Although the details vary depending on the weaving method and the material used, long-lasting use, carpet care and cleaning Similar steps should be applied for all carpets. In this guide, you can find the tips below to enjoy your carpet.


1- The very first step for carpet care and cleaning is to ventilate the place where the carpet is laid at regular intervals. Maybe once in a couple months. Using this way prevents the formation of bacteria and allows the threads to breathe.


2- Sweeping with the flat hardwood tip of the vacuum cleaner prevents the damage caused by the broom brush.


3- Before sweeping, it is important to understand the direction of the yarns by running your hand over the carpet surface. Sweeping in the direction where your hand moves softer (without any resistance) prevents the threads from breaking during cleaning, we recommend sweeping in the same direction instead of circular motions.


4- If there is furniture that puts pressure on the carpet surface, it can cause permanent marks on the carpet surface due to the weight of the furniture. We suggest moving the furniture legs a few inches in 1-2 month periods.


5- Wiping with the solution prepared by mixing 10-20 grams of white soap powder and a teaspoon of vinegar in 2-3 liters of water with a damp cloth in the direction of sweeping increases the brightness of the carpet. Moreover carpet care and cleaning also very important.


6- After wiping, you can remove any excess the soap and vinegar residues on the carpet by rinsing with a damp cloth.


7- If the carpet is exposed to sunlight for a long time, its color may fade. To prevent this situation, we recommend using it without being exposed to direct sunlight.


8- Especially during the washing of hand-woven carpets, support from professional washing companies should be sought, the right chemicals should be used and the carpet should be washed without leaving moisture and humidity.


By applying these items that you will pay attention to carpet care and cleaning You will have completed the most important steps.