Zara Oushak Design Machine Woven Carpet

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Zara Series Uşak Patterned Blue Special Countertop Carpet

Zara Series Uşak Patterned Blue Special Countertop Carpet is a stylish reflection of classic and authentic decoration. Inspired by Uşak and Hereke patterns, nourished by the deep roots of Anatolia, this carpet preserves its hand-woven feel by being woven with a special technique on machine looms. This product, which brings the warmth and comfort of nature under your feet with its wool and cotton blend, easily harmonizes with different colors and furniture. If you want to add nobility and warmth to every corner of your home, from your living room to your entryway, from your study to your bedroom, this carpet is for you!

Decoration Ideas

  • It is compatible with classical furniture as well as furniture designed in avant-garde style.

  • Wood-based furniture, especially those in natural tones such as walnut, oak or poplar, adds warmth to the environment with the pattern of this carpet.

  • When wrought iron accessories are used with decorative products with bronze and copper details, the authentic texture of the carpet becomes even more prominent.

  • With all shades of grey, pastel blue and light earth tones, this carpet crowns your space like a work of art.

Pattern/Design: Uşak Pattern - Authentic Design

  • It was designed inspired by authentic Uşak and Hereke motifs.

  • It is inspired by the deep cultural heritage of Anatolia.

Color: Blue

  • The color palette mainly includes blue and its shades.

  • It contains red, yellow and green color tones.

Yarn Type: Wool - Cotton

  • Wool and cotton were used in its weaving.

  • It is long lasting and durable.

Weaving Technique: Special Loom Weaving

  • It is produced with a special loom weaving technique.

  • It offers the feeling of hand weaving with the advantage of machine weaving.

  • The knots are tied by machines, but the feel is completely hand-woven.

Production Place: Türkiye

The city of Uşak, which has a deep history of Turkey's handicrafts and carpet weaving, is the land where this carpet was born. Uşak has been a center in the art of carpet weaving for centuries and has introduced many legendary patterns and weaving techniques to the world. Eko Halı's Zara Uşak Patterned Blue Special Loom Carpet was created by the experienced hands of the craftsmen of this unique region, combined with modern technology. You can feel the rich cultural heritage of Anatolia and the unique weaving tradition of Uşak in each frame.

Cleaning and Maintenance Information

  • Hand washing is not recommended, professional cleaning is more suitable.

  • It should be protected from direct sunlight.

  • It can be wiped periodically with a slightly damp cloth.