India... It is one of the few lands that deserves the title of "unique" with its nature, culture, and various lifestyles that it is home to in its vast geography. It is also a "unique" mysticism geography, with the tens of religions it hosts living in deep faith with all their ritual features.

The Örge series, which we specially designed for Halıcızade, is located at the intersection of Anatolian carpet making, which we are always happy to be the carrier of, and Indian mysticism and nature. Its name means motif in old Turkish. Knitted Carpets It evokes the Anatolian people's view of carpets and the mysticism that permeates the craftsmanship of India.


Örge, which is completely hand-woven with natural materials, wicker rugs A series reminiscent of nature such as nature, but creating a pleasant backdrop in many places with its unique texture coming from the yarns it weaves. In this respect, it has a versatile aspect that opens up space for pleasures and possibilities in the overall design of the space. If you don't want to compromise on texture while designing creative spaces, you can embark on an enjoyable adventure with Örge. Especially if you dream of a peaceful, balanced and calming place.

You can use the Örge series in spaces where you want to create a balance with neutral colors. Its natural appearance from its natural yarns will create a pleasant feeling in a room decorated with plants and in the winter garden. You can also choose it in the halls with wooden furniture. You can lay it in your bedrooms with the insulation feature of wool, which creates a cool environment in summer and a warm environment in winter.