Studio PotatoBy combining Anatolia's deep-rooted weaving tradition with modern lines, it adds warmth to your home and living spaces. The patterns of each of the products such as wool and cotton rugs, throw pillows, wall accessories are specially drawn. Thus, you will have products that are completely tailored to you. You can examine Studio Potato's unique rugs and accessory models in detail, and you can immediately own the models you like for yourself and your loved ones through Halıcızade.

The Story of the Studio Potato Brand

implemented by two visionary women in Istanbul. Studio Potatocarries the vision of combining Anatolia's traditional rug weaving art with modern designs. Based on Anatolia's thousands of years of rich weaving heritage, it aims to revive this craft, which is slowly disappearing with the popularization of machine production. Studio PotatoBelieving in the importance of supporting rugs with modern design for the sustainability of the industry, it works with craftswomen from all over Turkey.

Studio Potato adopts the philosophy of producing nature-friendly and healthy rugs by using natural root dyes in its products. In addition, with the understanding of 'Slow Motion', each product is produced with pleasure and without haste, and reaches its buyers with good energies. Handmade and limited edition products become rare artifacts with their unique value.

Studio Potato'nun While presenting this story with a modern interpretation of the traditional art of weaving, it also includes a sensitive approach to nature and producing every product with love. More than just being a producer, it has the mission of keeping a cultural heritage alive. Studio Potatoconsiders each rug as a story and a work of art, not just a product.

What are Studio Potato Product Types? 

Studio Potato, blending Anatolia's rich weaving culture with a modern design approach, offers rug designs, wall decor, throw pillows, placemats and coasters designs. wool rug ve cotton rug options are colored with natural root dyes, giving floors a unique expression. For those who want to add an artistic touch to their walls wall accessory series is specially designed. 

Cushion collection adds comfort and aesthetics to different living spaces. Also, if you want to make your table stylish, you can take a look at the placemats and coasters collections.

Studio Potato Rug Designs

Studio Potato rug designs are divided into two types: hand-woven and recycled machine rugs. Weaving on specially designed looms hand woven rugs Root dye is used in the coloring phase. Therefore, the bedroom kids room rug can be preferred. Machine woven rugs are produced from recycled cotton and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Studio Potato Wall Decor Designs

Studio Potato Wall Decor His designs combine the traditional rug weaving art of Anatolia with modern aesthetics. These handmade and limited edition designs are created with a healthy and nature-friendly approach using natural root dyes. Each product has the mission of perpetuating a cultural heritage rather than a decorative object.

Studio Potato Pillow Designs

Studio Potato'nun wool throw pillow designs are created by being inspired by nature. Hand-woven pillows offer a perfect product for different living spaces. Pillow interiors are included in the product, and the covers can be removed and machine washed. It is unique as there is only one of each product.

Studio Potato Placemat Designs

Studio Potato American service Its designs are a special collection that adds aesthetics and functionality to your table. Combining modern and traditional elements, these designs enrich your dining experience. Each placemat is handmade and is limited edition, adding a touch of elegance to any table setting.

Studio Potato Coaster Designs

Studio Potato Coaster Designs provide both a functional and aesthetic contribution to table arrangements. Each of these handmade and limited edition coasters is carefully designed and produced with quality materials. Suitable for use at every table and place coaster varieties offer an elegant touch in your special invitations as well as daily use.

What are the Features of Studio Potato Products?

Studio Potatocreates extraordinary products by combining traditional rug weaving methods of Anatolia with modern designs. Since each pattern is drawn specifically for the brand, it cannot be found anywhere else. The products are handmade and produced in limited quantities. It is also colored using natural root dyes. This unique approach combines classical weaving with contemporary patterns, making it a perfect option for those looking for extraordinary patterns.

Why Choose Studio Potato Products? 

  • It offers an extraordinary aesthetic that combines classic weaving with contemporary patterns, unique to Studio Potato.
  • Each item is handmade and limited edition, each piece is unique.
  • Products colored with natural root dyes are eco-friendly and long-lasting.
  • Products are prepared with love and patience, and reach you with beautiful energies.
  • It offers an alternative route to industrial weaving without a capitalist intent.
  • It offers you special and different products, there is only one of each product.

How Much Do Studio Potato Designs Cost?

Studio Potato The prices of the designs are affected by factors such as the handmade nature of the products, the natural root dyes used, the complexity of the designs, their dimensions and the independent approach of the brand. Labor and authenticity drive pricing, as each item is handmade and limited edition. In addition, the natural root dyes and quality materials used ensure that the products are healthier and longer lasting. These materials also affect prices as they are expensive in terms of cost.

The design complexity and size of the products are also one of the determining factors on the price. Additionally, Studio Potato's independent and alternative approach, different from industrial production, creates a difference in pricing while offering unique products.

Own Studio Potato Products with Halıcızade Privilege

Studio Potato'nun Its unique and original product range combines traditional weaving art with modern and extraordinary designs. These products, each pattern of which is specially drawn and belongs only to Studio Potato, make a difference in home decoration. Whether you need a wool rug, cotton rug or wall accessories, you can immediately discover Studio Potato's extraordinary collection with the assurance of Halıcızade and buy the products you like with a click.