Anatolian Design Machine Woven Carpet

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1- If you are looking for hundreds of years of Anatolian patterns, these beauties are just for you!

2-With its all natural wool surface and cotton floor, you can make a radical touch to your home without giving up its naturalness.

3-It is different from classical machine weaving with its hand-woven appearance and fine structure. If you are looking for both industrial production quality and a natural looking carpet, it may be for you.

4- It is suitable for living rooms, living areas, entrance halls and offices, loves classical furniture as well as being compatible with authentic and ethnic decoration, 

5-Professional cleaning can be done, we still recommend that you have your carpets washed as little as possible.

Anatolian Patterned Machine Woven Carpet

Pattern : Anatolia

Color : Colorful

Design : Ethnic

Cleaning : Professional washing

Yarn types: Cotton, wool

Production place : Türkiye

Weaving techniques: Machine woven carpet

Color : Colorful

Size: 133 x 190