Ottoman Series Floral Design Hand Woven Carpet

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Ottoman Series Uşak Patterned Hand-Woven Classic Wool Carpet

Uşak Patterned Hand-Woven Classic Wool Carpet, brought to life by craftsmen with thousands of knots, is not only a work of art, but also a representative of a lifestyle and aesthetic approach rooted in a rich culture. Wool carpets are much more than a simple home decoration element; they express a way of life and an understanding of art. With their unique motifs, the warmth of wool and the richness of colors, these carpets attract the eyes of everyone who enters your home. No matter which decoration style you prefer, the Hand-Woven Classic Uşak Patterned Wool Carpet manages to add a deep meaning to your space by allowing you to instantly feel the natural and unique texture of its yarn.

Decoration Ideas

  • It achieves a perfect harmony with avant-garde and classical furniture.

  • Regardless of the color and model of your furniture, it adds spaciousness, elegance and elegance to the space where it is placed.

  • Thanks to the simplicity of its colors, it adds balance and peace to the space, regardless of its tone.

  • It increases its elegance even more when used with details such as coffee tables and tables.

  • It can be easily used in places such as living room, bedroom, study, office room and hallway. It adds a distinct depth and sophisticated atmosphere to any environment.

  • It stands out more when used with dark colored furniture.

  • It integrates with light-coloured decorations and is in complete harmony.

  • It offers an extraordinary aesthetic experience when used together with colors such as green, gold and green.

  • Its remarkable details complement your decoration by determining the character of the space.

Pattern/Design: Uşak Pattern - Classic Carpet

  • Uşak patterned Pure Silk Carpet continues the traces of the classics in every space with its hidden history and aesthetics in its patterns.

  • With its design inspired by classic Uşak patterns, it brings a rich history and culture to your space.

  • It has a simple and eye-catching center, and when you move on to the details, it spreads its energy with its moving edge borders. These complex and eye-catching patterns come to life with the elegant texture of pure silk and the knots worked patiently by master hands.

  • Extraordinary workmanship and elegant lines make the Uşak patterned Pure Silk Carpet have a magical aesthetic. 

  • Each knot makes the patterns stand out and creates a strong contrast between the simple center section and the lively edge borders.

  • The clear and sophisticated color palette dances among the patterns, creating an eye-catching harmony. 

  • Each motif offers a living history, preserving its story and legacy. 

Colour: Cream, the Symbol of Creativity

  • It brings the simplicity and elegance of nature to your living spaces, where cream and beige colors prevail, but highlighted with natural root dyes.

  • Its light colors, which have the ability to refresh especially dark spaces, are a unique piece in adding a bright atmosphere to your room.

  • The edge borders have a cream tone with light touches of green. This tone adds a fine line and extra richness to the overall appearance of the carpet.

  • Its colors highlight the natural texture of wool.

Yarn Type: Wool

  • The quality and softness of 100% pure wool is processed down to its details. 

  • It is a complete wool ceremony, from the warp to the wefts, from the weft to the knots.

  • It is produced with high quality and live wool of animals grazing in the high altitude plateaus of Erzurum. The wool, a gift from this high altitude, has a brighter and softer texture than the wool of the low plateaus.

  • Since it is woven with wool collected from the first stage of shearing, it is of higher quality and more vibrant.

  • While it contains Turkey's highest quality wool, it continues to decorate your homes for years with its durability and elegance.

Weaving Technique: Hand Woven

  • It is embroidered with the double knot technique, which is one of the rarest examples of hand weaving techniques. 

  • But it is not an ordinary double knot technique, it is combined with the high craftsmanship of corrugated weaving technique, which increases durability and frequency.

  • It is a completely handmade carpet.

  • This rare piece, every detail of which is meticulously crafted, is completed in about six months.

  • Unfortunately, this type of production is almost non-existent anymore.

Production Place: Türkiye - Eastern Anatolia

This unique craft came to life in the historical cities of Eastern Anatolia such as Erzurum and Diyarbakır. The rare piece woven in these lands is no longer produced. Therefore, it bears the traces of a culture and craft tradition dating back thousands of years.

Cleaning and Maintenance Information

  • Since it is 100% wool, it requires careful care.

  • Carpets should be cleaned by cleaning professionals and subjected to regular maintenance.

  • When using it with pets, care should be taken to prevent damage to the wool and care should be taken to avoid pilling.

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