balcony carpetIt is an indispensable part of the balcony, which is one of the most striking parts of the house. The balcony carpet must be compatible with the items on the balcony such as furniture, lamps and accessories. From wicker to cotton, adapting to everyone's taste balcony carpet You can easily have an idea by browsing the varieties. You can get maximum efficiency by evaluating the balcony carpet you choose in terms of both style and comfort. You can discover the balcony carpet that you will enjoy with Halıcızade, and add the products you like to your cart with one click.

What is Balcony Carpet?

balcony carpet core, garden It is a type of carpet used in the decoration of outdoor spaces such as patios and patios. These carpets, which are carefully designed for the balcony pleasure, which are indispensable for the summer months, occupy a large place in decoration. It deserves admiration with its advantages as well as its complementarity in decoration. For example, it provides a comfortable environment by preventing the cold and heat coming from the floor. It helps to keep the environment clean by preventing the spread of dirt and dust coming to the balcony. In short, a balcony carpet is one of the items that should be on the balcony of every house for a stylish and clean look. 

What are the Balcony Carpet Types?

Balcony carpet types; exterior decoration consisting of models such as colorful, washable, non-slip, wicker is included in your ideas. It plays a role in achieving a unique ambiance. each one beautiful balcony carpet among the varieties outdoor furniture You can make your balcony the way you want by choosing the one that is suitable for items such as. 

Colorful Balcony Carpets

Colorful balcony carpet models It is a unique choice for those who want to have the peace of a lively balcony. Choosing colorful balcony carpets that reflect your personality and style helps the environment to have a friendly and fun atmosphere. In this variety, you will especially prefer green balcony rug, Winter garden It helps you realize your ideas. 

Washable Balcony Carpets

washable balcony rugIt makes work easier in situations that require cleaning, such as dirt and dust accumulation. with the potential for permanent contamination outdoor balcony rug especially in this state variety is popular. Offering practical use washable carpet models Balconies always look clean. It helps you to use the wonderful model you have chosen in a hygienic way.

Non-Slip Balcony Carpet Models

Non-slip balcony carpet, It is a carpet model that attracts the appreciation of many people with its comfortable use. Since the balcony is a slippery surface due to its floor structure, non slip carpet Using it provides confidence. Thanks to its thin structure, it is a great choice for outdoor use in summer. In addition to being convenient, it is appreciated by giving a different atmosphere to homes. 

Wicker Balcony Carpet Models

wicker balcony carpet, It is one of the carpet models that make living spaces dazzling thanks to its unique style. An original and spacious outdoor carpet if you want to buy wicker carpet models It is an indispensable option. Straw with a different atmosphere compared to normal carpets balcony carpet You can move your home away from the classic look.

Thin Balcony Carpet Models

Thin balcony carpet, It is one of the carpet types that meets your expectations by creating a spacious environment in the summer heat. Thanks to its lightness, it provides easy maintenance and makes your balcony always look clean. Models that have the possibility of cleaning at home also bring long-term use. Thin carpet models You can complete the balcony decoration by choosing the one that suits your taste.

Balcony Rug Models

Balcony rugs, It is preferred by many users to enliven open living spaces by adding color. One of the oldest types of weaving rug, It appeals to all tastes with its color and pattern options. modern rug models to your balcony decoration aesthetic adds a touch. At the same time, with its weather-resistant structure outdoor rug, gains your satisfaction by offering convenient usage options.

How Should a Balcony Carpet Be?

Balcony Floor Carpet Indispensable for summer seasons, it is a must while enjoying the balcony. For this reason, it is necessary to research in detail before buying the balcony carpet to be used. Garden, core If you want to have information about the balcony carpet that you can use in open areas such as patios and patios, you can take a look at the items below.

  • It is easy to choose carpets that can be cleaned at home without the need for professional cleaners. For this, when choosing a carpet, it should be checked whether it is washable. Especially choosing carpets that can be washed in the washing machine will help you save money by getting rid of financial damage. 
  • Since the balcony is an area that is always open to dust and dirt, you can choose grass carpets that trap dirt. Long-term cleaning becomes more possible thanks to the grass carpet.
  • The balcony surface is usually paved with tiles and stone floors. Since these floors are slippery floors, it is necessary to ensure safety. Carpets with non-slip soles can be used to create a safe environment on balconies. 
  • Colourful balcony rug, By adding a different style to the decorations, it makes the environment chirpy. Colourful balcony runners You can accompany the summer evenings with a warm and friendly atmosphere. 
  • Thin balcony carpet It is also suitable for washing due to its light weight. If you want to do practical carpet cleaning, you can choose thin balcony carpets.
  • not disintegrated by harmful rays from the sun balcony carpet It is an ideal choice for long-lasting use.

Where is Balcony Floor Carpet Used?

Balcony Carpet Rug varieties are used in places such as terraces, gardens, patios and camping. Offering comfort by cutting the heat and cold coming from the floor balcony rug, It also pleases users with its stylish appearance. balcony carpet It is used in 4 areas;

Indoor Balcony Carpet: 

Covered balconies, which are a great environment for both winter and summer seasons, become even more useful with carpets. Protects from hot ground in summer and cold ground in winter balcony carpet You can find the one that appeals to your taste among the varieties.

Glass Balcony Carpet: 

Glass balconies help create a wonderful environment with its unique view. Evaluating the color and pattern options for the glass balcony, which is suitable for the furniture, will make your balcony the most beautiful. 

Terrace Carpet: 

On the balcony you have specially designed for you to have fun in the cool evenings of the summer months. balcony carpet You can add a whole new dimension with it.

Garden Carpet: 

Examining and purchasing garden carpet models is a great choice to make your garden look clean. Generally preferred for the garden balcony rug, gives you peace of mind with its appearance.  

What are the Points to Consider When Choosing Balcony Carpets?

balcony carpet When choosing, factors such as size, material, color and pattern selection should be considered. By examining these elements in detail, outdoor rugs If you want to choose from, you can take a look at the items below.

Size and Dimensions: 

It is more correct to place the decoration you have designed for your balcony without a carpet. After putting the items such as balcony furniture in their place, it is necessary to shop by measuring the carpet area. While measuring, you can calculate the square meter by measuring the width and height. After this measurement, you can easily balcony carpet You can start your shopping.

Material and Durability: 

balcony carpet while buying weather resistant carpet must choose. For example, it would be a more logical choice to use thin carpets, as wool carpets will give even more warmth in summer. At the same time, choosing a carpet that can cover the excess dirt and dust that often occurs in the balcony environment provides durability by offering longer use. 

Color and Pattern Selection: 

balcony decoration compatible with other items of your choice. balcony carpet Choosing plays an important role in the ambient ambiance. The pattern should lead to a spacious image without causing confusion.

Ease of Maintenance: 

Like hard-washed wool balcony carpet Carpet models such as thin grass offer a better cleaning opportunity instead of models. Choosing washable carpets allows you to have a practical cleaning option.

How are Balcony Carpet Prices Determined?

Balcony carpet prices square meters, material used, thickness and water resistance varies according to features such as. A larger carpet may be preferred for a balcony with a high square meter than a low balcony. The larger the size of the carpet, the higher the price. 

Another feature that affects the price of balcony carpets is the materials used. For example, a cotton balcony carpet and a wicker balcony carpet have different prices due to the material used. At the same time, the thickness of the carpet is also one of the factors that determine the price. Thicker carpets are more expensive than thin carpets due to the increased material used. 

Another reason for the price difference between carpets is water resistance. The prices of water-resistant balcony carpets are more expensive due to the use of special products in the production phase. You can find the one you like among Halıcızade's beautiful carpet models and bring it to your living spaces immediately.

How to Clean and Maintain Balcony Carpet?

Balcony carpet care In order to keep the carpet clean at all times, first of all, it is necessary to vacuum it at regular intervals. After sweeping balcony carpet cleaning methods should be researched and applied.

Balcony carpet cleaning One of the methods that can be applied for this is to use a mixture of warm water, soap and vinegar. In addition, it can be preferred for washable carpets that offer easy cleaning. Some balcony carpet models are suitable for washing in the washing machine. Those that are not suitable for washing in the washing machine should be sent to professional cleaners at regular intervals.

If your balcony is available, you can clean your balcony carpet by washing it at home. Balcony carpet cleaning At this stage, you can get help from a detergent with clean ingredients. In this way, your balcony carpets will be sparkling without too much exposure to chemicals.

What are Balcony Carpet Brands?

To bring together the balconies, which are indispensable for living spaces, with tasteful decorations. balcony carpet brands You can evaluate the balcony carpets of Halıcızade, which is among the To get the balcony look you desire balcony carpet You need to consider your choice in all its details. Choosing the balcony carpet that you will use most comfortably by researching its size and material provides long-term use.

Offering fast and reliable shipping options for discounted carpets HalicizadeYou can also decorate your balcony by evaluating. You also like Eco Carpet You can easily reach the products of Halıcızade. You can choose the balcony carpet for your unique style and include it in your living spaces and have a pleasant time on your balcony. 


Are Balcony Carpets Waterproof?

Balcony carpets according to the materials they are produced waterproof carpet may appear as This feature is not available for all carpets.

What Materials Are Balcony Carpets Made From?

Balcony carpets are produced from materials such as grass, straw, polyester and cotton. Each material has different advantages.