Continuing to touch with a warm breeze from the past to the present Anatolian shawl carpet, takes manual labor to the top. Thanks to this collection, which allows you to incorporate Anatolian motifs into your life with its beautiful knit fringes, you can achieve an ambiance that reflects the aesthetic touch of culture in your living spaces.

What is Anatolian Shawl Carpet?

Although it is processed in almost every region of Anatolia, it is generally woven in the Aegean region. Anatolian shawl rug varieties, double knot (Turkish knot) technique touches it. Carrying colorful traces of Anatolian motifs shawl rug, It takes its durability from the knot technique. In addition, the bright and soft texture of the carpets is due to the structure of the threads. The yarn used for weaving is wool that can be considered top quality. The yarns in question are produced by shearing the animal's freshest and greasy wool.

What are the Anatolian Shawl Carpet Features?

Anatolian shawl rug Knitted fringes attract a lot of attention when evaluated in terms of their properties. These carpets, in which motifs from the past are embroidered, also have several alternatives in terms of patterns. Apart from the motifs that are directly embroidered on the carpets locally, there are also motifs that entered the literature as "shawl pattern".

Carpets with this pattern, which emerged by Sivas Zara, Sivas Zara Shawl Carpet Also called. With these products, which can be inherited for the future, you can easily capture the image you dream of in your homes.

Where is Anatolian Shawl Carpet Used?

with its own characteristics Anatolian shawl rug models It can be used quite comfortably in living spaces with appropriate decoration. These carpets are frequently preferred because they create a contrast with plain and simple furniture as well as adding a different atmosphere to the environment.

It also blends beautifully with classic, wood-carved furniture. Anatolian carpet, It is one of the most admired models of Halıcızade. Preferred mostly in living areas and corridors hand woven shawl rug designs can also be preferred in kitchens depending on the budget.

What Should Be Considered While Choosing Anatolian Shawl Carpet?

The following are the factors to consider when choosing a carpet that will not only bring an authentic atmosphere to your home, but also help color it:

  • Colour
  • Usage area
  • Cost
  • Pattern type
  • Thread type

How Much Are Anatolian Shawl Carpet Prices?

took months to build Anatolian shawl carpet pricesIt is actually quite suitable for the effort given. Among the factors that affect prices, there are situations such as yarn type and manual labor. In addition, it is produced in various sizes and offered to users. Sivas shawl carpet prices also vary in size.

How to Clean a Hand Woven Anatolian Shawl Carpet?

Hand-woven, which is more elegant compared to carpets woven with synthetic yarns. Anatolian shawl rug It is necessary to pay great attention to cleanliness in varieties. If solid or liquid is spilled on carpets produced using wool, the steps you can follow for cleaning are as follows:

  • If the spilled substance is liquid, it is necessary to quickly remove the liquid from the carpet by making buffer movements with a paper towel. If it is solid, the solid material is collected from the outside towards the center with the help of a fork or spoon.
  • Cleaning should be done by keeping the stained area under water.
  • The stained part is foamed and soaped with white soap that does not contain any chemical content.
  • Soap is removed from the carpet.
  • By laying the yarns in the direction of pile laying, excess water is removed from the carpet by hand.
  • With the help of a clean paper towel, the excess water is taken from the carpet, which is laid on a clean and dry place.
  • The yarns of the carpet are laid in the right direction.
  • The carpet is left to dry so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

if you too “Where is the Sivas shawl rug sold?” If you are looking for an answer to the question, you can contact the master carpet makers of Halıcızade immediately and have more detailed information about these models that will bring Anatolia to your home.