Hanzâde Series Frame Design Hand Woven Carpet

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Hanzâde Series Hand Woven Modern Classical Carpet

Hanzâde Series Hand Woven Modern Classical Carpet offers a modern interpretation of the centuries-old Uşak pattern in the living room of your home, perhaps where you spend most of your time. You will find yourself in front of a unique work of art when you see and touch the fluffy structure and delicacy of the carpet. In addition to being a reflection of your lifestyle, it also stands out as a decoration piece. 

All of its visible patterns are silk, so when viewed from the outside, each knot almost sparkles. The most important and striking aspect is the unique harmony of a classic Uşak pattern and a modern anthracite gray tone. This harmony is a detail that you can only see on special carpets. With its thin, light structure and durability, Hanzâde Hand Woven Carpet offers the charm of nobility and modern decoration in your living spaces.

Decoration Ideas

  • Since it has a modern design, it adds an eye-catching touch to contemporary living room decorations. 

  • In addition to being a full living room carpet, it can be used in all kinds of modern living spaces.

  • When combined with sofa sets in gray tones, it creates an integrated and harmonious atmosphere in the room. 

  • The tones of the carpet complement the atmosphere of the place when used with various colors such as yellow, orange, red, blue and purple.

  • When used in colorful and energetic spaces, it calms the space and adds a peaceful atmosphere. 

  • When combined with classical avant-garde furniture, it reveals the elegance and exclusivity of the design.

  • Modern furniture is in perfect harmony with coffee tables or tables with stone details. It brings a sophisticated atmosphere to the living space by bringing all the details together.

  • It is the perfect choice for those who want to create an unusual and impressive decoration. 

  • Its ability to adapt to any decoration style allows it to create its own unique atmosphere in every corner of the house.

Pattern/Design: Uşak Pattern - Classic Carpet with a Modern Look

  • The classic Uşak pattern presents traditional motifs with a modern perspective. 

  • The modern air it takes from its color, when combined with classical motifs, reveals a beauty that defies time.

  • It reflects the radiance of silk to its patterns. For this reason, when you look at its patterns from afar, it dazzles with its brightness.

  • The most striking aspect is the combination of the traditional Uşak pattern with modern anthracite gray tones. 

  • The combination of the butler pattern and gray makes it one of the rare pieces that combine both classical and modern aesthetics. This special synthesis reveals the extraordinary beauty of the carpet.

Color: Classical Modern Anthracite

  • The color of the carpet is based on anthracite, which is a rich and modern tone. This color both creates a sophisticated atmosphere and makes the shine of silk more prominent.

  • The contrast in anthracite and silver tones makes the patterns of the carpet stand out and adds clarity. 

  • These two colors give both a modern feel and a deep character.

  • Calm shades of gray balance this impressive color palette and add a serenity to the overall look. 

  • The combination of colors provides both a modern and a classic appeal that takes the rug beyond time.

Yarn Type: 75% Silk 25% Wool

  • The basis and shining patterns of the carpet consists of 75% used quality Turkish silk. 

  • In addition to silk, soft and shiny Erzurum Fleece wool is used in 25% of the carpet.

  • This combination offers both the shine and fineness of silk and the natural softness and warmth of wool.

  • The rich patterns of the carpet are completely woven with silk threads. 

  • Its skeleton is constructed of silk.

  • Having a silk skeleton makes the patterns more visible and enriches the overall appearance of the carpet.

  • The wool used has a high quality in terms of softness and shine. 

  • The wool in its content increases both the texture and aesthetics of the carpet.

Weaving Technique: Hand Woven

  • It is produced in Turkey with traditional hand weaving technique. 

  • This work, which was born from the perfect combination of Turkish silk and wool, is one of the last examples of its kind.

  • Each of the patterns, which are entirely made of silk, are combined with a rare fine craftsmanship using the double knot technique.

  • It has extra durability because it is woven with the double knot technique.

  • Since its production has stopped, it falls into the category of rare carpets. For this reason, each one is considered an excellent example of hand-woven art and a separate piece of art.

Production Place: Made in Turkey

Turkey's handicraft has been meticulously woven in our country as a part of the carpet weaving tradition. It is one of the special carpet groups whose production has been stopped. These unique beauties that once adorned the whole world are now one of the last examples of hand weaving art. Thus, beyond being a decoration piece in living spaces, it is a work of art that brings a cultural and historical touch.

Cleaning and Maintenance Information

  • It requires special care due to its 75% silk and 25% wool blend.

  • Professional carpet cleaning services are recommended for proper cleaning and maintenance.

  • Its high-quality materials and detailed weaving technique ensure a long-lasting use; however, it should not be forgotten that this lifespan will be longer if properly looked after.

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