Known for adding a dignified air to living spaces navy blue carpet Its varieties manage to attract the attention of customers with their unique designs. Produced in ethnic, classic and modern styles navy blue carpet modelshas ideal features for those who want to create contrast in home decoration. You can have the carpet models you are looking for for your home with Halıcızade.

Dark Blue Carpet Models with Harmonious Color Tones 

Navy blue carpet modelsIt has a more aesthetic appearance by being diversified with other colors during the design phase. In this way, your carpet ceases to be an item that is simply stepped on and begins to attract all eyes. Especially preferred in halls dark blue gray carpet modelsreveals the harmony of two colors that are opposite to each other.

Carefully blending opposites gray navy carpet models catch an aesthetic harmony with the furniture in your living rooms. Achieving the ideal tonal balance navy blue gray carpet Thanks to its models, you can give your home a marginal texture.  

Dark Blue Carpet Models with Rich Size Variety

Navy blue carpet models, with its designs in different sizes, it shows features that are compatible with home decoration. In this context, dark blue carpet 6m2 ve dark blue carpet 4m2 These are some of the products in different sizes that you can choose in your living spaces. Depending on field width kitchen rug You can choose these products as living room carpet You can also use it as

Dark Blue Carpet Models Standing Out With Their Unique Designs

Navy blue carpet models; It differs in design styles, colors and production methods. hand woven carpet ve machine woven carpet These products, which are basically divided into two, succeed in reinforcing the enthusiastic appearance they get from yarn colors with their unique styles.

plain navy blue carpet models lead the way among the products preferred by customers who advocate minimal style in home decoration. Focusing on the noble and dignified appearance of navy blue, these carpets create unique combinations, especially with classical furniture.

Patterned navy blue carpet models are among the products enriched with ethnic and authentic designs. However, due to the developing technology machine carpet These products, also woven, attract all attention with their eye-catching patterns. Dark blue carpet, which is frequently used in Uşak, Iranian and Afghan carpets, has recently been presented to its buyers in vintage and modern abstract geometric designs.

Adding a mathematical dimension to their looks with their symmetrical designs geometric patterned navy blue carpet models manage to attract attention on their sharp lines. It creates a desire to walk on it with its soft tissues, and creates a desire to examine by connecting its lines like a frame. geometric patterned carpet It adds a magnificent look to the area where it is located.

Floral designs, which are the symbol of spring freshness, also harmonize perfectly with navy blue. Floral patterned navy blue carpet models reflect their enthusiasm by touching them in accordance with ethnic and modern design languages. Yagcibedir carpet models It is also possible to see dark blue and burgundy together. Hand woven carpet and digital printing carpet These products, which are showcased as new products, have compromising features with affordable prices. 

Modern patterned navy blue carpet Their models call for an elegance beyond conventional designs. Navy blue sofa and carpet combination These products, which you can easily choose for your home, are appreciated for their harmonious features. In this context, navy cream carpet models are one of the products among the trends.

What are the Features of the Navy Blue Carpet?

Reinforcing its originality in living spaces with its rich design style, navy blue carpet features varies within the scope of the product. with a wide color range navy blue carpet varieties have features that can adapt to the usage area. Often preferred in living rooms and living rooms navy blue carpet can also be used as

Navy blue carpet models stands out with the variety of yarns used in the weaving phase. Giving different textures to navy blue synthetic carpet, viscose yarn carpet, wool carpet ve silk carpet models are some of them. Each yarn has its own unique appearance, as well as the advantages it provides to the user. For example, a room with simple and classical style items can gain the glory it deserves thanks to the glossy structure of synthetic carpets. 

How to Use a Navy Blue Carpet?

Usage areas of dark blue carpet varies according to design differences. While carpets with ethnic and authentic patterns are suitable for large living spaces such as living rooms, modern designs show more flexible features. You can easily choose modern areas such as kitchens and corridors. navy blue carpet models easily adapts to the spirit of the place where it is located. You can even choose it with red, orange and yellow tones to create a more assertive atmosphere.

The way to get maximum efficiency from the carpet you are using is to choose the areas that are suitable for its color and design. For example, navy cream carpet ve navy blue white carpet Since the models have easily soiled tones, it is recommended to be preferred in areas such as the living room rather than the kitchen. You can use the dark blue carpet, which will add nobility to the living rooms, in the kitchens, entrances and halls. It can also be used in study rooms with wood and coffee tones. Moreover machine woven rug You can greet your guests with an elegant view by using these products at the entrance of your home. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Navy Blue Carpet

navy blue carpet The most important detail to be considered in the selection is that the carpet and the place where it will be laid are compatible in terms of area. You can make healthier choices by calculating this easily with the help of a meter. Otherwise, you will not be able to get efficiency from the carpet and you may suffer financial loss. It is possible to list the other details that you should pay attention to when choosing carpets as follows:

  • It is important for the combination that it can adapt to the items in its environment.
  • In order to provide a hygienic environment, you can choose carpets with antibacterial properties.
  • If you are not able to clean regularly, you can stay away from cream tones.
  • You can compare prices between products in order to make a financial profit.

How Much Are The Dark Blue Carpet Prices?

navy blue carpet prices it differs according to the color, design, thread type and size of the product. In addition, the wage policies of brands are among the factors that have a say here. For example pure silk rugshas exorbitant prices compared to products woven with woolen yarn. 

navy blue carpet prices Among the products with the highest figures, ethnic and authentic design models are created. These carpets, which are completely hand-woven, are brought to Turkey with care from countries such as Afghanistan and India. Mostly purchased for collection, these carpets reveal their unique aura when laid.

Featured with affordable prices acrylic carpet ve bamboo carpet models are ideal products for those who do not want to be deprived of aesthetic quality. In addition to different size options, these carpets, which have hygienic features, provide convenience for the area to be used.

How to Clean and Maintain a Navy Blue Carpet?

navy blue carpet cleaning has a procedure that must be followed, just like any other product. However white navy carpet ve cream navy blue rug There are some details that need to be taken into consideration when cleaning products with light tones such as: The first of these is to ensure regular cleaning of the carpet. Otherwise, the stains deposited between the carpet threads will create unaesthetic images.

In order to preserve the original form of your carpet, it is recommended that you stay away from cleaners with chemical properties. Especially navy blue white carpet It is recommended that you stay away from cleaners that can cause obvious stains on products with contrasting tones, such as Instead, you can establish a regular cleaning routine. You should choose products such as carpet shampoo only after getting expert opinion.

Bring the noble look of dark blue to your homes with the difference of Halicizade 

It adds an elegant and marginal atmosphere to its environment. navy blue carpet varieties manage to enter the trends in terms of the convenience they provide. With its harmonious structure, noble appearance and hygienic features, it reveals its difference in living spaces. navy blue carpet models In Halicizade! You can visit Halıcızade to have the carpet of your dreams with campaign prices.