Frame Design Hand Woven Carpet

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Pure Silk Hand-Woven Classic Carpet with Medallion

Pure Silk Hand-Woven Medallion Classic Carpet adds an artistic touch to your spaces by offering a unique aesthetics and quality. This carpet, which draws attention with its classical design approach and the medallion detail in its center, stands out with the luxurious texture of pure silk and detailed hand-woven workmanship. It brings a warm and peaceful atmosphere to your spaces with the elegant combination of cream, green and brown tones. This carpet, which easily adapts to different decoration styles, is an ideal option for those who want to achieve an original and stylish look in their interiors.

Decoration Ideas

  • Ideal for large entrances and living rooms; It allows the round middle pattern to attract more attention in large areas.

  • It creates a fresh effect on dark colored furniture.

  • It collects the excess of overly detailed and colorful decoration pieces and attracts attention.

  • Goblen provides a fresh and lively look with Laura Ashley and skirted English furniture.

  • It is in perfect harmony with light-coloured, white, cream and patina wooden furniture.

  • It complements the design of patterned and rose detailed furniture.

  • The room draws its focus to the rounded center pattern; That's why we don't recommend placing anything on it.

  • It highlights the furniture around it and creates a calm atmosphere.

  • While it creates a peaceful space in bedrooms, it can create an elegant welcoming area in entrances.

Pattern/Design: Medallion - Classic

  • The medallion in the center offers a classical structure.

  • The condensed pattern structure gives the carpet a detailed appearance.

  • Its classic design easily adapts to all types of spaces.

  • The symmetrical pattern structure of the carpet creates a visual balance.

Colour: Nature-Inspired Shades

  • Cream, green and brown tones are dominant.

  • It provides a balance between beige tones and cream and brown colors.

  • Green tones bring the peaceful energy of nature into homes.

  • The color palette adds a natural and comfortable atmosphere to spaces.

Thread Type: Pure Silk

  • Woven with 100% pure silk.

  • Silk has a unique shine and softness.

  • It is known for its durability and longevity.

  • It does not contain dust and lint and has a hygienic structure.

  • It is a fire-resistant, safe material.

Weaving Technique: Hand Woven

  • It has 8x8 node density and contains high detail.

  • One square meter is completed as a result of months of meticulous workmanship.

  • It offers multiple size options and can be used optionally.

  • Each knot is expertly tied.

Place of Manufacture: China

China is known for its centuries-old tradition of silk and weaving arts. The Pure Silk Hand-Woven Medallion Classic Carpet was born in China, a place where these unique talents and experiences are blended. The processes of raising silkworms, extracting silk fibers and then weaving the carpet are carried out by China's master craftsmen. 

Cleaning and Maintenance Information

  • A professional carpet cleaning service is the ideal option to preserve the color and structure of the carpet.

  • Avoiding exposure to excessive sunlight and water prolongs the life of the carpet.

  • In case of dust, it would be healthier to clean it with a light brush instead of a vacuum cleaner.

Why Is Silk Carpet So Expensive?

The high cost of silk carpets is mainly due to two factors. The first is that silk is the most expensive textile raw material. This increases the price. Secondly, there are few people who specialize in making these types of carpets and the production process often takes years.

So I Bought Such A Special Carpet And It Was Dirty, What Should I Do?

In cases where your carpet is dirty, you need to get help from a cleaning expert who is an expert in his field.