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plush carpetis one of the most stylish ways to create a soft atmosphere in homes. carpet plush while leaving a pleasant feeling under your feet with its structure modern plush carpet It enriches your decoration with its options. These carpets, which you can find in different colors, patterns and sizes, offer comfort and aesthetics together. Now you can choose the plush carpet suitable for the needs of your home through Halıcızade and add a different touch to your living spaces.

What is Plush Carpet?

plush carpet, It is a type of carpet whose surface is soft and densely textured. These special rugs not only enrich interiors but also increase comfort. Soft and textured plush rugswhile offering unmatched comfort under the feet. plush rugs in natural tones Brings the elegance of nature to your home. Specially designed for large areas oversized plush rugs while providing the integrity of the space, it creates an aesthetic appearance. It is now very easy to create innovations in your home with plush carpets suitable for all tastes and spaces!

What are Plush Carpet Types?

Plush carpet types are offered in a wide range to appeal to different tastes and needs in home decoration. Plush carpet modelsdraws attention with its texture and color options. Especially soft plush carpet alternatives offer a comfortable use.

Color options are very rich. white plush carpet ve gray plush carpetIdeal for those looking for a simple and stylish look. White and gray colors make the environment look more spacious and bright. If you want to create a more calm and relaxing atmosphere pastel colored plush rug You can also choose models. Pastel tones are often used, especially in relaxation areas such as bedrooms.

For those who desire a more energetic and dynamic decoration style. vibrantly colored plush rug there are alternatives. These colors can be used especially in spaces such as youth rooms and playgrounds. It is also the choice of those who want a simple look. plain plush carpet options are also available. 

Plush Carpet and Plush Runner Models

Plush carpet and plush runner models are designed in different sizes and shapes according to the size and shape of the space. Large plush rug living room with wide areas of options or living room rug Can be purchased as; It helps the room look fuller and richer.

Medium plush rug Alternatives are preferred for more compact areas. This size is generally used in medium-sized spaces such as bedrooms. Small plush rug on the other hand, it is preferred in narrower spaces or where it is desired to emphasize a certain area.

For those looking for a different look round plush carpet ve oval plush rug models are available. These shapes offer an alternative aesthetic for those who want to go beyond the standard rectangular carpets. Especially round and oval plush carpets are chosen by those who want to reflect a more dynamic and fluent decoration style. Plush carpets of all sizes and shapes offer a wide range of options that can be used in different parts of the house.

What are the Features of Plush Carpet?

The features of plush carpets not only enrich the space where they are used, but also offer comfort and functionality. Here are some of the defining features of plush carpets:

  • It has an extremely soft structure and leaves a pleasant feeling under the feet.
  • Thanks to its textured structure, it creates different patterns and surface effects.
  • Different color options such as white, gray and pastel colors adapt to the decoration style.
  • Different shapes and sizes such as large, medium and small sizes offer options according to the needs of the space.
  • It is generally stain resistant and easy to clean.
  • It provides extra warmth, especially in cold weather.
  • With its soft and full structure, it can reduce the reverberation of the sound in the room.

Where is Plush Carpet Used?

Plush carpets add an aesthetic and functional touch to different parts of the house. living room plush rug use makes the area where you welcome your guests warmer and more inviting. Thus, your guests will be amazed by the environment they are in. Plush bedroom rug On the other hand, when you wake up, it leaves a soft feeling on the ground, which is the first place your feet touch, and allows you to start the day happily.

Plush specially designed for children kids room rug Thanks to its soft floor, it ensures that children are comfortable while playing. Moreover playroom plush rug It also makes the game experience more comfortable as it prevents children from falling and being injured while playing.

Decoration with plush carpet taking into account color, texture and dimensions while making plush carpet combinations you can create. So in every corner of the house Creating a warm and stylish atmosphere with plush carpet you will have the chance.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Plush Carpets?

There are 3 factors that should be considered in the selection of plush carpets; the carpet is easy to clean, the appropriate size is chosen and it fits with the decoration. The fact that the carpet is easy to clean contributes to its longevity and ease of use, while choosing the right size helps the usage area to look more elegant and wider. 

Large, medium or small size plush carpet options suitable for different areas of use offer a wide range to match your decoration. In general, the factors to consider when purchasing plush carpets are as follows:

  • Dimensions suitable for the room dimensions should be observed.
  • Color and pattern harmony should harmonize with the room decoration.
  • The quality texture of the carpet should offer long-lasting use.
  • Material selection is important to prevent allergic reactions.
  • Hair length should be chosen in accordance with the intended use.

How Much Are Plush Carpet Prices?

Plush carpet pricesIt is determined depending on factors such as size, color and material. Large plush carpets, plush carpet like 4 m2 While it may have higher prices compared to smaller sizes, the quality of the carpet and the materials used also affect the price. High-quality plush carpets are more expensive than those made from synthetic materials.

In addition, the workmanship and design complexity in the structure of the plush carpet are also factors that affect the price. Meticulously designed, plush rugs with elegant patterns can be priced higher than mass-produced rugs with simpler designs. Finally, the shape of the carpet, such as round, oval or rectangular, is also a factor that determines the price. You can immediately find the plush carpet model you want to use in your living spaces with Halıcızade's wide collection, and add the products you like to your cart with a click.

How to Wash Plush Carpet? How to Care?

The maintenance and cleaning processes of plush carpets are important to maintain their aesthetic appearance and ensure their longevity. Plush carpet cleaningrequires regular vacuuming and wiping with a slightly damp cloth. It is also recommended to use special cleaners for plush carpets with delicate surfaces.

plush carpet cleaning should be careful about. Special shampoos or mild soaps suitable for the type of carpet can be used. In addition, the carpet should be dried well after washing, otherwise a bad smell may occur.

In case of stains, it is suitable for the type of stain. plush carpet stain remover should be used. Using the wrong stain remover can cause changes in the color and texture of the carpet.

Finally plush carpet cleaning methods When choosing the carpet, the material, color and area of ​​use should be taken into consideration. Professional cleaning services can be a viable option, especially for oversized plush carpets. In any case, following the care and cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer will help the carpet retain its original beauty.   

What are Plush Carpet Brands?

Halıcızade, Turkey's leading plush carpet brands It offers a wide range of products and has a prestigious position among Standing out with its aesthetic and high quality plush carpets, Halıcızade presents users with a rich collection of various sizes, colors and patterns.

In addition, to facilitate the shopping experience Fast and reliable shipping options for discount carpets presents. It serves those who are looking for plush carpets for different places such as the living room or bedroom, with options suitable for all tastes.

Beautifying living spaces with an elegant touch, Halıcızade's quality plush carpets stand out as a budget-friendly alternative with affordable options. By taking advantage of discounted products and fast shipping, you can meet your plush carpet needs through Halıcızade and make a stylish contribution to the decoration of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plush Carpet

Is Plush Carpet Useful?

Plush carpets are very useful models according to their usage areas. Plush carpets, which can be used in areas such as living room, living room, children's room, bedroom and corridor, can easily adapt to any decoration style. Especially plush carpet colors Since it is very diverse, it can be preferred in both modern and classical decorations with peace of mind. 

Is Plush Carpet Healthy?

These models, which have a soft structure, are very healthy thanks to their dirt and dust-proof structure. It can be used with peace of mind in environments with pets and small children. At the same time, having many different cleaning and maintenance options is advantageous in terms of providing a healthier use. 

Is there a Plush Carpet for the Kitchen?

It is recommended not to use plush carpets with high pile length in kitchens. However, plush carpets with short piles can be preferred for this frequently used area. Especially plush in natural tones Carpets create a spacious atmosphere in the kitchen. 

Is Plush Carpet Washable?

Washing of plush carpets can be done by hand or in the machine, depending on the model. Professional cleaning is recommended for oversized plush carpets. Because their size makes it difficult to wash by hand. The washing instructions on the back of the carpet should be observed for safe and trouble-free cleaning.

What Kind of Experience Does the Texture of Plush Carpets Offer?

Plush carpet combinationscreates a soft and comfortable feeling under your feet. which is quite comfortable plush carpet models help you spend a peaceful time at home, while contributing to the efficient use of your time. 

Can Furniture Be Placed on Plush Carpets?

It is possible to place furniture on plush carpets, but care should be taken not to spoil the pile in long pile models. For high pile carpets, it may be appropriate to choose a size that will not require positioning under the furniture, or to choose shorter pile models for large pieces.

In Which Areas Can Plush Carpet Be Used?

Plush carpets, especially in the living room and living room; It can be used in areas such as bedrooms, children's rooms, playrooms, corridors, hallways or bathrooms. While colorful and lively models are preferred for children's rooms, simpler pieces can be positioned in areas such as the living room or living room. 

What Advantage Do Plush Carpets Have Compared to Other Carpets?

Plush carpet models stand out with their soft structures and offer more cleaning options than other carpets and can be produced in many different sizes. These features allow plush carpets to adapt to any decoration style and provide a more comfortable experience to their users.