It has a modern look with stylish designs. anthracite carpet options exhibit a unique stance in living spaces. You can choose anthracite rugs with gray details to customize countless spaces from the kitchen to the hallway and living room.

Anthracite carpets, which capture a unique tone with the perfect combination of black and gray, also stand out with their ease of use. Anthracite color, which can be considered a common point of every style with different model and pattern options, Halicizade You can carry it to your homes with the difference. If you are one of those who want to add a modern touch to their living spaces, the most popular highlights on our page anthracite carpet models You can easily choose between  

What is Anthracite Carpet?

Anthracite carpet typesThese are both modern and classic pieces that emerge as a result of blending dark colors with white and its tones. Weaving type and yarn quality may vary in anthracite carpets designed to be predominantly gray and black. Anthracite carpet designs, which are customized with different size and pattern options, can be prepared with various features such as hand work and machine weaving.

with a modern bohemian look plain anthracite carpet designs often stand out in Scandinavian style home decorations. Anthracite carpets, which draw attention with their simplicity and striking details and being the focal point, provide convenience in daily use.

Able to harmonize with modern details and countless colors anthracite gray carpet modelscan be especially complementary to gray tones. The anthracite color, which can also be preferred to customize light-colored items with dark details, is also privileged in terms of staining. 

anthracite gray carpet Various size options are offered for the use of designs in different areas. You can create sets from anthracite carpets that stand out in rug-style vintage carpets and are considered ergonomic in terms of use. If you want to match each piece in areas such as living room, kitchen and corridor, you can use different sizes of the same product. The chance to take advantage of anthracite carpet size options awaits you in order to relieve eye fatigue that may occur during transitions in these environments and to achieve overall harmony. 

Customize Your Homes with Anthracite Carpet Models!

The modern stance given by the anthracite color draws attention on the carpets prepared using digital printing, machine weaving or hand workmanship. with different textures anthracite carpetsIt is evaluated in different textures according to the yarn type and softness. 

Anthracite color carpet models that are most suitable for the usage area can be easily selected by considering the workmanship details and yarn properties. Making the anthracite color more vivid and bright leather rug You can keep naturalness in the foreground with options. With its soft texture, it exhibits a rich stance in the area where it is used. cotton carpet options can be preferred in every room with a wide variety of designs. 

Specialized with different weaving options anthracite gray carpet designs can be preferred in any desired pattern and model. Solid color highlighting simplicity gray anthracite rug In addition to the models, you have the chance to use patterned designs. 

Anthracite carpet features and usage details may vary depending on the preferred designs. It is possible to increase the temperature in the environment, especially by choosing soft textured and feathered designs in more minimal areas. An ideal option for closing the floor opening in small spaces. anthracite post carpet designs can be used in desired dimensions. 

Plain Anthracite Carpets

Anthracite details attract attention in gray colored carpet models that emphasize simplicity with their plain designs. More mixed color transitions are used in anthracite designs obtained with different shades of black and gray. plain anthracite carpet designs are obtained. 

Plain and round anthracite carpet options that combine different tones can be preferred in order to prevent the suffocating appearance that can occur especially in monochrome use. You can also choose carpets in which the anthracite color is highlighted only with transitions and without any patterns, to preserve the simplicity of the floor.

It is more appropriate to choose plain anthracite carpet options with plain patterns, especially in crowded and decorated areas with dark details. It is possible to use plain anthracite carpets, which capture a different aura with colors instead of patterns, in all areas you wish.

Soft Textured Anthracite Carpets

The degree of softness varies in anthracite carpets prepared with the use of different yarns. It is possible to say that anthracite carpets prepared by hand weaving are softer while weaving on a harder ground in machine-made designs. 

Attracting attention with its light and ethnic details hand woven carpet Anthracite models come to the fore in the options. Thanks to the bamboo and cotton yarns used in hand weaving, the softness level of anthracite carpets is maximized. Hand-woven anthracite carpets, which can be used in one or both directions, can be preferred in desired sizes. 

Another design that stands out in soft details is anthracite plush carpet are models. These designs, which have an extra soft texture, especially with their long hair, usually have plain patterns. 

Plush designs used in a versatile way to adapt to different decoration details, bedroom rug can be preferred. Anthracite that combines softness with modernity and embellished with a wide variety of patterns shaggy rug Their designs are also ideal for other areas. 

Carpet models with bamboo and silk weaving also come to the fore among anthracite designs. Combining softness, light structure and elegance bamboo anthracite carpetsIt can be preferred especially in areas such as living rooms. You can use bamboo carpets, which make their colors and patterns more eye-catching thanks to their bright appearance, in any area you want. 

Hard Textured Anthracite Carpets

having a hard surface anthracite carpet Digital printing products are at the forefront of their designs. Anthracite carpets, which have a harder and smoother surface with their foal or similar structure, can have different patterns. 

The hard surface digital printing application, which is frequently preferred in synthetic carpet designs, is more economical. Hard-textured, which provides ease of use, especially in areas such as corridors and kitchens. anthracite carpet models can also be considered practical in terms of cleaning.

You can easily clean leather-based anthracite carpet models that are suitable for machine washing. Since there is no lint problem, it is possible to easily wipe off anything that spills on the surface. It gets its shiny and smooth appearance from the delicate texture of foal hair. digital printing carpet You can also choose tassel detail in your designs. 

Patterned Anthracite Carpets

Patterned anthracite carpet The classical and modern details that stand out in their designs attract attention with their appeal to every style. Various motifs can be used according to the style in anthracite colored carpets, which have soft transitions and can be decorated with different patterns. 

In carpet designs, where variations can be seen in patterns depending on the style and area of ​​use, numerous patterns consisting of flowers and geometric shapes come to the fore. In addition to anthracite carpet designs that capture the air of rugs with ethnic patterns, it is also possible to prefer models that are decorated only with lines.

Specialized with traditional details classic carpet models There are also simpler designs enriched with modern lines. You can examine the patterned carpets, which give a more cultural atmosphere with classical details, as headlines, to the modern look offered by the anthracite color. 

Floral Patterned Anthracite Carpets

Floral patterned anthracite rug Their designs are products prepared with more traditional details. Floral designs are ideal for those who want to include classic details, especially in areas such as the living room and living room. 

Its properties vary according to the type of weaving. in floral carpet models You can choose tassel or straight edge options. In addition to the models with more prominent floral patterns, geometric designs also stand out among the anthracite models. 

Geometric Patterned Anthracite Carpets

Geometric patterned anthracite rug designs reflect more Scandinavian styles. Three-dimensional designs come to the fore in anthracite carpets, which are customized according to the details of the use of geometric patterns.

self-patterned machine woven rug You can also choose carpet designs that are prepared in 3D and in pieces. Particularly, it consists of small circles and continues by expanding. geometric patterned rugs, catches a modern line in the environment with its original structures. 

Since the usage area of ​​geometric patterns is very wide, you can achieve originality with the carpet and rug designs you prefer. If you want to highlight the Scandinavian style, you can choose the pieces you want from the geometric patterned carpet models that are customized with triangle and prism patterns. 

Modern Patterned Anthracite Carpets

Modern patterned anthracite rug designs are among the most popular pieces of new generation decorations. Especially in modern carpet designs with assertive transitions, rectangular and oval cuts attract attention. 

You can use carpets that are diversified with their modern designs to complete the decoration in areas such as the living room, living room and kitchen. In these patterned or plainly designed carpets, only the transitions from the lines and the faint motifs draw attention. Adding a remarkable detail to living spaces modern carpet models it becomes even more striking when combined with anthracite tones. 

Traditional Patterned Anthracite Carpets

Traditional patterned anthracite rug designs are among the first choices of people who cannot give up on the classic. Combining the elegance offered by the anthracite color with classical motifs, carpet models can differ as hand-woven and machine-made.

Bamboo and silk thread weaving is generally preferred for anthracite carpets, which are handcrafted and stand out with more classical details. These yarns, which make the carpets softer and more elegant, also make the patterns clear.

You can examine the new generation designs that modernize the classical patterned traditional carpet models decorated with elegant and small embroidery. In these carpets, which are especially customized with faint lines, the core part can be enriched with Ottoman and Seljuk motifs. 

You can choose the most ideal classic carpets by examining the general atmosphere of the decoration that stands out in your homes and other living spaces. Classical patterns, especially in areas where wood and embroidered designs are at the forefront. anthracite carpet models can be integrated. 

What are the Anthracite Carpet Features?

The most distinctive feature of anthracite colored carpets is the combination of different tones. Anthracite colored carpets, known for their modern and deepened designs, capture Scandinavian style in the environments they are used. The following material and weaving options are preferred for anthracite carpets that appeal to the eye in interior spaces:

  • Machine Weaving 
  • Hand Woven
  • Digital printing
  • Acrylic Yarn
  • Bamboo Yarn
  • Silk Weave
  • Leather Carpet
  • Kilim Woven

These carpets, which can be preferred in every part of the living spaces from the kitchen and hallway to the guest room, also remind of the aging style. Three-dimensional carpets made from geometric patterns can be used to add a modern touch to small spaces. 

Anthracite carpets, which are created by sorting similar colors according to their tones, are similar to other pieces used in decoration. in large areas anthracite carpet 6m2 You can cover the entire floor in one piece by using mega designs in size. 

How to Use Anthracite Color Carpet?

Anthracite carpet usage areas It varies depending on the preferred venue. It is possible to determine the usage area by examining the softness level and weaving details that stand out in carpets. 

While you can prefer larger pieces in large areas, you can meet the carpet needs of narrow areas with small designs. Diversified with patterns as well as size and model anthracite carpet models provide a stylish look, especially in areas such as hallways and kitchens. 

Instead of using a single model of the carpet with the same pattern, you can combine round, long and classic rectangular pieces according to the structure of the area. Keeping the model constant and diversifying the carpet structure and dimensions offers the opportunity to achieve harmony in your homes. 

It is possible to combine anthracite colored carpets, which are indispensable for living room sets, with countless colors from gray to dark blue. By considering the basic features of carpets, you can determine their ease of cleaning and practical use privileges. You have the chance to use anthracite carpets, which can be easily used in active areas such as kitchens and corridors, as you wish. 

Anthracite Carpet Models for Living Room

living room carpet Anthracite-colored designs, which are preferred as an alternative, combine modernity with classical details. You can make seating areas more attractive with anthracite designs that provide transitions in a more minimal way with plain and abstract patterned options.

It is possible to combine anthracite carpets, which are suitable for the design and general atmosphere of the furniture, with ideal colors. Anthracite carpets can complement the atmosphere, especially in the halls with dark furniture. cotton and acrylic carpet Anthracite designs, which stand out in their options, are ready to be the savior of narrow spaces with their different cut shapes. 

In large halls, you can make the floor more attractive by using anthracite carpets in 4 and 6M2 sizes. Anthracite carpets, which adapt to the general color tone of the parquets and flooring, can also harmonize with the background curtains used in the living area. 

Anthracite Carpet Models for Bedroom

If you want to include simple and modern details in the bedrooms, you can examine the ideal models from anthracite carpet designs. It is possible to use post and plush carpet models to evaluate minimal areas such as bedside and cabinet front. 

Anthracite carpet selection You can determine the most ideal pieces by taking into account the general characteristics and width of the usage area. Bedrooms In order to create a warm atmosphere in children's and children's areas, it is effective to choose carpets with soft details.

Baby and kids room rug Softer textured pieces can be chosen in anthracite colored designs. Preferred anthracite carpet The color transitions in the models offer the opportunity to achieve harmony with other parts of the decoration. 

Anthracite Carpet Models for the Kitchen

kitchen rug Anthracite colored carpets, which are frequently preferred, provide ease of use in these areas. Carpets are more likely to get dirty, especially in areas where food is prepared and eaten.

Scandinavian-style rugs and machine-woven carpets highlight modernity in areas such as the kitchen. Anthracite carpets, which have 3D processes as well as self-patterned designs, are compatible with kitchen cabinets. 

You can use rectangular, oval and circular anthracite carpets in kitchens. It is prepared in different sizes in order to evaluate the space between the counter and the table in narrow kitchens. kitchen rug You have the opportunity to choose models. Especially the long and thin corridor carpets are indispensable pieces for kitchens. 

suitable for deletion anthracite carpet designs can be used more comfortably in busy areas such as kitchens. Among the anthracite colored carpets, which are preferred due to their easy maintenance, machine-washable designs are also at the forefront. 

Anthracite Carpet Models for the Hallway

Enter hallway carpet Anthracite colored designs, which can be preferred as an alternative, highlight modernity from the entrance of the houses. Anthracite designs, which add depth to the environment in which they are used, are especially preferred in entrances and corridors. 

It is possible to combine anthracite carpets with dimensions of 4M2 and smaller in the entrance halls, as well as with thin and long models. Using the same patterned carpets in the entrance and hallway offers the opportunity to capture simplicity in the center of the house. However, it is very important that your corridor is in a light spot. However, you can create a fresh atmosphere by using anthracite corridor carpets woven from bamboo or silk at the entrance.

In addition to kilim-style anthracite carpets, digital printing and machine-woven designs are also frequently preferred. Washable carpets, which offer ease of use in areas such as corridors, stand out due to their light structure and practical cleaning. 

Anthracite Carpet Models for Office

Anthracite to achieve harmony in areas such as offices and study rooms office carpet their designs you can use. Focusing on decorations that prioritize simplicity in environments such as offices makes it easier to focus on studies. 

Anthracite carpets with darker colors can be preferred in order to keep hygiene and order in these areas, which are usually entered with shoes. Thanks to anthracite carpets that are easy to clean and wash, your offices will always have a neat and simple decoration. 

Things to Consider When Choosing an Anthracite Carpet

Anthracite carpets, which can be used in all areas such as kitchen, living room, living room and bedroom, must be selected based on certain criteria. Anthracite carpet designs, which highlight numerous features ranging from weaving to softness and size, should be preferred according to the area of ​​use. 

Customizing living spaces with different features carpet anthracite Things to consider when choosing designs are listed in full detail below:

  • The color transitions that stand out in anthracite colored carpets allow these designs to have different tones. Combined with shades such as gray and black, as well as different colors such as orange and brown, these designs achieve harmony in decoration. 
  • By taking into account the color transitions that stand out in areas such as home and office, you can choose models with appropriate tones when choosing anthracite carpets. 
  • Weaving option can be preferred according to the usage area of ​​anthracite carpets. While machine-woven carpets have a harder base and short piles, softness is at the forefront of handcrafted carpets. 
  • If you want to include flashy pieces in areas such as the living room and guest room, you can examine hand-woven designs. 
  • It can be noted that anthracite carpets, which are frequently preferred in areas such as bedrooms and children's rooms, have a softer texture. Especially in rooms where children spend time, using anthracite carpets, where softness is prominent, is effective in terms of comfort. 
  • Anthracite carpet models with tassel details should not be used in areas such as the kitchen where there is a high risk of staining. Since the tassels are likely to get dirty in a shorter time, these designs can be placed in places such as living areas and bedrooms. 
  • You can choose geometric or floral designs for light-colored details on anthracite carpets. 
  • Instead of just using dark colors, it is ideal to choose models with mixed transitions to add freshness to the decoration. 
  • Carpets should be chosen in smaller sizes to achieve ease of use in areas such as kitchens. It is ideal to leave an average of 20 cm between the counter and table and the carpets. In this way, the parts that may fall on the floor during food preparation and eating can be prevented from staining the carpets. 
  • Anthracite carpets, which are cleaned practically and can be swept easily, provide great convenience in living spaces. 
  • Carpet designs, which have a synthetic blend in the yarn and are stain-proof, can be used easily especially in homes with small children.
  • Carpet designs that can be washed in the washing machine can be preferred especially in areas such as kitchens and corridors. In this way, a practical measure is taken against the possibility of rapid contamination. 
  • When choosing anthracite carpet, the dimensions of the products should be determined correctly. Preferring carpets to leave a certain amount of space on the floor makes it look decorative. In addition to the standard designs with a width of 4 and 6 square meters, the runner models with a width of 80 and 100 cm can be used in narrow spaces. 
  • While the width of the carpets in the runner model is standard, it is possible to benefit from different options for length. Instead of using additional carpets in very long corridors, you can create a set by combining two products. In this way, it will be easier to clean and remove the carpets. 
  • Anthracite carpet care and its cleaning is shaped according to the material of the preferred products. Cleaning silk and bamboo type carpets only with professional support will extend their lifespan. 

How Much Are Anthracite Carpet Prices?

anthracite carpet Prices vary depending on the preferred fabric. Hand-woven rugs are the highest priced items in this category. The yarns preferred in anthracite carpet models are also factors affecting the prices. Carpets prepared using cotton, synthetic, leather, plush, acrylic, bamboo, wool and viscose yarns have different prices. Bamboo, silk and wool products, which are in the first place in terms of yarn quality, can be sold at higher levels.  

Preferred sizes for anthracite colored carpets and rugs lead to an increase in price. Starting with the smallest pieces, the price goes up exponentially depending on the size. Among the anthracite carpets that appeal to everyone with their different designs, you can have the one that suits your taste with one click with Halıcızade. 

How to Clean and Maintain an Anthracite Carpet?

Anthracite carpet care The general characteristics and cleaning conditions of the designs selected for Bleach should not be used when cleaning anthracite carpets so that their colors do not fade and they have a lively appearance for a longer time.

Especially prepared with delicate yarns such as silk, wool and bamboo. anthracite carpet It is necessary to deliver the models to professional cleaning companies. It is possible to wipe the surface with a damp cloth so that the carpets, which are resistant to stains, always remain clean. 

When washing plush carpet models with very long hairs in the washing machine, softeners and similar materials should not be preferred. It is ideal to carry out cleaning with natural detergents prepared with white soap instead of such materials that remove the softness of the feathers.

You can easily clean anthracite colored design products by using shampoos specially prepared for carpets. It is important to dry the carpets that are wiped with a damp cloth immediately and not to leave them wet in order to prevent the formation of moisture. 

After washing, anthracite carpets brought in packages should be taken out of their bags immediately and opened. Leaving carpets that are at risk of becoming damp in this way can also lead to the formation of bacteria and freckles. In addition, it is beneficial to ventilate regularly vacuumed carpets on the balcony to make them smoother and cleaner.

Special brushes and sprays are available for anthracite carpets with tassels at the ends. With the help of these sprays, which do not have a bleaching effect or heavy chemical content, you can apply cola to the tassels of the carpets. The use of spray coke fixes the shape of the tassels and prevents a messy appearance. 

Own Anthracite Carpet Designs with the Halıcızade Difference!

anthracite carpet Enrich your living spaces with stylish patterns and color options that stand out in their designs. Anthracite colored carpet designs, prepared with the privilege of Halıcızade, combine modern and classical details. High quality weaving and yarns are used in each of these carpets, which are offered to you with special campaigns and prices. Anthracite carpets, each more elegant than the other, prepared in desired sizes and enriched with special handwork, are waiting for you on our page. It is possible to find all kinds of details together in anthracite carpets, which are among the common preferences of different styles with their model and pattern options. Having ideal features for every point of living spaces, anthracite carpet You can add Halıcızade designs to your cart and place an order immediately.