"I'm on the carpet

Oh my button boy

I'm the dream of the carpet

"The boy with my black fringe"

Carpet, which is a folk song in the language of Turkmen communities, has a deep-rooted history in Isparta. Beginning in dormitories, camps, mountains Isparta carpet tradition has turned into a production power capable of exporting to neighboring countries and all over the world. A production force organized in looms called Istar in the 19th century... Roses, which form the most beautiful motif of the city, are also one of the main motifs of the carpets woven in the city. In Isparta carpets, motifs such as violets, birds, oil lamps, ewers and candlesticks are also frequently encountered.

Gulistan, Serpme, Ottoman, Tapestry, Üzümlü, Dönerli, Corner belly and many more.... Since the 12th century, dozens of patterns like these continue to tell a history. Colors obtained from root dye, from dark blue to green, with wool and Kirman yarn. Isparta carpet working on it... 

Halicizade vintage carpet In the collection, we build bridges between this deep-rooted history and the present. If you like a vintage look in your home, we have created with Isparta patterns. tumbled carpetWe strongly recommend you to take a look at our vintage and retro series.

The most suitable for your personal tastes and the texture of your space. retro carpet You can get consultancy and architectural support from our expert carpet makers by contacting us at any time to find the option. In addition, you can order the carpet you want by using our "Try, Discover, Decide" application, and you can make your decision by seeing the carpet in your space. You can easily return the carpet that you think does not fit your space.