamboo, cotton, silk, and sometimes synthetic acrylic or polyester yarns. You can choose wool that offers naturalness and warmth together, cotton, the most precious yarn of labor, bamboo for silky and shiny details from plants. However, remember that the type of yarn alone does not tell the quality of the material. For example, an oily fleece from the first shear may be brighter and softer than cotton, or choosing bamboo over a low-quality silk may increase lifespan and shine. When shopping from reliable brands, it is very important to get the right information about the yarns in the carpet. If your priority is easy cleaning, we recommend you to turn to bamboo and cotton, and if it is warm and durable, we recommend you to choose woolen Hand Knitted Carpets.


Prices of Hand Woven Carpets

So, what is the range of Hand Knitted Carpet prices? Unfortunately, we cannot give an exact price. Prices are determined by many variables, from knot density to yarns used, from dyes to design. That's why you can try to buy your carpet by checking it from different companies before you buy it. If you follow the discounts of companies that make real discounts to find affordable hand-woven carpets, you can buy your favorite carpet without tiring your budget.

Hand Woven Carpet Cleaning and Usage

How can you clean Hand Woven Carpets? First of all, you need to remember that the knots are tied by hand. With your vacuum cleaner's low suction settings, we recommend vacuuming with a brushless hardwood tip to avoid damaging the knots. If you wipe it with white soapy water and damp cloths without using carpet shampoos and cleaners during routine cleaning, both the brightness and life of your carpet will increase. It is useful to stay away from washing hand-woven carpets as much as possible so that your carpet is not deformed. The stages that the carpet goes through during washing will both tire the knots and the chemicals used may not give correct results in terms of the brightness and durability of the yarns. Do not forget that the Hand Knitted Carpets you use with a hand knitted sweater are no different. No matter how meticulously you approach your sweaters, you can enjoy your carpet for many years by being careful in cleaning your carpets.