Sivas carpet is a finely textured and richly colored carpet traditionally produced in the Sivas region of Turkey. These carpets are a reflection of the traditional Turkish weaving art of Central Asian origin. He was influenced by Seljuk and Persian carpets. 

Sivas carpets have a unique character with various motifs and patterns. Sivas carpets are used as a decorative element in interiors and play an important role in creating an authentic atmosphere. You can create the cultural texture you dream of in your living spaces. Halıcızade Catch it now via.

What is Sivas Carpet?

Sivas carpetIt is a traditional type of carpet woven in the Sivas region of Turkey. These carpets are known for their tight weave, fine pile and rich color palette. Sivas rug It is a plainer and patterned textile product woven in the same region. Sivas carpets and kilims are both traditional Turkish hand woven carpet It is considered a reflection of both art and regional cultural heritage.

History of Sivas Carpet

Sivas carpets are a rich cultural heritage that reflects the deep history of Turkish carpet weaving art. These carpets, which originate from Central Asia, were influenced by Seljuk and Iranian carpets and were enriched with various motifs and patterns. Although it was initially woven using the Turkish knot, with the increase in Iranian influence in the 19th century, it was woven with single-tie knots. 

Nowadays, it is decorated with small flowers and medallions. Turkish carpet comes to life as. Sivas carpets, with their densely textured and thin pile structure, the use of at least 12 different colors and the avoidance of contrasting colors. ethnic carpet takes its place among the models. 

In Which Regions Are Sivas Carpets Traditionally Produced?

Sivas carpets are traditionally produced in the center of Sivas and the surrounding Zara, Kangal, Divriği, Gürün and Yıldızeli regions. These regions, antique Sivas carpet is known for its production and oldest Turkish carpet contains some of the examples. Sivas carpets, The most beautiful carpet types It is known for its rich patterns and colors. Each region makes carpets unique with its own patterns and weaving techniques.

How Are Sivas Carpets Produced?

Sivas carpets are produced using traditional weaving techniques. This process involves dyeing carefully selected wool and turning it into yarn. Then, dense weaving is carried out with very twisted and thin threads used as warp threads. In the production of Sivas carpets, the loops are compressed by hitting them hard after each row of weaving, and combing is done every two rows for softness. 

What are the Features of Sivas Carpet?

Sivas carpet features; These can be listed as the use of thin and high quality warp threads, the high number of loops and the harmony of patterns, motifs and colors. Gördes (Turkish) knot and the use of wool thread are the characteristic features of these carpets. Sivas handmade carpet is known for its dense texture and fine pile structure, and its patterns are inspired by Seljuk and Persian carpets. The features of Sivas carpet can be listed as follows:

  • High quality materials are used, usually a blend of wool and silk.
  • Although it contains rich patterns inspired by Seljuk and Persian carpets, it also has various motifs that reflect the cultural and regional characteristics of Sivas.
  • It has a dense texture and fine pile, and details and elegance stand out in its patterns.
  • Traditional Turkish knots and dense weaving methods are used.
  • Contrasting colors are avoided and a variety of colors ranging from 12 to 25 are seen.
  • Colors that are initially matte gain liveliness over time.
  • Dark blue, red and their shades dominate the carpets in general.

What are the Sivas Carpet Models?

Sivas carpet models; They can be listed as Zara, Kangal, Divriği, Gürün and Yıldızeli. Sivas Zara carpet offers durable and aesthetic carpets made from natural materials, while Sivas Kangal Carpet is known for its original motifs and traditional handcraftsmanship. 

Sivas Divriği carpet stands out with its fine textures and elegant patterns. Sivas Gürün carpet is unique to Gürün district and is representative of the carpets produced in this region. 

Sivas Yıldızeli carpet is produced in Yıldızeli, a district of Sivas province, and brings together high quality materials and original patterns. Turkish handmade carpets The details of the Sivas carpet models among are as follows:

Sivas Zara Carpet 

Sivas Zara carpetIt is a valuable type of carpet that reflects the unique carpet weaving tradition of Sivas province of Turkey. Sivas Zara Carpets are woven using natural materials such as high quality wool or goat hair. They are known for their durability, aesthetic value and artistic touch. Sivas Zara carpets are preferred both in the decoration of traditional Turkish houses and in modern interiors to add a unique aesthetic and authentic atmosphere.

Sivas Kangal Carpet 

Sivas Kangal carpet is traditionally produced using hand-woven methods in the Kangal district of Sivas and is known for its original designs. Sivas Kangal carpets are produced using natural materials such as high quality wool or goat hair. It is known for its durable texture, rich colors and original motifs. At the same time, Kangal Carpets are considered an important work of art reflecting the cultural heritage of Sivas and are valuable both locally and nationally. 

Sivas Divrigi Carpet 

Sivas Divriği carpets are known for their original designs and handcraftsmanship that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Divriği. Divriği Carpets are produced using natural materials such as wool or goat hair. It attracts attention with its fine textures and elegant motifs. Sivas Divriği Carpets are an important representative of traditional Turkish carpet making. 

Sivas Gürün Carpet 

Sivas Gürün carpet is a special type of carpet produced in the Gürün district of Sivas province of Turkey. Gürün district keeps alive a carpet weaving tradition of historical and cultural importance. These carpets are produced by hand-woven method. Sivas Gürün carpet is unique to the Gürün district and is considered an original type of carpet produced in this region.

Sivas Yıldızeli Carpet 

Sivas Yıldızeli carpet is produced in Yıldızeli district of Sivas province of Turkey. Yıldızeli district is one of the important centers of traditional Turkish carpet weaving. Yıldızeli carpets are produced using natural materials such as high quality wool or goat hair. The carpet weaving tradition of Yıldızeli district is based on the rich cultural history of the region. These carpets are considered nationally valuable works of art.

What are the Sivas Carpet Patterns/Motifs? 

Sivas carpet patterns They can be listed as flower, hook and eye. Turkish carpet rug motifs When it comes to Sivas carpets, geometric patterns as well as floral motifs are frequently used. Baklava slice shaped carpet motifs It reflects the original character and artistic value of Sivas carpets. used in Sivas carpet Turkish patterns can be listed as follows:

  • Flower Motifs
  • Hook and Eye Motifs
  • Dragon Motif
  • Star Motif
  • Wolf Track and Waterway Motifs
  • Medallion Pattern
  • Amulet Motifs
  • Earring Pattern
  • Hand and Finger Motifs
  • Comb Motifs
  • Six-Pointed and Interlaced Small Star Patterns
  • Eight-Pointed Star Motifs
  • "U" Shaped Motifs

In Which Places Is Sivas Carpet Used?

Sivas carpets, houses in the living roomUsed in bedrooms, entrance corridors or as wall decorations. Sivas carpet indoors It offers a unique aesthetic touch by adding a warm and authentic atmosphere. Especially traditional or ethnic to decoration Sivas carpets, preferred in suitable spaces, have the potential to create a remarkable contrast in modern interiors. Additionally, some restaurants and hotels offer a unique experience by choosing Sivas carpets to create a cultural atmosphere.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Sivas Carpet?

When purchasing a Sivas carpet; Factors such as quality weaving, vibrant colors, clear motifs, condition and authenticity of the carpet should be taken into consideration. Factors to consider when buying a Sivas carpet can be listed as follows:

  • Make sure the carpet is tightly and evenly woven.
  • Make sure the colors are vibrant and not faded.
  • Check that the motifs are processed clearly and smoothly.
  • Inspect the carpet for any wear or damage.
  • Confirm that the carpet is a real Sivas carpet.

How to Understand a Sivas Carpet?

It is understood whether the Sivas carpet is hand-woven or not, after examining the materials used, colors and motifs. Sivas carpets are hand-woven using wool or goat hair and produced with traditional knotting techniques. It has a vibrant appearance because its colors are obtained with natural dyes. Its motifs are traditional patterns that carry cultural meanings. In addition, the weaving of Sivas carpets is tight and smooth. Considering these features, the authenticity of a Sivas carpet can be confirmed.

How to Clean Sivas Carpet?

Sivas carpet can be cleaned by vacuuming at low power, removing stains with a slightly damp cloth, or professionally. These steps should be performed with care to prevent damage to the carpet and extend its life. Harsh chemicals or heavy detergents should never be used. Natural and gentle cleaning products should be preferred to prevent colors from fading. Especially when deep cleaning is required, professional cleaning services suitable for the sensitive structure of the carpet should be used.

How to Wash Sivas Carpet?

Sivas carpet is washed on the floor without using an automatic carpet washing machine. This operation should be performed by an experienced expert in the field. Because as a result of incorrect washing process, the colors of the carpet may fade and its lifespan may be shortened. Chemical-containing shampoos should be avoided when washing the Sivas carpet. Additionally, warm or cold water should be preferred. To preserve the colors of the carpet, it should be washed with gentle movements. Excessive friction should be avoided. Thus, the natural fibers of the carpet are not damaged. After the washing process is completed, the Sivas carpet should be left to dry on a flat surface in the shade.

How Much Are Sivas Carpet Prices?

Sivas carpet pricesvaries depending on factors such as the size of the carpet, the material used, the weaving technique and the complexity of the motif. As the square meter of the carpet increases handmade carpet prices rises. In addition, the naturalness of the material used in production is one of the factors that increase the price. Handmade carpet prices When it comes to Sivas carpet models, they are more expensive than machine-made carpet types. The originality of the motifs is also one of the factors that affect the price.

Where to Buy Sivas Carpet?

Sivas carpets are purchased from traditional carpet stores, cultural markets and handicraft sales points in Turkey. One of the places where you can buy Sivas carpets online is Halıcızade. you too Halıcızade You can easily add the products you like to your cart by examining the Sivas carpet options through.