RugIt is a linen product, whose origin dates back to ancient times and which is woven with similar techniques from Central Asia to the Balkans, and is known by similar names. Halicizade modern rug models, presents examples of this well-established weaving product reinterpreted with current design trends, together for contemporary spaces.

Halıcızade, where we offer hand-woven and machine-woven options together modern rug The products in the collection are produced in Afghanistan and India as well as our country. Rug, which is a lint-free weave type, is quite light compared to carpet and collects less dust. Some of the products in the collection are also suitable for washing in the washing machine. In this respect, it is an easy-to-carry, easy-to-clean and hygienic alternative to carpet.

modern rug models, It is frequently preferred for living spaces, kitchens, study and bedrooms as well as winter gardens. It blends well with minimalist, country, modern and geometric decoration styles. in vibrant and warm colors to create a focal point in the space. modern rug modelsTo provide a balance in decoration and to highlight other furniture, rugs in softer color tones can be preferred. If you want to design a colorful space, you can enrich the color palette with modern rugs in which different colors are used together. You can give your space a more dominant character with monochrome rugs.

Halicizade modern rug Some products in the collection can be used on both sides. Some products have a non-slip sole. For others, we recommend using carpet anti-skid.