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Home to a series where you can feel the modern lines with your hands. Eco Carpet Terazzo, reflects the flawless structure of acrylic threads to its embossed patterns. The difference of the Terazzo series from other series is that it allows you to catch the trends in home decoration with its minimal design that is easy on the eyes. Eco Carpet models In Halıcızade with its various sizes that can be used in different living spaces!

Lines Beyond Dimensions Eco Carpet Terazzo Series

Eco carpet Terazzo series It adds movement to your living spaces with its vivid colors embroidered on soft colors. In addition, its embossed structure gives a multidimensional ground feeling. In addition to the modern lines Scandinavian patterned machine woven carpet varieties also host models that make the Terazzo series privileged.

Another model in this series is line pattern machine woven carpet are designs. Line motif carpets, which easily adapt to living spaces with a minimal atmosphere, integrate with home decoration thanks to their harmonious colors. Eco Carpet Terazzo In addition to the special designs in the series, the fringes on the carpet edges are in harmony with the original motifs.

You can use the Terazzo series, which is the common point of those who are looking for a soft and bright carpet, either in the halls, in the halls or in your comfort areas. You will prefer privileged comfort, regardless of summer and winter, which will not give up on this series, which also adapts to the differences in home decoration.

What are the Features of Eco Carpet Terazzo? 

Terazzo series, which meets you with different sizes and dimensions machine carpet In addition to hosting varieties, it offers long-term use in various places thanks to the acrylic threads used in its weaving. With these features, this series of Eko carpet;

  • It has two different motifs.
  • It has an embossed texture.
  • It appeals to different tastes with its many colors.
  • Apart from routine cleaning, it needs professional cleaning.

How Much Are Eco Carpet Terazzo Prices?

Eco Carpet Terazzo price It includes budget-friendly models. Eco Carpet models The prices of the Terrazzo series, which has won hearts among the people, vary according to the dimensions of the carpet. Eco Carpet With years of experience and mastery, it offers you a quality experience with carpet models suitable for every taste and every budget. With Halıcızade quality, you can reach many series of Eko Carpets such as Terazzo with one click and complete your shopping with confidence.