Floral Design Machine Woven Rug

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SKU: EKOGOB000001.01


Architect's Idea:

In this design, where herbal patterns create a fresco effect, many tones make themselves felt. In order to create a modern look and to emphasize the blue in the pattern, a light-toned blue seating group will balance the pastel effect in the space. Depending on the created atmosphere, a different pastel tone (a pastel pink or cream color) will complement the accent of the carpet.


Washing and Care

Wipeable, Professional Wash



Although we do our best to convey the colors as they are during the photo shoot, we recommend that you consider that there may be tonal differences between the colors of the product at home and the colors on your screen, due to the light intensity of the space, the angle of incidence of the light, and the laying direction of the yarns on the carpet.


Pattern : Flower

Design : Classic

Cleaning : Professional washing

Yarn types: Cotton, acrylic, synthetic

Weaving techniques: Machine woven rugs