Meet the Thin, Light, Easy-to-Clean and Affordable Border Series!

As the time we spend at home increases, the demand for easy-to-clean, thin and light carpets increases. While preparing the border collection, we wanted it to answer exactly these points. By adding a slightly embossed tactile sensation instead of a flat texture, we have achieved an easy-to-clean and dynamic surface. Let's examine this collection together:

Get creative with the extraordinary color palette!

Using different colors of the same design together always helps to create dynamic and high energy spaces. You can use different colors together in the same space with the red-anthracite, dark blue-anthracite, orange-anthracite and gray-anthracite alternatives in the coloring of the border series. It is up to your imagination to create combinations with the colors in your room. Our recommendation would be to use orange or red with blue or gray. You can create a dynamic experience in your space by balancing the calm and still image of gray and blue with the warm and energetic feeling of red and orange.

With the Border series, which enables you to highlight other colors in the same space with its anthracite-gray floor, you can create either calm or energetic combinations between the colors in the room. With the appearance of gray on the floor, you can make your colors more visible on curtains, pillows, accessories and works of art on your wall.

For those looking for easy-to-clean carpets!

The fine weaving of the border series is perfect for both easy sweeping and for getting rid of dust easily by whisking with its light structure. You don't have to worry about cleaning with the Border series, which has very low stain absorbency with acrylic chenille, polyester and cotton threads. Although the washing process is tiring for carpets, you can remove the stains of the carpets in the Border series without difficulty with sensitive, professional and meticulous washing (difficult stains such as tea and coffee may not come out, let's say from the beginning). With the Border Series, which is a collection that can be easily cleaned by robots used in house cleaning with its non-slip structure, you can say goodbye to carpets that gather and make cleaning difficult when you are not at home.

Create the focal point to your heart's content with minimalist, simple design!

While preparing the border series, we worked for a timeless, simple and powerful design. With the resulting framed pattern, it has gained an appearance that can be used easily in modern and rustic spaces. Coffee tables, beds and armchairs can get the picture frame they are looking for with the Border Series, which offers an appearance that brings the object in the middle to the forefront with its distinctive frame while avoiding boringness with its moire and non-stationary scattered interior floor motif. With the Border, which is prepared in accordance with the design approach brought by modernity, you can bring harmony in the space to the fore by establishing a complementary relationship between different furniture.

With the Border series produced exclusively for Halıcızade, you can make a difference in your home with a specially designed carpet used in a limited number of places. You can recommend Halıcızade when those who see it ask, "Where did you get this carpet from?" :)

For those who are looking for a set of carpets and want to use different sizes together!

You can easily choose from prayer rugs to 6 square meters in size with the Border series, which creates an alternative for a wide range of spaces from bedrooms to living spaces, from kitchens to corridors, from study rooms to winter gardens with different size alternatives. You can choose different sizes in creative combinations, especially for bedrooms and living spaces, by using your carpets in six different size alternatives as double and triple sets. You can create long, thin and striking spaces in spacious corridors that get light with the size of the runners.

Shop at affordable prices without straining your budget!

The prices of the specially designed Border series are as striking as the colors. Today's economic situation is known to everyone, the number of things we want to buy is increasing day by day. With the Border Series, which is also suitable for modest budgets, you can use your budget sparingly while creating your dream space, this way, space for accessories and other complementary objects both in your space and in your bank account :) It is also possible to easily change your affordable carpet in case of accidents. You can also benefit from the convenience of payment by shopping in installments. What more?