functional home decoration products synthetic carpet models It brings a long-lasting comfort to your homes with its durable structures and original designs. Hosting patterns and colors for all tastes, synthetic carpet You can reach the varieties of Halıcızade with the quality of Halıcızade, and you can use your carpet for a long time with peace of mind.

What is Synthetic Carpet? What are the types?

Synthetic carpets that take their name from the yarns used in their production; They are carpet types produced from acrylic, polypropylene, polyamide and similar non-natural yarns. Synthetic carpet models with many patterns and colors meet you with their quality designs. In addition, it attracts attention with its unique designs. synthetic carpet models It creates a comfortable environment for its users with its functional features.

Classic Design

Classical designs, which are the cultural state of tradition, synthetic yarn carpet becomes more resistant. Just like the classically designed carpets produced with natural yarns, carpets produced with synthetic yarn are designed with the same care. Different cultural symbols make the classical design more special, while plant and animal patterns, which are parts of nature, make this design appeal to different tastes.

Modern Design

It has a modern design that shows itself in every area with its contemporary lines. synthetic carpet models stands out with its unique motifs and simplicity. The strong structures of synthetic yarns offer a long service life and are also easy to clean. modern carpet models Although it hosts models that keep up with the times, it finds a place for itself in houses decorated in different ways with its timeless lines.

Ethnic Design

When ethnic design, which is the common point of those who want a different breath in their living spaces, meets with synthetic yarns, both exotic and durable carpet types emerge. synthetic carpetWhile adapting to various home decorations with its ethnic design, it also accompanies you as the soft floors of your home for many years.

Besides these varieties synthetic shaggy rug, It is an ideal choice for those looking for comfort on a soft surface. Shaggy carpets, which are generally popular thanks to their fluffy properties, become stronger with synthetic yarns. self-love in various life areas synthetic carpet models It can be used frequently in living rooms, bedrooms, children's and youth rooms as well as kitchens. kitchen synthetic carpet Since it has many features, it is very ideal for such frequently polluted areas.


What are the Features of Synthetic Carpet? How is its structure?

durable friends of the living spaces synthetic carpet models It stands out with its many designs. It is frequently preferred for its functional and aesthetic nature. synthetic carpet varieties attract attention with their many functional and user-friendly features, and these features can be listed as follows:

  • It offers easy cleaning.
  • There are machine washable varieties available.
  • In terms of price, it is more affordable than carpets that use natural materials in their production.
  • All kinds of designs and patterns can be processed.
  • It is budget friendly.
  • It does not cause lint, dust and lint.

Synthetic yarns do not have properties that can cause allergies due to their general structure. However, no matter which carpet the users who are allergic to house dust prefer, the dust particles on the carpet can cause allergic reactions. In order to prevent this situation, carpet dust should be cleaned routinely or specially produced anti-allergenic carpet types should be preferred.

Is Synthetic Carpet Healthy?

Frequently preferred in living spaces synthetic carpet models It is resistant to many external factors. Synthetic carpet types, which are resistant to abrasion, mold and moisture, are among the carpets that can be considered healthy with these features. Since the yarn surface of the synthetic carpet has the ability to repel dust and allergens, it can be a very good choice for users with respiratory diseases such as allergies.

How is Synthetic Carpet Produced?

Synthetic carpet models mostly come to life with machine weaving method. Acrylic, polypropylene, polyamide and similar yarns take their final shape with the weaving machine. Rarely produced by hand-woven method synthetic yarn carpet It is mostly used to strengthen natural yarn carpets.

How to Tell Carpet with Synthetic Yarn?

Synthetic yarns come in many varieties and there are a few tricks to understand carpets made from synthetic yarns. One of them is to compare with carpets produced with natural yarns. In addition to the unique smell of wool and the softness of bamboo, synthetic yarns have a durable air. Therefore, you can easily distinguish such yarns. In addition, wool threads can break easily, while synthetic threads are very difficult to break.

Acrylic, polypropylene, polyamide, synthetic latex carpet ve synthetic fiber carpet This breakage does not occur in varieties. In addition, synthetic yarns may also have an artificial odor due to the processes they have seen.

What are the Points to Consider When Buying Synthetic Carpets?

Choosing carpets that add a different atmosphere to home decoration is a process that requires care. Synthetic carpet models are also frequently preferred because of their features that make this process easy. There are a few important points to consider in the selection of carpets, which play an important role in capturing the desired atmosphere in living spaces, and these important points can be listed as follows:

  • The size of the area where the carpet will be laid
  • Wall and floor colors of the area where the carpet will be used
  • The harmony of the preferred carpet with the home decoration
  • What style does the carpet model have?
  • The compatibility of the cleaning and maintenance process of the preferred carpet with the user

In addition, anti-allergen specially produced for users with allergies and respiratory diseases. synthetic carpet models It is produced from first class yarns with Halıcızade quality. Halıcızade, which makes user sensitivities its priority, offers you a healthy carpet experience.

How Much Are Synthetic Carpet Prices?

Synthetic carpets, which are preferred with their various functionalities, are also in the hearts with their budget-friendly feature. Synthetic carpet prices It varies according to the type, quality and carpet size of the yarn used. Synthetic carpets, which are generally affordable, can be reflected in the price lists differently according to the properties of the yarns. Especially since yarns with anti-allergenic properties are more costly.

allergy free synthetic carpet price It may be a little more than other synthetic carpets.

How to Clean Synthetic Carpet? How to Wash?

Synthetic carpets are home decoration products that offer you an easy cleaning process. Synthetic yarns The stain-resistant and durable feature it provides are the most important factors that facilitate the cleaning process. How to clean synthetic fiber carpet The answer to the question is simple. The routine cleaning of dust with a vacuum cleaner ensures that synthetic carpets look as well-groomed as the first day.

Can synthetic fiber carpet be washed? The question also creates a question mark in the minds of many users. Synthetic carpet models, which are very easy to wash like the cleaning process, can be washed with cleaning products that do not contain heavy chemicals. Also some synthetic carpet models offer the possibility of washing in the machine at a low temperature setting.

Buy Synthetic Carpet from Halıcızade!

Halıcızade, which makes quality its mission as in every carpet and yarn type, brings you together with durable synthetic carpets that offer long-term use. Whether from the store or the website, in a pleasant and safe way, the most suitable synthetic carpet You can choose the model. Bringing you various colors, patterns, designs and models, Halıcızade helps you choose the most suitable carpet for your home that you have carefully decorated.