Eco Carpet Lotto series is the right option for those who prefer modern touches in their decoration. These models, which you will include in your living space, offer you a comfortable resting environment with their elegant and stylish appearance. You can easily combine it with any color furniture and item you want. Eco Carpet Lotto series allows you to spend most of your time at home in a pleasant way. You can have any product of this series with modern designs through Halıcızade. 

Modern Design Eco Carpet Lotto Series

It can be especially preferred by those looking for a single color carpet. Eco Carpet Lotto series can be used for many years without any problems thanks to its durable yarn structure. Since the dirt holding rate is very low, it can be easily preferred as both home and office carpets. For example, those who favor comfort, Eco Carpet With Lotto white designs, it can capture a modern atmosphere in decoration and allow living spaces to breathe. Eco Carpet Lotto plain You can easily have a carpet that is compatible with your belongings thanks to various color alternatives such as

These models, which are produced in different sizes, can be prepared in any size you want in the form of fixed rolls. Thus, you can make any combination you want without getting bored with colors and models by using them alternately in different areas of your home. These simple and stylish pieces, which can easily attract your attention while shopping for decoration, can be made even more interesting with small touches. 

What are the Features of Eco Carpet Lotto? 

Plain patterns are in the foreground Eco Carpet Lotto Series The origin of the carpets is Turkey. In addition, these models, which are machine-made carpets, are quite durable. Eco Carpet Lotto The features of the carpets in the series can be listed as follows;

  • Requires professional washing.
  • It is produced using synthetic yarns.
  • It is a machine carpet.
  • It is produced in different sizes.

How Much Are Eco Carpet Lotto Prices?

Eco Carpet Lotto price varies according to size. For example, larger sized models are more expensive than smaller models. The elements that distinguish the series from other carpets in terms of price are the yarn and weaving type. Since synthetic yarns are more accessible compared to other yarn types, they meet the user in an affordable way. At the same time, it can be said that machine-woven carpets are more affordable than hand-woven carpets. you too Eco Carpet Lotto You can reach the striking pieces of the series in any color and size with the difference of Halıcızade.