Afghan Design Hand Woven Carpet

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- The patterns are transferred completely from the mind to the carpet, without using any guide.

 - Cotton and wool are used, completely natural.

- Its characteristic colors are burgundy and dark blue.

- Its characteristic pattern is the Yusufi pattern.

 - It can be used easily in both classical and modern decoration.

- He loves wood and cream tones in decoration, and can be used with almost any color tone.

- The production of a 1 square meter carpet takes a few weeks, while a 6 square meter carpet may take up to 3-5 months to be ready for use.

- There are production qualities such as Khamyap, Kunduz, Bilicik, Hocaroshnai, and their quality varies depending on the knot density and the yarns used.

- It is generally woven by housewives, there is no child labour.

Afghan Patterned Hand Woven Carpet

Pattern : Afghan

Design : Classic

Cleaning : Professional washing

Yarn types: Cotton, wool

Production place : Afghanistan

Weaving techniques: Hand woven carpet

The unique blend of cotton and wool creates the Hand-Woven Afghan Pattern Classic Carpet. It is the perfect choice for those looking for the perfect combination of shine, durability and a softer tone of glamour. This special piece, which originates from Afghanistan, is patterned with Afghan and Turkmen Bukhara motifs. It attracts attention with its large dimensions as well as its durability. Its large size makes it rare and valuable. With the harmonious dance of burgundy and cream colors, it easily fills large living spaces. It is perfect for large houses, hotels and schools. It adds a magnificent touch to your space as it bears the care of hand-woven fabric in every detail.

Decoration Ideas:

  • It is the most suitable choice for large houses, hotels and schools.

  • It exhibits a unique harmony in various decoration styles, from traditional wood to avant-garde, from modern designs to leather furniture.

  • You can create an impressive image among simple furniture in modern decoration. 

  • It adds warmth to formal environments such as offices.

  • It creates an eye-catching harmony when combined with leather fabrics such as light brown, black and matte yellow.

  • It is in perfect harmony with natural-looking wooden coffee tables, locally patterned sofa covers, black-framed lighting units, pastel-toned throw pillows and wicker-coloured, navy blue, burgundy and pastel-toned curtain backgrounds.

  • It creates a very pleasant synergy with wood, walnut, brown and orange colors, highlighting the warmth and attractiveness of these colors.

Pattern/Design: Afghan - Bukhara - Classic Carpet

  • It is inspired by Afghan and Turkmen Bukhara patterns that bear traces of history.

  • The patterns are in geometric form.

  • It is also enriched with floral motifs.

  • It carries the Turkmen-Afghan design and aesthetics that have been preferred for centuries. Therefore, it is perfect for reflecting the traditional and classical lifestyle.

Colour: Strong and Noble Burgundy

  • The main color palette consists of a wonderful combination of a strong and noble burgundy and an elegant and soothing cream tone.

  • In addition, the color scale, including dark blue tones, adds depth to the carpet.

Yarn Type: Wool and Cotton

  • While the highest quality woolen threads are used on its surface, durable and lightweight cotton threads are used on its spine.

  • The woolen threads used during the weaving process are carefully obtained from natural and first-class quality wool.

  • Since the threads are natural wool, they are extremely soft and provide a pleasant feeling with every step.

Weaving Technique: Hand Woven

  • It is woven with cotton and wool, which are all natural materials.

  • The weaving and production process is quite laborious and long.

  • Each piece is woven entirely by hand, skillfully combining traditional weaving techniques.

  • Thanks to its dense weaving technique, it is both durable and long-lasting.

  • Due to the weaving technique, the patterns on it become more distinct and striking.

Place of Manufacture: Afghanistan

Afghanistan, which has masterfully taken over the hand-woven carpet art, has recently become one of the centers that maintain the rhythm of this traditional craft. Continuing Afghanistan's tradition of craftsmanship makes it possible to continue producing the sophisticated textiles that adorn our homes and to carry the light of this beautiful art to future generations. Thanks to these dedicated efforts, Afghanistan's weaving heritage is respected worldwide.

Cleaning and Maintenance Information

  • Professional washing services can be used for cleaning. 

  • Professional washing prolongs the life of the carpet and preserves the vibrancy of its texture and colors.

  • Since hand-woven is a work of art, its cleaning and maintenance requires dexterity and experience. For this reason, carpet maintenance should be left in the hands of competent professionals.