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Cache Istanbul, It brings together the hidden treasures of the unique Anatolian geography adorned with the Ottomans and Seljuks. Hidden Istanbul Collections, It offers an exquisite visual feast by combining the traces of the architecture that is lived in but not aware of with handcrafted products. The modern touches made to these pieces that carry the traces of the past are Cache Istanbul. It makes your journey more meaningful. On this journey, you can easily accompany Cache Istanbul through Halıcızade. 

Hidden Istanbul Collections

Combining cultural influences with modernism Cache Istanbul Thanks to you, you can be the owner of unique designs. You can bring the breezes of Anatolia into your life by easily finding the ones that appeal to your taste among the carpet, rug or bag models produced entirely by hand.

Cache Istanbul Hand Woven Carpet Models

The product of patience and effort hand woven carpet models are woven loop by loop. The artisan women of Anatolia in various regions brought to life with different types of yarn. Cache Istanbul hand woven carpet models are perfect for those who cannot give up cultural inspirations. If you wish floor carpet tapestry There are many types of these products that you can use as For example, it is produced with wool yarns that stand out with their durable and breathable structure. hand woven wool rug models are the perfect option for those who are looking for different decorations.

You can add color and warmth to the floor of your living spaces thanks to the female tradesmen of Anatolia, who produce modern and elegant designs with traditional Turkish patterns. However, you should not ignore maintenance and cleaning while owning hand-woven carpet models. You have to be delicate in cleaning these carpets, which have a durable structure because they are hand-woven. Thus, you can extend the life of your carpet.

Cache Istanbul Hand Woven Rug Models

part of Anatolian culture. hand woven rug models Cache Istanbul'and meets users by combining with modern touches. It is ready to use with different size and color options for those who cannot give up the authentic breezes in decoration and seek novelty. Hand woven rug models, in which traditional motifs based on Turkish culture and history are used, are colored with natural root dyes. Inspired by the Turkish color palette, this spot uses vibrant and rich colors. Thus, an energetic and eye-catching appearance is obtained. 

Cache Istanbul'un You can easily find the piece that can adapt to every corner of your living spaces with hand-woven rug models that are produced in an original and unique way. With regular maintenance and cleaning, you can extend the life of your rugs, and you can impress everyone around you with your decoration taste thanks to traditional pieces that meet modernism.

Handmade Carpet Bag Designs

Cache Istanbul hand woven carpet bag combines traditional handicrafts and motifs with a modern and stylish accessory. These pieces, which can be evaluated by anyone who wants to achieve a unique and different look, are woven with natural yarns. These designs, which are colored with natural root dyes, are available in different sizes, as in hand-woven carpets and rugs. Kilim is a bag You can use large-sized pieces such as daily wall decorations if you wish.

Durable and long lasting hand woven rug bag Regular maintenance and cleaning is very important. However, you should stay away from bleaches and hard brushing during the cleaning phase. At this point, you can get support from professional carpet cleaners. you too Cache Istanbul You can easily carry cultural touches to your accessories with hand-woven bag models. 

Why do we work with Cache Istanbul?

Inspired by the eight-pointed Seljuk star, which carries the virtues of compassion, gratitude, mercy, generosity, loyalty, patience, secrecy and truthfulness. Cache Istanbul, He has a common understanding with Halicizade. Knowing the importance of manual labor and patience, Halıcızade aims to bring the breezes of Anatolia to the users. You can also enjoy safe shopping by carrying the traces of the past to your life traces through Halıcızade.