Afghan Patterned Bilicik Hand Woven Carpet

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Afghan Patterned Bilicik Hand Woven Carpet

Their patterns are completely transferred from the mind to the carpet, without the use of any guide. Cotton and wool are used, completely natural. Its characteristic patterns are Bukhara (Star) and Bald Jesus patterns. It can be easily used in both classical and modern decoration. It loves wood and cream tones in decoration, and can be used with almost any color tone. The production of a 1 square meter carpet takes a few weeks, a 6 square meter carpet may take 3-5 months to be ready for use. There are production qualities such as Khamyap, Kunduz, Bilicik, Hocaroşnai, the quality varies according to the knot density and the yarns used. It is generally woven by housewives, there is no child labor.

Pattern: Afghan

Design: Classic

Cleaning: Professional Washing

Yarn Types: Cotton, Wool

Weaving: Hand Woven Carpet

Place of Manufacture: Afghanistan

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