Caché Istanbul Haircut Rug Bag Red Rug Bag – Il

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Specially designed for women who do not compromise on their appearance and the accessories they use. Cache Istanbul Fringe Rug Bag Red Rug Bagis a very good option to create a perfect combination. away from an eye-tiring image and Hidden Istanbul This piece, which is meticulously produced by our company, reflects the spirit of the colors red and blue into your life. The way to a perfect look is always Cache Istanbul Fringe Rug Bag Red Rug Bag through the models. 

Fringe Rug Bag Red Rug Bag Features

  • It is prepared using completely natural Vegetable Dyed technique. 
  • This hand woven rug bag model is produced from Anatolian wool. 
  • It was produced in Osmaniye. rug bagIt is embroidered by hand weaving technique. 
  • It is produced in 47x40 cm dimensions.
  • Since it has a wide structure, it can be used for many purposes. 

Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Structurally, this is very delicate. There is no bag It is not recommended to use hard cleaning materials/brushes for cleaning models. 
  • Professional teams can be helped for regular washing and drying processes.
  • During the cleaning phase, powder or liquid detergents containing bleach should not be used. 
  • It is very important to dry in relatively shaded areas in the process after washing. In this way, the structure continues to be used without deformation. 

Cache Istanbul Fringe Rug Bag Red Rug Bag, with its eye-catching colors and stylish stance, you are just a click away! 

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