The weaving process is completed with synthetic threads and the patterns are completed with the Afghan model. Eco Carpet Buhari Seriespromises a comfortable use in your living spaces. With products that contain traces of both the past and the present; If you want to reflect different cultures in your home, Eco Carpet Buhari Series This will more than meet your request.

Address of Different Cultures: Eko Carpet Buhari Series

Eco Carpet The product variety it provides offers dozens of different options to users with different decoration ideas. In this context, prominent Buhari Series It delivers ethnic patterned carpet models to decoration lovers with affordable prices.

What are the Features of Eco Carpet Buhari Series?

Compared to its counterparts, it has a thinner structure. Eco Carpet Buhari Series, It does not wear out easily with the care shown in its production and becomes one of the fixtures of your home. In addition to being produced with the help of special machines, it provides easy displacement due to its light weight. The other features of this series, in which burgundy and navy blue tones are highlighted, can be listed as follows:

  • It is preferred in kitchens, entrances, corridors, study rooms and halls. It also has dimensions for runner use.
  • It doesn't give fluff. It can be used with peace of mind against respiratory problems in long-term use.
  • Solutions at the contact points help these carpets not to slip.
  • Most carpets are produced with rubber soles, but Eco Carpet Buhari Series It is woven based. In this way, it does not change shape.
  • Its appearance is ostentatious, cultural and authentic traces can be noticed upon careful examination.
  • Carpet and rug cleaning can be considered a laborious task. Eco Carpet Buhari SeriesIt is easily washed in the washing machine. The suitable temperature is 30 degrees. The recommended spin level is the lowest spin speed your machine has.
  • Liquid detergent is used for cleaning, the use of fabric softener causes damage to the product.

How Much Are Eco Carpet Buhari Series Prices?

While pricing carpets and rugs, the effort and design are considered factors. Eco Carpet Buhari price options stand out with their appropriate levels.

Through Halıcızade stores with a wide range of products Eco Carpet Buhari Series It is waiting for you to take its place in your homes.

If you want to prefer ethnic patterned carpet models in your homes, you can have one of the Eko Halı Buhari Series products right away through Halıcızade.