Yagcibedir Design Hand Woven Carpet

18.200 TL


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SKU: MEHYAB000008.02

Yagcibedir Patterned Hand Woven Carpet

Meet the Yagcibedir patterns, one of the most popular Yörük motifs from the Taurus!

These beauties, each of which are handcrafted, are high quality Yagcibedir weaving.

Use the characteristic colors of burgundy, dark blue and white with decoration pieces in these colors or with furniture in wood and walnut tones.

You can use it comfortably in living rooms, entrance halls and bedrooms with different sizes.

You can clean it by wiping it with white soapy water or by getting a professional washing service.

Drawing: Yagcibedir

Colour : Red

Design : Ethnicity

Cleaning : Professional wash

Yarn types: Wool

Production place : Türkiye

Weaving techniques: hand woven carpet

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