vintage rugsToday, they stand out as remarkable pieces that reflect the styles of different periods. These carpets, which can now be prepared by digital printing, machine and hand weaving, bring an authentic atmosphere to the area where they are used, as well as bringing the important features of the past periods to the present. These carpets, which are based on the principle of giving Anatolian carpets a different appearance by giving them an aged texture, are quite ideal for creating an authentic atmosphere in homes furnished in retro style. If you are one of those who want to carry traces of the past in their living spaces, you can choose whatever you want through Halıcızade. vintage carpet You can have the variety right away.

What is a Vintage Carpet?

vintage woven rugIt is a type of carpet that bears the traces of ancient times and is reproduced according to today's conditions. In addition, they are models based on recycling by shaving Isparta or Ladik carpets and bringing them into new colors. These carpets, in which vivid colors are used in general, are patterned vintage rug they are known for.

Designed for those who prefer calm and striking colors at the same time. burgundy vintage rug ve green vintage carpet models help you to capture a very aesthetic appearance by combining with different decorations. used in accordance with today's conditions vintage bamboo rug models add a different atmosphere to every environment where they are used in terms of both comfort and visuality.

How to Make a Vintage Carpet

Vintage carpets are generally based on painting and shaving carpets that have expired or lost their aesthetic appearance and make them ready for reuse. Initially, old carpets are faded and repainted to bring them back to vibrant colors. These carpets, which are damaged and worn out over time, are repaired by shaving. In addition, it is possible to add many new patterns to these carpets, which are specially designed for the person. Besides vintage carpet color variants You can use many colors as there are many.

What are the Features of Vintage Carpets? How is its structure?

These models, which have been given a modern look by giving the Anatolian carpets the appearance of aging, are rare pieces that reflect the stories of the centuries. The most important features that make it preferable are that it is woven from natural wool, it is finely structured and it is hand-woven.

vintage rugsNowadays, it meets its buyers with many different production techniques. These carpets, which have been brought to the present day by using classical techniques, are used by recycling in appropriate environments. Moreover vintage rugs They are models that span a very broad category. For this reason, besides classical techniques, it can be worn with different techniques thanks to modern technology.

These carpets, which are generally made of 100% wool, are known for not containing synthetic materials. After the pile height is trimmed and shortened, it is dyed with root dyes. These types of carpets are generally not single-patterned. It is possible to come across many different patterns and color tones on the same carpet. One of the most important reasons why it is preferred is that it is much longer lasting than many other carpet models.

What are the Vintage Carpet Types and Models?

One of the most striking models of vintage carpets is the redesign of Uşak patterns. vintage tumbled carpet are models. With this spreading, arras ve rosestan It is possible to reinterpret the well-known Isparta patterns, such as Isparta, in many designs. Traditional Anatolian patterns There are many different vintage carpet models designed with western styles.  

In general, there are many options for those who favor simplicity in these carpets, where vivid colors are used. For those who are a fan of simple decoration, there are many model options with solid colors. Especially gray vintage rug or black vintage carpet models are among the pieces that can attract the attention of those who favor simplicity in their home.

It can be preferred by those who want to decorate their home with vibrant colors. red vintage carpet throw away yellow vintage carpet models also help you to capture an action-packed image, as opposed to an ordinary and calm image.

Where Is Vintage Carpet Used?

vintage carpet modelsIt is especially suitable for use in places where classical details are dominant. Vintage, which adds a remarkable feature to its environment. patchwork carpet models; It is frequently preferred in areas such as living room, kitchen, corridor. In addition, the non-slip sole feature of many models is the most important factor in their use in transition areas such as corridors.

These carpets, which have more classical patterns due to their structure, are also very suitable for environments where wooden furniture is used. In addition, it can be used in offices where a classic atmosphere is dominant due to the colors it contains. The most important reason for this is that it does not collect fluff and dust. At the same time, the fact that these shaved products are thin like rugs helps them to be carried easily.  

What are the Advantages of Vintage Carpet Models?

vintage kilim carpet models are very advantageous pieces in terms of being suitable for almost any decoration, being easy to clean, being long-lasting and being recycled. The presence of a plain color option as well as vibrant colors allows it to fit into any environment and decoration in which it is used. In addition, the cleaning stage of these carpets, which are produced and renewed with many different techniques, is relatively easier and more effortless than other carpet types.

The creative transformation of parts that have become obsolete, as a result of giving them a different function than their purpose, also allows them to be used for a longer period of time. vintage carpet decoration and combining the methods used in the production phase with modern technology helps these carpets to be used for a much longer time without deterioration.

These carpets, which are similar in terms of redesigning with patchwork carpets and creating a whole from different parts, can be produced in the desired units or dimensions. These parts, which preserve their structure despite being frequently processed, are more cost-effective than their original form.

What are the Points to Consider When Buying a Vintage Carpet?

While purchasing the carpet, basic factors such as the environment in which it will be used, the right color selection, the right pattern selection should be taken into consideration. In this way, it will be easier for you to choose the model that best suits your home or the spirit of your environment. vintage carpet rug While buying, you should pay particular attention to the following points:

  • The environment in which it will be used
  • Color selection
  • Pattern selection
  • The right size
  • Yarn and weaving properties
  • Choosing the right paint

Where to Buy a Vintage Carpet?

Vintage carpets are very dazzling and valuable pieces due to their structure. Because size and its general features, as well as where it was taken from is an important detail. These carpets, which have different models from each other, have a price scale that varies according to the features they contain. There are many brands that you can find the model of. Through Halıcızade, who brings together the old and the new. affordable vintage carpet access their designs.

How Much Are Vintage Carpet Prices?

vintage carpet prices In the first place, it varies according to the place and time of production and the size of the carpet. The older the carpets are and the longer their lifespan, the higher the cost. In addition to being produced in Turkey, the prices of these carpets, which are frequently produced in different countries, also vary according to the place where they are produced. In addition, as with every carpet model, the price is determined based on the square meter price. Because large vintage rug Prices are higher than small carpets. for example 10m2 vintage carpet cost, 8m2 vintage carpet would be more costly.

How to Wash and Clean a Vintage Carpet?

Since vintage carpets are models produced with different methods in general, the cleaning and washing phase is determined accordingly. especially hand woven vintage wool rug It is necessary to dry clean or hand wash as much as possible in order not to dissolve the paint and damage the structure of the models. blue vintage carpet throw away navy blue vintage rug The dominance of colors in the models is quite high. For this reason, it is also a good option to get professional help to prevent these colors from fading.

Apart from this, it is important to avoid contact with liquid in machine-made carpets. But here, hand woven vintage rug Since there is no serious sensitivity as in the models, it is important to cut off contact with water as soon as possible. In addition, chemical cleaning products should be avoided during the cleaning phase. It would be more accurate to clean with detergents with clean ingredients or shampoos specially produced for carpets, in a way that does not damage the structure of the carpet.

Another point to be considered is the drying stage after cleaning. Because vintage carpets are usually converted and refurbished pieces, their color will fade when exposed to direct sunlight. For this reason, it is necessary to leave it in the shade so that it can dry itself as much as possible.

One of the most sensitive points to be considered in carpet cleaning is the cleaning time. Care should be taken to clean these pieces, which are mostly hand-woven, at long intervals in order to preserve their structure and color.

In your living spaces vintage carpet You can complete your shopping by adding the model you like to your cart immediately to include its varieties.