Zara Geometric Design Machine Woven Carpet

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Zara Series Uşak Patterned Special Countertop Carpet

Zara Series Uşak Patterned Special Loom Carpet is a perfect combination of reflection of rich Anatolian culture and modern weaving techniques. Adorned with Uşak patterns from the depths of the past, this special carpet offers both aesthetics and durability with the use of natural threads. Produced using modernized old machine looms and hand weaving techniques, this carpet adds warmth and energy to your room with its red and gold tones. It manages to create a different atmosphere in every corner of your home by adapting to both classical and modern decoration styles with its unique patterns. The unique texture of natural threads and modern design approach can be felt in every detail of this carpet.

Decoration Ideas

  • It fits perfectly with classic, carved and gilded furniture.

  • When used with modern, simple furniture, it creates a sophisticated atmosphere in the room.

  • In work offices, it creates a great combination with furniture in solid walnut tones.

  • Since it does not have a central cluster, it can be used under the bed or under the dining table.

  • In a modern decoration, it creates a spacious atmosphere by blending with white, gray and black.


  • It is decorated with classical Uşak patterns.

  • It has floral floral influences.


  • Dominant red tones include brick and yellowish gold tones.

  • With bold color combinations; It harmonizes wonderfully with colors such as yellow, white, green, blue and black.

Yarn Type: Cotton - Viscose

  • It is produced with cotton and viscose threads.

  • It has a natural texture and durability thanks to the use of natural yarn.

Weaving Technique: Special Loom Weaving

  • Old machine tools were modernized and used.

  • It was enriched with hand weaving techniques, only machine technique was used to tighten the knots.

  • Hand weaving technique was used in the finishing processes.

Production Place: Türkiye

Eko Halı Zara Uşak Patterned Special Loom Carpet is produced in lands with Turkey's rich weaving tradition. Interpreting the weaving culture of Anatolia with a modern design language, this carpet brings the unique beauty of Uşak patterns to your homes. This carpet, which is a perfect combination of many years of experience, craftsmanship and modern design, allows you to create a unique atmosphere in your home.

Cleaning and Maintenance Information

  • It can be easily cleaned thanks to the use of natural thread.

  • It can be wiped with a slightly damp cloth without using too much water.

  • It should not be exposed to direct sunlight to preserve the colors.

  • Professional washing is recommended.

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