Halıcızade, one of the best carpet brandsThe journey of 's started in 2004 with the story of a family who decided to open a carpet store to decorate their house.


Combining the right information with the most comfortable customer experience possible, while bringing together different designs under the same roof. HalicizadeSince its inception, it has been the first choice to complete more than 60,000 living spaces.


It has become one of the best carpet brands that speaks the common language of design and decoration stories woven into the carpet in our collection, which is brought together from both the challenging geographies of the world and different regions of Turkey, each with its own unique colors and patterns, Halicizade.


We considered touching the lives of more than millions of people as the most exciting part of our work, through carpets, which determine the focal point of the space as well as the complementary element of decoration.


in 2020 Halicizade We started working to get rid of distance and time restrictions and touch more people's lives by transferring the experience to online platforms.


While doing this, we continue the journey of Halıcızade with pleasure, without getting away for a moment from our values listed below.


Honesty: To ensure the accuracy of the information presented about each product in the Halıcızade collection.


Creativity: To design original and high quality models inspired by imagination.


Empathy: Seeking solutions that add color to life by thinking user-oriented.


Transparency: Regardless of the outcome, sharing the right information and providing transformation.


HalicizadeThere is plenty of room for everyone in the journey of .