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Composed of close friendships of soft threads Eco Carpet Comfort series are simple decor tools for living spaces. In addition to its modern and dynamic stances, it gives your homes a warm and soft touch thanks to special micro polyester threads. Adding a fresh air to homes with its soft colors eco carpet comfort shaggy models, on the other hand, are among the most preferred machine carpet types with their ergonomic designs.

Soft as Clouds Eco Carpet Comfort Series

It takes its simplicity from plain carpets and its fluffiness from shaggy carpets. eco carpet comfort, A soft and comfortable floor is ready. Eko carpet comfort products, which are ergonomic decorative aids for living spaces, also give you the opportunity to walk on the clouds. Comfort models, which you can't get enough of spending time on, add a peaceful atmosphere to homes with their soft texture and distinguished colors. Featured in the series with various colors eco carpet comfort anthracite color carpet models help you catch a simple design line.

What are the Eco Carpet Comfort Features?

Comfort series machine carpets, which are as soft and harmonious as themselves, are among the most comfortable products. eco carpet comfort It offers a unique experience to its users with its various colors and features. These features can be listed as follows;

  • It is very soft as it is produced from micro polyester yarns.
  • It is a machine-made carpet and its threads are tight. Therefore, the carpet does not give pile.
  • Its soft texture makes it attractive to use in living spaces.
  • Contrary to popular belief, it is as easy to clean as it is to use. Professional washing is also possible.
  • It adapts to every home and furniture thanks to its soft colors such as white, gray, anthracite, lilac, beige and marine blue.
  • Having a plain and patternless design makes this series stand out in a decorative sense.
  • Roll cut stocks ensure that it can be produced in any size.


How Much Are Eco Carpet Comfort Prices?

Keeping up with the times with its soft texture and modern design, the comfort series offers users a functional experience with its various features. eco carpet comfort price level may vary according to the size and characteristics of the preferred carpet. If you want to make a simple, soft touch to your homes, Eco Carpet You can reach the Comfort series through Halıcızade.