The Sultan series, exclusive to Halıcızade, is a product that was included in our collection about 15 years ago and produced with wool and genuine silk threads. hand woven carpet Series. Inspired by the Uşak patterns, one of the most prestigious carpets in the world, we designed the Sultan series to bring together modern spaces and current design trends. domestic carpet consists of products.

Silk, which is obtained from the secretions produced by the silkworm with a lot of effort and in a unique process, is a special material that we, as human beings, cannot exceed in spite of the developing technology. In the Sultan series, silk is used together with wool, which is the most important means of protection and insulation for animals. Due to the frequency and technique of weaving, other hand woven carpet It has a more fluid and soft texture compared to other products. The Sultan series, which we designed to bring together classical Uşak and Anatolian patterns with modern lines, is the classic classic, whose production in Turkey is decreasing day by day domestic carpet one of the last representatives of its products.

With its fluid, soft texture and patterns, it can be found in many classical decoration styles, from American-style walnut furniture to gilded and embroidered wooden furniture. silk living room carpet can be preferred. It will also be very nice to add movement and dynamism to the design with its patterns in spaces decorated in a modern style. If you want to add a little color to the living room and bedrooms with minimalist furniture without compromising the general simplicity of the space, we can recommend the Sultan series with its colors that create harmonious and soft contrasts on neutral colors and its natural shine from silk.

As Halıcızade, we care about embracing the deep-rooted carpet weaving tradition of Anatolia and including local carpets and kilims in our collection. Sultan series, production and usage of which is decreasing gradually in Turkey. silk carpet unfortunately one of the few examples of its products. Therefore, at affordable prices silk carpet If you would like to own one, we would like to remind you that there are a limited number of Sultan series carpets in our collection.