Hand Woven Afghan Bilicik Carpet

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Hand Woven Afghan Bilicik Carpet

Afghan patterned carpets produced with Bilicik (Belcik) quality are one of the finest weaves and have a high knot density. The production of each square meter of carpet takes about 4 weeks, which is a process that requires manual labor and care. Afghan patterned hand-woven rugs are woven from the mind and each has minor pattern differences, making each rug unique.

Afghan patterned carpets, produced with Bilicik (Belcik) quality, are in perfect harmony with wooden furniture. In addition, when used in decorations in cold colors, they create a sweet combination with grays, blues, blacks, mustard and whites, adding color and vitality to the decoration. As a result, Afghan patterned carpets produced with Bilicik (Belcik) quality are unique and durable carpets carefully woven using high quality materials. They also stand out with their harmony with furniture and their contribution to decoration.

  •  They are woven using completely natural wool and cotton threads.
  •  Its skeleton is cotton and its surface is wool.
  •  It is solid and durable.

Pattern: Afghan

Color: Burgundy

Design: Classic

Cleaning: Professional Washing

Yarn Types: Wool, Cotton

Weaving: Hand Woven Carpet

Place of Manufacture: Afghanistan