Terra Carpet models bring the warm and comfortable tones of nature to your home. This earthy hue provides a sophisticated touch in both modern and traditional interiors. Terra colored carpet models While adding comfort and warmth to every corner of your home, it also helps you have an eye-catching style. Each of these carpets, which meet you with various weaving techniques, materials and patterns, provides a unique harmony to your decoration and lifestyle. Whether you prefer to create a natural atmosphere or a sophisticated look in your home, Halıcızade's terra color carpets are the perfect way to add a warm and inviting feel to any space.

Nature Revived: Terra Color Carpet

Terra color carpet As well as carrying traces of both the old and the new era in the whole decoration, it also helps you to keep up with the fashion of the age. This piece, which you can use with peace of mind in every area of ​​your home or office, is produced in desired sizes and patterns and saves you from contradictions. Anytime you need plain terra color carpet necessary patterned terra color carpet You can give life to your living spaces with its models.

hand woven rug This color, which is also identified with its models, stands out with its ethnic design as well as its modern structure. Also terra color hand woven carpet Although the models have a relatively delicate structure, machine carpet models can create a different alternative for you. Therefore, the type of weaving you want terra color carpet You can easily access the model from Halıcızade.  

What are the Terra Color Carpet Features?

Terra color carpet featuresIt varies according to the type of carpet, the type of weaving and even the yarn used in its construction. Especially produced from different types of yarn. terra color carpet It is one of the models where both comfort and elegance are at the forefront. For example, terra-colored cotton carpet models are an ideal choice for those who always consider softness when choosing a carpet. The soft structure of cotton allows you to move comfortably on the carpet and to experience a soft feeling. 

And also pure silk carpet or something similar wool carpet models are the most useful models for those who want to experience the feeling of softness. For this reason, it is of great importance that it is chosen according to the environment in which it will be used. 

Terra color carpet Another striking feature of their models is that they combine many different tones. You can easily bring the decoration of your dreams to your living spaces with this color, which is perfect for those who are bored of different combinations or want to benefit from innovations.

How is Terra Color Carpet Used?

Terra color carpet usage areas, it can usually vary depending on the dimensions or the color tones of the carpet. For this reason, it is necessary to measure the area before choosing the carpet for the most accurate use. For example bathroom carpet if taken, living room carpet Smaller sizes should be preferred. hallway carpet It may be the right choice to choose small sizes for this. At the same time, in such areas, it is possible to create a plain image by choosing more plain colors in accordance with the color of the furniture used, as well as patterned models. 

Except those kitchen rug throw away bedroom rug Almost the same dimensions can be applied to the models. However, this situation also varies according to the usage area. Optional in bedrooms floral pattern terra color carpethelps to show the space more fun and colorful than it is. in different styles geometric patterned terra color carpet models are also ideal for those who love movement. In addition, terra color carpet models harmonize beautifully with tile tones, allowing you to achieve the decoration of your dreams.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Terra Color Carpet

Terra color carpet The most important point to be considered in the selection of models is the selection of the right tones. Because these models, which contain different tones in the same format, do not adapt to every decoration. For this reason, choosing tones that can be compatible with furniture color or even wall color allows the carpet to be used for a long time. And also modern patterned terra color carpet The points to be considered while making the selection can be listed as follows: 

  • Choosing the right color/tone
  • Choosing the right size and dimensions
  • Thread type
  • Easy to clean or not easy to get dirty
  • Way of weaving

How Much Are Terra Color Carpet Prices?

Terra color carpet prices The size of the carpet varies according to the yarn type and the type of weaving. The size of the rug often has a big influence on the price. Generally, the larger the carpet, the higher the price. Material costs and the time spent in making the carpet are the most important factors at this point.

The type of material used in the carpet also significantly affects the price. Carpets made from natural fibers are generally more expensive than those made from synthetic materials. The type of weaving of the carpet also has an effect on its price. Hand-woven carpets are more expensive than machine-woven carpets. You can easily access terra color carpet models that will add a different atmosphere to your living spaces through Halıcızade in the most appropriate way for your budget.

How to Clean and Maintain Terra Color Carpet?

Carpet models are not very different from each other in terms of maintenance and cleaning routine. Because the hygiene that almost every carpet needs can be easily provided under the same conditions. Here are a few points that should be particularly noted. For example, it is beneficial to use detergents with clean content produced for carpets instead of normal detergents. This will be a useful step in terms of not mixing the colors and not losing/fading the color of the carpet. 

In addition, depending on the yarn type, the washing phase of the carpets should be followed carefully. Because, silk carpet or bamboo carpet These models require very delicate cleaning. Because viscose yarn carpet Unlike other models, it would be more accurate and affordable to get professional help during the washing phase. Because viscose carpets can be considered to be relatively more durable. In this way, it is not easily damaged. 

Perhaps one of the most important steps after the carpet washing process is completed is drying the carpet. One of the mistakes frequently made at this stage is to leave the carpet in direct sunlight. Sunlight can damage the colors of the carpet and cause them to fade over time. Therefore, it is better to dry the carpet in an environment that does not receive frequent sunlight. 

In addition, carpets that are not completely dried can cause bad odor and even mold growth. This negatively affects the overall quality and life of the carpet. For this reason, carefully following the cleaning and drying instructions stated on the label or package of the carpet ensures long-term and quality use of your carpet.

Vacuuming the carpet regularly, apart from washing once or twice a year, helps prevent dust and dirt from accumulating. Vacuuming at least once a week keeps the carpet looking clean and fresh. It is also important to act quickly in the formation of stains. When spills occur, immediately dab the stain with a paper towel or dry cloth. Avoid rubbing the stain so that the stain does not penetrate deeply into the fibers of the carpet.

Terra Color Carpet Models at Halıcızade

Terra color carpet Halıcızade, which is the only address where you can easily reach the models, offers you a pleasant shopping experience with its carpet experts. With Halıcızade, you can easily find plain and simple models for those looking for a modern and minimalist look, and more patterned models for those with a more traditional or bohemian style.