carpet prayer rug The models are the pieces that help people to pray and have patterns and figures on them for praying. These models, which have been among the most valuable cultural products for many years, are produced using different yarns. These pieces, produced in different colors and patterns, are also used to spread the richness and splendor of Turkish culture.

These pieces, which are a reflection of spiritual values, were produced in different periods with different meanings. Prayer rugs are religious designs that have been sanctified and symbolized over time. you too carpet prayer rug You can examine Halıcızade products to find the most suitable one for you among the models.

What is Carpet Prayer Rug? What are the types?

carpet prayer rugThe floor mats specially designed for praying on it are called. The most important types of carpet prayer rugs are bamboo, silk and hand woven carpet prayer rug can be sorted.

Bamboo models are models that attract attention with their natural structures and are produced from bamboo yarn as the name suggests. These pieces, which have anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties, are soft and bright looking carpets. In the same way, hand-woven carpet prayer rug models, which have a very soft structure, are completely woven with traditional methods. These models, which are mostly made with natural wool and root dye; They are rare products produced in different regions of Turkey such as Bergama, Kırşehir and Uşak.

Bergama carpet prayer rugs are varieties that mostly contain blue, white and red colors and are highly attractive. Many of the designs feature details such as the center medallion pattern and rows of dividing lines. Kırşehir carpet prayer rug models are pieces with surprising color richness. Kirsehir prayer rug On the models, patterns such as carnations and flower motifs usually attract attention.

Konya prayer rug models, on the other hand, are the pieces that take the features of arches and columns from the Ottomans. The patterns on these products are generally geometric. In these models, where red and yellow colors are used frequently, blue tones are also used from time to time. Uşak prayer rugs, like Konya rugs, have a long history. In this model, where silk fringes are frequently used, floral motifs are quite remarkable. thick carpet prayer rug These pieces are distinguished from other carpets with their bright colors.

Gördes carpet prayer rugs, which include the richest carpet groups, are high quality and tightly knotted pieces. Here, too, plant motifs are used quite frequently, as in many models. These models, which have been preferred by people to give gifts to each other since ancient times, represent open volunteerism and wealth.

What are the Advantages of Owning a Prayer Rug and Rug Model?

Prayer rugs or rugs have many advantages such as late wear and easy cleaning. These models, which also help people to add a spiritual atmosphere to home decoration, are produced in colors and models that can vary from person to person. These models, which can be easily used by those who favor simplicity in their decoration, are not only a decoration product, but also the first priority of those who want to create a prayer corner in their home. These parts, which can be used for many years without any wear, also provide you with great convenience in terms of cleaning.

How is the prayer rug folded?

Since these pieces are produced in larger sizes compared to other prayer rug models, they may be a little more difficult to fold and remove after worship. Therefore, it can be lifted by rolling. Smaller sized parts can also be transported by folding them in half to make it easier to carry and to use at any time. This makes it easy to transport prayer rugs. The most important reason for folding these parts is to keep the prostrated area clean and not to step on it. Mostly, only the tip is bent, but this is a situation that can vary from person to person.

What are the Points to Consider When Choosing a Carpet Prayer Rug Model?

While choosing prayer rug models, there are certain elements to be considered. Some of them can be listed as follows;

  • Number of stitches
  • carpet color,
  • patterns
  • Dimensions
  • The material from which it is produced

How Much Are Carpet Prayer Rugs Prices?

As in all other carpet models, in prayer rug models, such as area of use, product size and type of yarn used, carpet prayer rug prices There are determining factors. For example, prayer rug throw away thick prayer rug Carpet prices often vary due to the building material. At the same time, this price range, carpet prayer rug large size when or carpet prayer rug thick when it changes.

Carpet Prayer Rug and Rug Models How to Wash and Clean the Carpet?

Almost all carpet models use water, chemical-free detergent, special stain removers for carpets, vacuum cleaners or soft-bristled brushes for cleaning. It is important to pay attention to the cleaning phase so that the carpet can be used without any problems for a long time. In particular, prayer rugs are not suitable for washing in the machine since they are usually handmade. Therefore, only the stained or dirty area should be cleaned with detergents containing clean ingredients.

At the same time, it would be more accurate to clean only the problem area, not the entire carpet. Since prayer rugs are lighter in structure than other carpet models, their cleaning is also very easy and practical. If you want to add a cultural atmosphere to your home decoration, you can easily choose the most suitable one for yourself and your home among many different options at Halıcızade. prayer rug model You can decide.